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So I finished my first song today

Coming up with music is easy. I have at least four songs waiting to be lyricized, and there'd be more except I don't want to get to the point where I have all these tunes but only a few of them have lyrics. And that's the hard part -- not only writing lyrics, but figuring out a good melody.

This song was about the third one I'd come up with total. The first was months ago. I wanted to put words to that one a few weeks ago, so I wrote up a few verses and a chorus and tried to jam them into the music. That didn't work at all.

So I gave up for a little while, then one day I came up with a chord progression I liked and started humming along a melody. I started by writing the first words that came to my head that fit with the melody, then I worked with them a little to make two coherent verses. My first thought was to use the same progression for the verses and the chorus, then deviate for the bridge, but that wasn't working too well. A chorus almost immediately popped out when I started messing around, so I hummed out a tune and came up with words for the chorus pretty quickly. The bridge was the same way.

That all took place over the course of a week or so. For the past few days, I've been honing it, working on transitions and such, and of course figuring out different ways to play the progression as an outro-type thing. As of today, I'm pretty much done with the song, unless I ever decide to make the lyrics better or try to get a better melody.

I didn't like the song at first, but now it's kind of growing on me. The lyrics aren't that great, but it's my first song so I'm not worried too much about anything. It's just the first step in a longer learning process.

Fun with Google

One of my friends had this in his blaaawwwg, so I thought I'd do it too. You search for each of your three names in Google images, and post the first picture you see for each! But I think I'm going to mix it up a bit and write a little story afterwards that connects all the pictures.


(The picture isn't showing up! Click this to see it. It's essential to the story! And just a funny picture.)



Wow. So. Prince Jordan lived in a beautiful white castle above the clouds. Every night, he went to bed at 11:00 and slept like a baby because of all the hard work he did during the day, like filing the points of the castle roof to a needle-like quality and fanning the clouds away from the front of the castle.

Life was good in Cloud Castle, except sometimes, only during the darkest moonless nights, evil dwarves would roam the castle and prey on its unsuspecting inhabitants. To protect himself, Prince Jordan always kept a pair of sais, three-pronged Japanese daggers, under his pillow. If the dwarves ever surfaced during the night, he would have quick access to the deadly weapons for self-defense.

One night, Prince Jordan looked out his window in the top of the tallest tier of the castle. There was no moon. He changed into the little red shorts that he always wore to bed and turned off the light. Just before he rolled over and closed his eyes, he checked under his pillow and felt his sais safely tucked away.

He was in a dungeon. The dwarves paced back and forth, brandishing long axes and maces. In one corner of the cell block, a pile of treasure glimmered in the torchlight. More was added as dwarves returned from the entrance tunnel. A soft clicking noise gradually built in volume as it echoed through the tunnel. The dwarves lined up on either side of the entrance. The torch in the entryway shown on a beautiful dark-skinned lady in a red bikini and shoes when in the blink of an eye all the dwarves turned to Prince Jordan and stared at him with wide, bloodshot eyes that stuck out of their sockets.

He woke up sweating and realized he was still in the castle. It was only a silly dream after all. But just to be safe, he slipped his hand under his pillow. Gone. The sais were gone. Panicking, Prince Jordan turned on his bedside lamp, grabbed his pillow in both hands, and raised it above his head. Nothing. If the dwarves attacked, he would have nothing but a pillow and stupid red shorts between the axes and his flesh. What could have happened to his sais? Maybe they dropped off the side of his bed during his nightmare. He checked to the left side of his bed. Nothing. He turned to check the right side of his bed. A dwarf was standing there with a raised axe and wide-open, bloodshot eyes. Prince Jordan couldn't even scream. Behind the dwarf, the beautiful lady in red crouched with his sais in her hands. Half a second later, he was dead in his bed with a sai protruding from each ear.

Do I have ADD?

Ever since I was a little kid, I've been known to be able to sit in one place for hours with absolutely nothing to do, such as waiting in an office or waiting for my mom to stop talking to people in the mall. It would appear like I had nothing to do, but I entertained myself in other ways -- daydreams, wandering thoughts, or just watching people. If you saw me as a little kid, you'd never think I'd be one with ADD.

One of the symptoms of ADD is forgetting objects essential to tasks. I do this all the time. I'll go out to our shed to get the lawn mower, but then I'll realize when I get there that I forgot the key to the shed. I'll go to the bank to deposit a check, and forget the check.

But today was the absolute worst. I needed to get gas for the mower, so I asked my mom for some money and headed to the gas station. When I got there, I pulled up to a pump, lined the nozzle up with my car's gas tank, and got out of my car. When I was halfway around my car, I stopped and said, "Oh frick" accidentally out loud. This guy looked at me. I got back in my car and drove away. I had forgotten the five-gallon gas container. The only reason I went out was to get gas for the mower.

So I think I might have a rare, calm, focused form of ADD. Or I'm just an idiot. Maybe both.

