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Has game music gone kind of downhill?

Now that orchestral soundtracks can be the norm thanks to adequate disc space and bigger budgets, I would've thought we'd be seeing some amazing music from all kinds of games. But good music seems to be even rarer than it used to be.

I was listening to the Super Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack the other day and realized that although some of the new songs are good, the best songs are still the orchestral versions of songs from the NES and SNES games.

And I just finished Darksiders and noticed that the one thing it DOESN'T take from Zelda is a driving theme or any memorable music whatsoever.

AND I've been listening to the FFVI soundtrack because it's amazing, and Chrono Trigger is next on my list to get, and I remember a few songs clearly from FFVII even though I only played through it once years ago, but.... I put over 100 hours into FFX and not a single song comes to mind, yet it has the same composer as all the other Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger.

Maybe it's just nostalgia talking and deep down I really just miss the bleeps and bloops... but I think that's only part of it. The technological limitations of 8- and 16-bit hardware forced composers to create a certain kind of music with short repeating phrases and that chiptuny bounce that was necessary to create a melody that could stick out.

And another thing may be that the old composers just aren't good with orchestral compositions even if they were awesome at putting together chiptune stuff, I don't know.

I'm sure there are some newer games with great soundtracks, but again, I would've expected a higher percentage of greatness since composers have such better tech (and real instruments) to work with.

So am I just being nostalgic or have you noticed the same thing?