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John_of_Fire Blog

Is this the last BC for 360?

So the last Backwards Compatibility update may be the last. Please request the games you would like to have on BC...or if nothing else request the games I want for BC. Please email your list to MY BC List in order Marc Ecco's Getting Up SNK VS Capcom (everyone else can emulate Neogeo hardware why can't MS?) Samurai Showdown 5 Castlevania Metal Slug 3 (no I don't want to buy it again with less features) Gunvalkyre King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Unreal Championship Enter the Matrix Blood Wake Blood Rayne Capcom Collection 1 Capcom Collection 2 Tenchu NFL Fever 2002 Moto GP online Taito Classics Kakuto Chojin -(Yeah it's a long shot) Fight Club Kingdom Under Fire: Hero's Jaws Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball Capcom VS SNK Deathblow Soldier of Fortune 2

5 games you would like but probably will never get.

It has been almost 6 months since I have blogged anything. School, facebook, a new job, and Gamespots new rating system have all hindered me posting. When I check back to this site a lot of the people I read don't post here anymore and I have lost some interest because of it. Here is the question I put to you today: What are 5 game you would love to have but probably will not end up getting. That can be because they are too hard to find or just to pricey, or maybe you just will never play it even if you got it. Let me know. 1. Radiology- (GC or DC) I would love to play this game. The music sounds great and it looks fun but it is too pricey and is not too easy to come by. 2. Gregory Horror Show (GC) I never see this game posted anywhere including EBay. I can find the PS2 version but my PS2 isn't Modded and I like the smother graphics of the GC. 3. Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder: Arcade games are usually too pricey for me and are very hard to move without a truck. Besides the fact that this game is rather rare. 4.Tutankhamen: I am not likely to put up $200 for an intellivsion game. This game is so hard to come by much less getting one with the box and instructions. I used to stare at an ad for this game on the back of a Spiderman comic book as a kid. I was too young to buy my own games but the scorpions looked creepy. 5.Splatterhouse (NES) I would love just to try this game. It just looks so fun/funny. I useually come across it for $60 and I just am not up to putting that kind of money towards a NES game that I have never played. A lot of these are because of price. I kind find most of them but I just don't have the money anymore. The other thing is that I haven't played any of these titles so I am not sure that I will actually like them when I get them. This brings me to problem with game collecting. If a person wants to get a great collection $20,000 and some time on eBay will get them a great collection. The really hard to find so odd and rare that there are few people to show it off too. I have a collector friend of mine who purchased a PC Engine with a bunch of games. He kept telling me how no one understood how cool it was or recognized any of the games. He brought it over one afternoon and we played all day. There are some amazing (and really hard) shooters on the system. He kicked my ass in kickball then we moved on to World Fighters (GC) and I returned the favor. The next time he comes over he is bringing his NeoGeo so we can play Crossed Swords and a bunch of fighters. Hope you enjoy this random blog. Until next time-John

Hardcore gamer to casual?

So in the last 3 months or so my XBox 360 broke and had to be repaired twice, but I am still grateful for the 3 year warranty, (Sony left me will bills when my PS1 broke) and I have been at school for 40-60 hours a week. In this time I have been playing a lot of hand held titles and Mobile Weapon Battle Stations. (Battle Stations is a Facebook app.) Within the last three months I have pushed through some tough stages in Gunstar Super Heros, gotten my highest score ever in Yie Ar Kung Fu , fought my way to the Grim Reaper in Castlevania Classic, pushed my way through 66% of Blackthorne, started Scurge, finished River City Ransom, finished Bionic Commando Elite Forces, finished the first three stages of Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins, cleared a few stages in Wipeout Pure, Ridge Racer PSP and Mega Man Powered Up and played the hell out of my Loco Roco demo. It occurs to me that I may be going casual. I could be playing my PS2, DC or GC but instead I find myself online checking up on my Battle Stations ship. I didn't figure I would be spending more time on handhelds than I do regular titles. But at the end of the day I guess it comes down to time. I can only commit an hour or less to gaming. I now squeze it into my day rather than come home and put in a hour or so. I also realize my 360s death has also probably had a huge impact. But it just seems odd to find my self being a casual gamer. I guess I don't have a whole lot to say on the matter but I thought it was worth posting on.

Bionic Commando Elite Forces

I just finished Bionic Commando Elite Forces last night for GBC. I had to go online to find out how to get past that game-freezing glitch but other than that it is a really great game. I've been so busy a handheld game is about all I could manage.

Long time no....

I figured I should update my blog considering I have not been on for a while. Having a facebook account has taken up a bit of time. I am very grateful for MSs 3 year warranty; I just got my 360 back. Just a few more weeks and I should have some spare time again. Hopefully I will get around to posting some of the blogs I have written out on paper (primitive I know). Hope all is well. -John

So here is my question.

PS2s are outselling PS3s, 360s, and Wiis. Why??? The price hasn’t come down so why are they outselling every thing else? I realize games are cheap but they have been for a few years. Who are these people who are now buying the system for the first time? (Actually maybe they are buying it for the 2nd time because the 1st one broke; I didn’t think of that at first.) Anyways please let me know if you know someone who just bought a PS2. I am just curious about what their motivations were.

A few thoughts and some info on the PS3 price drop.

First off the news that no one is talking about. I guess it was obvious but I didn't bother to think about it. The 80 gig PS3s will only be able to play %80 of PS2 games. Thats right, the US is now getting the cheaper version that is sold in Europe. I remember that this was a huge selling point that you could play all of your PS2 and PS1 games on your PS3. I find it frustrating that that feature is being removed.(I guess that is one motivator to get a ps3 now.) I guess I am a little confused at the excitement of this price drop. The price point has stayed the same the system came out for $500 dollars and now you get a better model for $500. I am not sure how this is going to drive sales. The people who didn't want to pay $500 still don't want to pay $500. I obviously realize it is more for your money but who are they expecting to buy a PS3 who hasn't bought one already. Anyways just some thoughts and news.

Lumines to be 1st $60 Live Arcade game

Full Game 1200pts = $15.00 Tokyo Club Mix 350pts = $4.25 Booster Pack 600pts = $7.50 Advance Challenge Pack 600pts = $7.50 Puzzle/Mission Pack 300pts = $3.75 VS CPU Pack 300pts = $3.75 _____________________________________ Total so far 3350pts = $44.25 All we need are a few more Packs and Lumines live will be the same price as a regular 360 game. I think I will pick up Lumines 2 for $20 instead. (Glitchspot makes me mad. All of the #s were lined up in nice collumns and now they are all a mess.)

Recommend some PSP games?

So I recently picked up a PSP and I want to know what peoples top 5 favorites are for the system. I am trying to figure out what games are actually worth while. Recently I have been looking at Guilty Gear and Infected but I really want LocoRoco. You can see what games I already have in my last blog. Anyways please let me know.