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The Death of Gamespot as We Know It

Hello anyone who still may read my blog even though I haven't posted in over a year.  

The reason I'm writing this post is because of the recent announcement by GameSpot that in the near future all Unions and forums on the site will be phased out to make way for the "new" GameSpot.  This post is not here to angrily demand GameSpot to let things be or tell them "if ain't broke, don't fix it", but instead to reflect on a great site.

I used to be a very active member of this community and several different unions.  The high point of which was the summer of '09.  One union in particular stands out in my mind: The Star Wars and Lord of the Rings United Union.  There I met several other individuals who, like myself, loved both sagas.  This was really the first time in my life where I could just converse about the things I love to people who also shared a genuine interest.  Though that union has long since died out, I still carry the memory of the great times I had posting back and forth on the forums about "who would win in a fight" and "what if?"s.  

Also, all of our ranks and achievements will be wiped out from what I've heard, things that we few proud members of GS would spend hours upon hours on the site to collect.

To be honest, it's been a long time since I've been a regular user here, nor will I ever be again, but this news still sadens me as I feel a part of my past is being destroyed and I know I am not the only one who feels that way.

To all my old friends who may be reading this, thank you for the great memories, and if you'd like to reconnect or chat some more, you can find me over at my YouTube channel HERE

For possibly the last time, Good Gaming!


Logan (a.k.a. JokerFett)

Its Been a Long Time... UPDATE!

Hey anybody who still reads my blog! It seems like the time in between my blogs is getting wider and wider. I just stopped by to tell you guys that I am now on Twitter, and you can follow me @JokerFett. Also, check my YouTube channel out HERE. Those two means are the best way to reach me nowadays.

Well, that's all folks. I hope you have a pleasant weekend!

The 2012 JokerFett E3 Awards, Prometheus Review, and More...

Hey everybody,

Instead of doing my annual E3 awards in blog format, this year I've created a 3-part video which you can find on YouTube HERE

Also, in the time between blogs, I've posted several new videos that you can see by clicking on the links below:

Prometheus Movie Review

My Thoughts on Star Wars 1313

Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn's Revenge Review

AVP Classic 2000 Multiplayer Gameplay Videos

That's it for me guys.

Thanks for reading and Good Gaming!

The 2012 JokerFett E3 Awards and More...

Hey everybody,

Instead of doing my annual E3 awards in blog format, this year I've done it in a 3-part video that I've posted on YouTube.

You can find the playlist HERE

Enjoy and any feedback is appreciated.

In the time between blogs, I have also posted several new videos which you can find at the links below.

Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn's Revenge Review

My thoughts on Star Wars 1313

AVP Classic 2000 Multiplayer Gameplay Videos

Prometheus Movie Review

That wraps it up for me guys.

Feel free to tell me what you think of the videos, and liking and subscribing would be greatly appreciated.

Good Gaming!

JF Update - Max Payne 2, Mount & Blade, and The Avengers Video Reviews

Hello anybody that still reads my GS blog!

It's been nearly two months, so here's an update blog.


I've published on YouTube today my video review of Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne which you can watch HERE

Feel free to tell me what you think. Also, in the time between my blogs I have published a review for Mount & Blade/ M&B Warband and The Avengers (2012) movie. You can find those videos at the links below:

Mount & Blade

The Avengers

I've also moved more into doing vlogs instead of writing out these things, and I find it a better way to communicate what's happening with me. For my latest vlog click HERE.

Since that vlog is a day old, I have a tiny new bit of news that I've purchased...

Thief Deadly Shadows for PC

Thief Deadly Shadows for PC. I've heard great things about the Thief franchise, and I decided that the latest one was the way to go. So far it's been pretty good, and I'll probably review it once I've beaten it.

Well, it sure has seemed like a long time since I last blogged on GS. I've been gradually moving more and more away from GS and more towards YouTube. I'll still do the occasional blog like this to fill you guys in on what videos I've made in the past weeks, and I'll still try and be active on other people's blogs.

You can still message me on GS, but the best way now-a-days is to reach me on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading and Good Gaming!

April Update Time, YouTube, and Spring Break

Hey everybody, it's time again for my monthly update again, so let's get this started.

To begin, I've uploaded another video on YouTube, but now I have vastly improved video editing software to make videos with. I am now able to make videos with 3D intro cinematics and in 1080p. My first video is up, and it's gameplay from one of my favorite mods for one of my favorite games:

Star Wars Republic at War: Skirmish II Part 1

Follow the link and check it out. Feel free to tell me what you think.

In other news, my Spring Break started Friday, and I have no plans whatsoever. Well, at least I have a full week of rest and relaxation.

I've also noted some things I've neglected to mention in my previous blogs, and that's what movies I've seen recently and what I want to see in the near future.

