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Bit.Trip Beat: Downloadable console games should have more substance

I made a prediction in some thread awhile ago that Nintendo's next big profitbag would be in the realm of simple downloadable games like Angry Birds on their next home console. And now I realize....

I was totally wrong. If Nintendo goes that route, they're screwed.

That should've been obvious to me, and it probably is to you, but I figured that Nintendo would tap into the trend that allows a game like Angry Birds to be downloaded 50 million times (somehow I forgot that Nintendo SET a trend with the Wii... they didn't tap into a trend).

The main problem with that theory is that I didn't consider the mood in which games like Angry Birds are played. You're generally not bored in front of your TV looking for something to do.... You're bored on the go, looking for something to help pass the time wherever you are. It doesn't make much sense to fire up an entertainment center and console just to play a game for a couple minutes.

That's why the WiiWare demo of Bit.Trip Beat got deleted after about ten minutes of being on my Wii, while the iOS demo lasted about the same amount of time but ended with an upgrade to the full version for $2. It's a PERFECT on-the-go game, as are all of the Bit.Trip games.

As much as I love downloadable console games, I'd like to see them go in a more specific direction. Leave the simple, addictive games to the mobile market and make us some more substantive downloadable games for consoles. If we're going to pay $5-15 for a console game, it should be the type of game that can't be experienced (or simply wouldn't work very well) elsewhere.

Retro games like the new Megaman games and Super Meat Boy are perfect downloadable console games, as are more adventure oriented games like Lost Winds or even an RPG like Costume Quest. Angry Birds, although it IS coming to consoles soon, is much better off as a mobile game.

Hopefully this trend begins to solidify as the mobile market grows. Maybe the next console generation will have a more distinct downloadable market.