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1. Panzeer Dragoon Saga- Sealed. 2. Metal Gear Substance LE- Sealed. 3. Ogre Battle 64- Sealed with Guide. 4. Katuto Chojin- Sealed (I have another copy to play) 5. Intelligent Cube. Mostly just for show. I just sold off my Popful Mail, Magic Knight RayEarth- Sealed, Dragon Warrior 4- complete, Bahumut Lagoon, Gunners Heaven (UK), Burning Rangers, HOTD, Bangio, Half Life DC Guide, Dracula X (Saturn) and Xenogears. I just had too many games. They showed well but never got played. I am trying to cut back on my collection to the games that I really care about and want to play. Hate to be a jerk but most of these listings aren't impressive. If these are games that you show off to impress people that's kind of sad. You can't impress with common games that sold 8 trillion copies because everyone has one of those or can get one for 5 bucks used from the bargain bin. You need games like Jack Brothers, Radiant Silvergun, Rez, or all the variations of the Dragon Force or Lunar Disks. Part of it is that show worthy games don't have to be good games. Hence to summarize the title of the article 'games you have JUST to make you look cool, not games that you actually play.' Jeff Gerstmann, I don't understand. He's looking for party games, which is an entirely different list all together. Then it's DDR, Hydrothunder, Bustamove (JP), Vampire Knight (2 guns) and Powerstone 2 on 5 TVs.