While it may not be the best movie in the galaxy, it sure does look great in 3D, and it was a special event for me to see a movie that had such a great impact on my life. I can't wait to see the original trilogy in theaters though since I wasn't alive to see them on their first run.

What can I say about GR2. It wasn't a bad movie, and it wasn't a great movie. It was just an average action flick that I probably wouldn't pay another $10 to see again.

I finally got around to seeing Blade Runner just last night, and it is a G R E A T movie. One of Harrison Ford's finest in my humble opinion. My only regret is not seeing it sooner.

Now, I'm not a big fan of the first one, but I remain hopeful about Wrath. At the least, it will provide some awesome Greek mythology action.

In gaming news, this past month I beat....

Definitely a great game that everyone should experience at least once in their life time. As far as the ending goes, without spoiling anything, I just wished it wrapped things up better, but, besides that, this is a fitting conclusion to the Shepard Trilogy.

Well, that wraps things up for me.

Thanks for reading and good gaming!

February Updates, Comics, and Mass Effect 3!

Hey everybody! (or at least whoever cares to read this)

So, it's that time of the month for my blog, and I've actually got some stuff to say this month!

So, to start things off, I've gotten back into Marvel comics recently. I've been getting reacquainted with the X-Men mostly, but I've also read some of the Avengers and Deadpool. It's hard to get comic issues where I live because the closest comic shop is 30 miles away, even though Barnes and Noble is closer and they sell some titles. I can't wait though for the upcoming Avengers vs. X-Men series starting in April.

Sorry to all of you DC fans out there. I still love Batman, but I haven't brought myself around to read the new 52 yet.

I'm also excited for Mass Effect 3 right around the corner on March 6. I guess I need to hurry up and finish my current playthrough!

Now time for a new segment I like to call....

What Am I Playing

Well, just last weekend, I visited GameStop and picked up:


Out of the two, I've been playing MUA the most in accordance to my renewed interest in Marvel comics. So far, MUA is still as great as I remember from six years ago except this time with better graphics than the old PS2 version. Riddick is also fun, although I haven't played enough of Butcher Bay for it to stick out from the sea of generic FPS titles that the gaming market is flooded with.

That just about wraps it up for me.

Thanks for reading and Good Gaming!

2012 New Orleans Comic-Con Summary

Hey guys

Another year, another Comic-Con has passed, but this definitely was one for the books. Here are some pictures I took from the event:

Darth Revan

Sean Patrick Flanery

The Boondock Saints

Stan Lee

Cobra Commander

Biker Clown

Adam Baldwin

Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca

Captain Jack Sparrow

Random Mandolorian

Lou Ferrigno

(In case you can't tell, that is William Shatner from several rows back)

Sorry for the bluriness on some pictures, but there was a large crowd so I couldn't exactly stop and get perfect pictures. I was lucky that I snagged one picture of Stan Lee before a Wizard World Staff member said I couldn't even take a picture of him signing my comic.

So those were the pictures from the event itself, here are some pictures of my loot:

Signed by Jesus Merino, inker

By far, my most prized possession from the event: Amazing Spider-Man Marvel Masterworks signed by Stan Lee himself

Poster print of Batman's Rouges Gallery enjoying a nice dinner by Mark Dos Santos

I also won several free posters for Ghost Rider 2 and Underworld 3, however they're rolled up and I don't feel like going through the trouble of unwinding them. I also got a great Star Wars shirt which is currently in the washer.

That's it for me guys

If you want to find out about a Comic-Con near you head to wizardworldcomiccon.comfor listings

Thanks for reading and Good Gaming!

January Updates and Comic-Con Time!

Hey everybody (if there are any of you out there that still read my blogs)

It's time once again for my monthly update blog to inform you of what I've been up to.

So recently I've been playing a lot of Saint's Row 2 which I got for free with Saint's Row the Third. So far, it's a great openworld game. You can tell that a lot more creative thinking went in to Saint's Row 2 than The Third.

I have yet to finish Skyrim, but I refuse to do so until Bethesda patches the game so I can complete the Companions and Dark Brotherhood questlines. Both of which have bugs that prevent me from progressing.

And now for the main event...

My favorite day of the year: Comic-Con!

If you remember, last year's lineup included greats such as Adam West, Burt Ward, and Billy Dee Williams.

As great as that was, this year is even better with such superstars as:

William Shatner

Stan Lee

The Boondock Saints

Adam Baldwin

and much more...

I can't wait to go and get an autograph from the legendary Stan Lee, who is creator of a majority of the Marvel Universe in case you didn't know.

I'll be sure to write a blog and post pictures sometime next week.

Thanks for reading and Good Gaming!