Apparently I wasn't really bored

Immediately after I wrote that entry yesterday, I got unbored, and I haven't been bored since. Yay.

So this morning in church, I was talking to this girl afterwards and mentioned that I play the guitar in my free time. She asked me if I'd give her lessons. So I think, Okay, I've been playing the guitar, solely acoustic, for a little over a year. I'm pretty good for only playing for that long, I know plenty about it, and I took a class and lessons last semester. I can do this. She told me to take a week to think about how much I'd charge. The main reason she wants lessons from me, other than the fact that she worships my older brother, who also plays guitar but lives in Florida, is that most lessons cost like $60 per lesson, she said. Well, she wants maybe a half-hour lesson per week. If I charge maybe $20, tops, she won't have to spend very much over the rest of the summer, and I can get some experience giving guitar lessons. I think I'll do it. It'll be fun, and it'll show me how much I really know about the guitar.

But this means that I have to sound extra good if someone is actually going to learn from me. Looks like the two hours of practice each day will have to be upped. Maybe I'll add an extra session at night, in my basement, where no one can hear me and I can play and sing as loud as I want. Yeah, that'll do.

Oh yeah, and I sent a PM to Bethany asking if they need any help on the mod squad. I'm not sure why I was taken off the team in the first place (they know I can't mod while I'm at college), but it'll give me some extra work to do while I wait for my boss to give me some construction work. We'll see how that goes.

Uh oh, I think I might be bored

For the first time in almost year, I might be bored. The feeling only lasted about five seconds because I immediately came to Gamespot and decided to make my first blaawwwg entry. So while I'm writing this, I'm not bored. Maybe I won't be bored any more after I finish this. Who knows.

I'm never bored at college. There's always either people around or something to do. But I've been home from school since the last week of May. The first week of summer I spent relaxing until the weekend, when I went to my friend's wedding. We left from there on a ro-ad trip to Minnesota for three days. So what have I been doing since then?

I looked for jobs. As an English Ed major, I wanted to get a job somehow related to that. I went to the school corporation first. Nothing. Then I went to the library. They had a few easy jobs that I applied for, hoping to at least get a connection to volunteer doing something at the library in my spare time. I waited and waited, then finally I find out that they don't hire for just the summer. Yippee. That was two weeks wasted.

Then came the fun part. I've been on "educational leave" at Meijer since I worked there last summer stocking shelves. As a last resort, I went back there and they had me wait another week to start work. The only place they had for me was cashier. Meijer is a Walmart-like supermarket that has a no discrimination policy in hiring. I think that means they hire everyone who applies. So the majority of the people there are complete morons. When I stocked shelves, I worked nearly independently on my aisle. No customers to deal with, no bosses over my shoulder; it was great. But being a cashier was completely different. At least three boss-like figures were present at all times, and of course there are customers. Customers aren't that big of a deal to me; I dealt with plenty during my fast food days. But since I worked with all morons, the customers immediately labelled me as one too.

During my lunch break, I called my boss from two summers ago. He's a free-lance construction contractor, and I hoped he would have some work for me. I said he might. When I came into work at Meijer the next morning, I told one of my bosses (whom I had never seen before) about my other "employment opportunity." I said I could stay for another week or two if I was already scheduled. She responded, and I quote: "You might as well just leave now. We're not gonna waste the money training you if you're only gonna be here for another week." Not knowing whether or not I quit or got fired, I left my badge and the store with an insuppressible smile on my face.

Then I found out yesterday that I won't have any work to do for another three weeks, at least. I've been home for exactly a month now with no job, and I haven't once been bored.

Most of my time has been occupied by the guitar. I started playing last summer, and I love it. It's so frickin fun. I wish I would've started playing when I was ten rather than twenty, but I've had enough free-time to practice that I finally don't suck any more. It's one of those things that I can do for hours and not realize it. It's the burnincheez principle: If you like something so much that you can do it for so long that you only remember the pizza you put in the oven by the smell of the cheese burning an hour later, then you definitely have a passion for it.

Another chunk of my time has been spent playing video games, of course. I started with Knights of the Old Republic, playing through as an evil female (redundant). Then I bought Kingdom Hearts 2 and finally beat that yesterday. It's a sweet game that lasted me almost 50 hours. Now I'm playing Fable again, which isn't the best game ever, but I never played it as an evil person before, so now I am. It's decently fun.

The rest of my time is spent reading, either in my room or out by the pool. I've been going through Stephen King's Dark Tower series again. Once I finish Wizard and Glass, I'll be caught up to where I was when I started reading through it the first time like three years ago. This time I hope to finish it. I've also been reading a set of the best of CS Lewis. I finished The Problem of Pain the other night. It was okay... not too mindblowing. I started Mere Christianity last night. I've read it before, but I think I'll see it in a whole new light this time around.

Well, now I'm hungry. I don't really feel bored any more. Yippee.