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Quit my Job

Yah so after only 2 months working at Goodlife, I couldn't take it anymore and I quit on the spot for health reasons. So there goes my job as a trainer and there goes my spending money, as all the money I made is going to be used to look for another job now. Home life is a wreck and is only going to get worse. Rough time right now, but if I can land the job at Bao Fitness which I did a great interview at and land a part time retail job for extra cash I should be set, if not Plan B is toast and Plan C already blew up in my face, so here's hoping I don't take another 18 months to land another job, as I don't think I could go through that again.

RIP PS3 So Ends An Era

Just to give a update on here, my PS3 died with the yellow light of death about a month ago and so games like Demon Souls, Uncharted Series, God of War 3, NHL 14 and many more great games have now had there final resting places, with all my save data and trophies fried to oblivion. Also no more blue ray player stings a little also.

Currently working at Goodlife as a trainer so I am swamped with hours and no free time, but hoping to get the 3DS soon with either Pokemon or Fire Emblem. Rest in Peace PS3 going to miss the great times we had!

New Gamespot Layout

To be honest I don't overly like it. Its harder to use and find my stuff and the profile is harder to find stuff and my games it doesn't even list games as downloadable content so it looks like I gave a great game a 6 because it doesn't show I mean DLC. PS4 just came out and soon Xboxone. I am now officially outdated on systems as I don't own any of the new ones as I have had other things to focus on the last few years. I doubt I will buy all of them this time, so if you had to choose which system would you recommend in the long run?

Who's excited for NHL14?

Only 4 more DAYS! After Tales of Xillia let me down, I am ready for some good old hockey action! Sadly NHL13's trade in value is basically nothing and I am buying basically the same game with updates hmmmmm.

Gaming life and the years that pass by!

Just thought I make a blog post as I havn't in a while and I doubt anyone will even read this and reply, but I thought I would post something. Lifes crazy guys as you get older, I joined this site in 2006 and was a fan before hand and its just crazy where life takes us. 26 now and I went back to school for a fitness program and trying to get certified and work towards being a fitness instructor full time. Its crazy how much of your time is taken away from focusing on your career and forcing yourself to get out more lol. 6 years ago I was working in retail, as head of electronics and gaming like mad. It was a blast and those were some great few years. Even before that in my teens me and my friends got hooked on Diablo 2 and went through alot of crazy times. I hope gaming will always be a passion of mine in some way, but times short guys, so enjoy every minute you can getting lost in that magical world, cause sadly at some point we all have to wake up and deal with reality whatever that means right lol. Keep having a blast guys!

Gamespot Destroys Pokemon?

Seriously a 7.5 seems a bit harsh and not to mention people are always going on and on about how pokemon needs be majorly improved but seriously come on then how would you do better! Pokemon is a stratagy game! Its like card games there all the same yet there still fun! The pokemon do look a bit odd this time around, but didn't we say that about every generation? Pokemon is classic fun and really I don't see a major need to change anything.

Finally did DLC

Well about 2 months ago I finally got a wireless rounter out here in the country so I can go online with my 360.... sadly theres still no unlimited internet so I only got 10G for 4 people which is like ummm yah nothing but eh its something so I finally took some time to download DLC for some of my favorite games. I must say most of them are completely garbage and a waste of money, as others like the liara one for ME2 actually added depth to the real story. So I guess I havn't really missed out on much.

Well over the lasted 6 months now I guess I have been eating healthy like mad and working out alot pulling my back which took 4 weeks to recover, my legs twice once on the bottem the other top, which both took a few days to recover and now I pulled my arm muscle lol I really got to stop over doing it I guess or rushing things as thats how I pulled my back. I will tell you this pulling your back is one of the most painful things ever and working on it for 8 hours is hell!

