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I am proficient in necromancy, apparently

If you were expecting something related to dark magic, look elsewhere. :P I'm referring to my work as the leader of a once-dead union.

The union I "inherited" from JediMoogle is actually doing quite well for something that was about to be deleted when I got ahold of it. >_> Active duty, 100+ members and almost level 2, to be precise. It was a bit of work, but I'm pretty sure my expectations of the difficulty were higher than this. The real trick is getting the members together for the main reason for the union: PC gaming get-togethers. I have tried and failed at 2 of them so far, but what I've learned from those failures I'm hoping to put to good use in the future.

It can be stressful to work on this thing. I'm always wondering if my next idea will send the union to an early grave, and I get nervous when I try to set up new things in the union, but I haven't made any enormous blunders so far. :P

I'm glad I'm doing this, really. It's tough, but in the end I think it'll be fulfilling.