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TGTIHBPITLSD: A Boy and His Blob

I'm pretty sure A Boy and His Blob sold like crap, and that's sad. It's a really fun and creative puzzle/platformer with good personality and great art styIe with a ton of content. And it's only $20 now, so you should get it if you like this kind of game.

I'm almost done with it after playing off and on for months. The difficulty has ramped up nicely.... I was worried at first that the whole game would be too easy, but of the four worlds, the only REALLY easy one was the first. And the difficulty varies by level... some of the later ones are also pretty easy, but they're balanced by the occasional extra hard level.

The game structure is awesome because each regular level has an accompanying challenge level that unlocks if you find three treasure chests in the regular level, so some of the levels have taken a couple of tries to find all the chests. The challenge levels have all been pretty awesome. They usually focus on only one or maybe two of Blob's abilities that you just used to get through the regular level but will often put a twist on how they're used. One challenge level makes you use the parachute for the whole level, just falling and dodging obstacles.

New Blob abilities keep showing up until the very end, as well. I just started the last world, and I know there's at least one more ability I haven't seen in the game yet (though I accidentally spoiled it while watching a glitch video on YouTube...). I'm also excited to see what the last boss is. The bosses so far have been pretty good, putting a slight twist on the regular gameplay.

I should be done with it by next week, so I'll give an update then.

Oh, and anyone who guesses what the acronym in the title stands for gets a thumbs up. :)