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IAPTGN: Trauma Team, Mario vs DK, Infinity Blade

I'm almost to the end of Trauma Team now, and it has seriously gotten better and better the whole way. Once you play each character's own story progression, you unlock a single progression that has a chapter or two from each character and builds from seemingly minor points of each character's previous story. I'm really impressed by it. And again, the game was only $10. I've put about 35 hours into it. I think that might be the best deal ever.

I've had Mario vs DK: Miniland Mayhem since Christmas but just started it up in the last few weeks, just finished the main game last night and holy crap is there a lot of content in that game. On top of the 81 regular levels are 20 unlockable special levels and 20 unlockable expert levels, and you can play through the entire game again in "plus mode," which I haven't tried yet but it looks like it adds more characters to each level rather than just Marios.

It's challenging, but in the new Nintendo kind of challenging, which I've found to be pretty easy but somehow still rewarding. It makes you feel like you just did something that most people couldn't do, even though they probably can. I beat most levels with a trophy (by getting past a set number of points), the Mario coin (one per level, accumulate to unlock extra levels), and the letter card (which unlocks a bonus minigame level if you collect all of them in a world) on the first try, but like I said, it still feels like I accomplish something each time I do that. Now that I've started the special levels, I'm finding it much more difficult to get everything on the first try, so it feels like the game is really coming into its own in the unlockable levels.

Also, Infinity Blade for iOS is more than just eye candy. I got it on sale a few weeks ago for like $3 thinking I wouldn't like it much, but I love it. I figured it would try to be too "hardcore" and end up being a terrible mobile game, but they really nailed what makes for a good pick-up-and-play, addictive mobile game. You can play in spurts of just a minute or two, or you can sit and play for an hour or two if you want. It DOES look amazing visually, but that just adds to the total package, which really shines because of its intuitive swipe and icon-touch controls.

I also finished Wind Waker last week and started up Twilight Princess to continue on my Skyward Sword Anticipation Spree. Beyond Good and Evil HD is still waiting to be finished.... I think I stopped at the same point that I did when I originally played it on the GC. It's not that I lost interest or anything... I guess there's just something about that point in the game that doesn't compel me to continue. I WILL finish it this time, though.... maybe after I beat Trauma Team.