Christmas time is over and my hours at work have crashed from 36 to 23.5 to 18.5 to 12 this week and if I wasn't the head of the department I would be worried about losing my job. Anyway some company bought out our company, but won't be doing jack for 2 years so at this point I can't get anywhere, nore does it matter as I am working in retail who cares. So time for some major job hunting in Febuary as January theres no jobs hiring face the facts it sucks lol. Or I need to go back to school as clearly animals isn't getting me no where and I would really like to earn some real money so I can start my own life alone, as lets face the facts I don't like relationships and I am super picky as yah I get alot of looks and flirting, but honestly I get bored of the chick after 2 to 3 weeks.

On game news.... well its bad news lol I am so broke on"random spending money" all my money goes towards bills and food. The last game I got was that special collectors edition of the 3 first mario games which was like awesome! lol classic times man! Still I think I might pick up Two Worlds on the 25th, but consent reviews latelty have been bad on games and keeps making me debate weather to buy a game anymore. I miss the days where I didn't have to care and just got what I wanted, but when you get older you got bills and crap over random games.

I am not even sure if people read blogs anymore? Do they? HELLO? Well guess this blogs just to fill the void so I can read it 6 months later and laugh at what I wrote lol peace guys!

Back from the Twiilight Zone!

I just noticed I havn't wrote a blog on here in a while, still I doubt alot of people even noticed lol.I keep my games list up to date though and its looking sexy lol. The big months for games is here September, October and November! The months where we go dirt poor and wonder where the hell all our saved cash went to lol. With NHL 11 and Halo Reach out this month, along with a few others its already starting crazy, with big titles like Fable 3 coming soon after! Gota lot on the go and going crazy and what not. I am giving up on women, there all backstabbing immature freaks who think there all that, and frankly I am just going to keep doing what I love and forget about them and just see what happes. It gets annoying proving the world wrong again and again, but heck I won't let that bring me down just yet! I will post more blogs in the next few weeks on games as I get through them, maybe start reviewing games like I did back in the day lol I sound so old.

Games I would Recommend

Valkyria Chronicles II (PSP)

NHL 11 (X360)

Dragon Quest IX (DS)

Those 3 have been insane in every way and really there must plays if you get the chance.

Games that I can't seem to get into

Metroid: Other M (WII)

Super Mario Galaxy 2 (WII)

Lunar: Silver Star (PSP)

These three I find myself forcing to play and really not enjoying much.... not sure why there bloody nintendo gold matieral. but still hit and miss so far, but that might change.

Thats it for now, keep on gaming and do what you love! Peace guys!

Games that need to come back!

Seriously theres some games that have been gone forever and really need sequels before I die lol. We all have games and titles we want out, but heck I guess we need new stuff to. Still heres a list of games I think really need to come back.

Valkyrie Profile Series- Really I love this series and the last game was for DS and quiet some time ago. I find this series has a deeper meaning to it in its story and its alot darker then most rpgs. Its emotional and powerful at the same time! Not to mention this series has some amazing voice overs and insane soundtracks!

Fire Emblem Series- Seriously Nintendo where the heck is the next game? The DS remake does not count as it was just old school and the Wii one was ages ago and felt like a GC game! This games tactic battle system and great characters make this one of the best games around I find. Nintendo really screwed up on the wii one by removing alot of character development and no real support. Sadly even the GC game which I played 9 times lol wasn't up to par of the GBA games were!

And Games that just should never of been made and actually bothered to make a real new game lol

Pokemon Series- All these 3rd games where they had extra content and few new things, or even the remakes are garbage. Either make something new or stop wasting our time.... lol

Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast- Probably the worst pile of crap I have ever played. They should of just went with the Burst Limit Path and improved upon it and it would of been probably the first DBZ game to not just suck.

Super Street Fighter 4- I hate you Capcom that is all really lol

So what series do you want back? or trashed for that matter lol

Mass Effect 2 INSANITY MODE!

Its finally over.... I beat mass effect 2 on insanity mode and got a perfect 1000/1000 achievement completetion! Second game to ever complete achievement wise! Sure theres still downloadable content, but we will get to that another time for now I am going to do my victory dance! lol insane mode was brutal. I used a solider, screw what the rest tell you to use I did it my way and kicked some ass! lol What a rush! I think demon souls has pushed me for the lust for difficulty! Wheww and just in time to buy Heavy Rain tommorow!