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CoD 2

Is pure ownage. It looks fantastic on my FX 5200 (no, I still haven't upgraded), Athlon XP 3000+ 2.1 GHZ, 512 MB PC3200 RAM, and runs good too. The sound of chaos is still there from the original game, and it's still carnage packed (albeit the demo's bodycount wasn't as high as the previous game's). I smell a GOTY competitor, up there with AoE III (the greatest strategy game ever made).

If you have a comp capable of playing this, then you absolutely must. Btw, this was an update that I just had to make to my journal, but my real newest entry is below.

Back with a vengeance and some random thoughts...

:o Teh long read.

Return from teh suspension

I was suspended for 7 days by TheRagingGamer for "ban-dodging." He was so kind as to alter one of my posts so it said "Look at me. I'm a ban-dodger!" and then delete it, causing my deadly suspension. I was worried that I wouldn't escape from being nailed for ban-dodging (even though I'm not, and that's pretty easy to tell since I joined in 2004 and happen to be level 26 with 9000 posts), but thankfully I have.

Serious Letdown II

I know it's old news now, but remember I've been gone for 7 days. Terrible, terrible game. I was hoping for the true successor to the ownage of Serious Sam: The First and Second Encounters, but I was greeted by a chuggy, ugly, pointless, boring, slow-paced piece of crap with closed-in environments. I don't know if the full game will be better, but I definitely won't be buying it to find out for myself.

Teh fansubs

I finally got BitTorrent started downloading anime fansubs! I've been meaning to start for months now. I'm working my way through Bleach right now (and regardless of that Bleach personality test I took awhile back, I can now safely say that I am nothing at all like Orihime). I'm on ep 12 and I love it. I'll eventually DL some other stuff, but this is more than enough for now.

Grim Fandango

I received Grim Fandango in the mail and plowed through it in around 2 days. I have been wanting to play this game for YEARS, even before I started coming here for reviews and stuff around 2001 :o, so you can imagine how high my expectations were after all this time. It exceeded them. :D Stunning game, I only had to rely on a walkthrough a few times *cough*combination lock*cough*, which is good since I usually end up needing one a lot. Good story, although I was hoping for more. The voice-acting was fantastic, and the music was also pretty good. Nearly unmatched artistic elements and characters. The best and funniest adventure game I've ever played... although that isn't saying much since my adventure game experience has been pretty limited (this game's competition was The Curse of Monkey Island and The Longest Journey, even though both of which were hilarious and superb). I can almost see how GS gave it 1998 GOTY over StarCraft and Half-Life.

Wrote a few reviews

Yeah, I have some seriously boring moments, so I find stuff to do with my time. Here = links: Thief: The Dark Project, Planescape: Torment. Be sure to tell me what you think. :D I thought I was pretty honest.

Dragonshard and Indigo Prophecy!!!!111

Yay, Dragonshard only scored .1 lower than I expected, and Indigo Prophecy got AA! I might eventually pick them both up, but I have a few other things I'm looking to spend my money on right now. I'm just glad they both did well.

Snoozing my way through Final Fantasy IX...

*sigh* I desperately want to like this game, but I just can't. The story is meh (specially since I already know the whole thing, including the ending) the gameplay sucks and the battle system is annoying, I hate all of the characters, I get tired whenever I start playing it, ugly graphics which I can barely stand to look at (and before you mention the age of the game, I don't have trouble with FFVIII's, FFVII's, or Thief 1's graphics, which all look atrocious by todays standards) etc. I have to finish it since I'm going to beat this before I play FFX again, but I really, really don't feel like it. Please don't flame me randar/Moogle, it's just my opinion. -_-

I remembered just how terrible Syberia was :|

This is just a little of my trademark negativity since I feel like bashing something. I HATED SYBERIA. I could go on for hours about how awful and overrated this game is, but I'll summarize. Horrendous voice-acting, no story, like minus the time you aren't mindlessly wandering around, the game is at longest like 5 hours, huge load times between environments for no apparent reason, horrific characters (some of the worst I've EVER seen), ironically non-sensical puzzles (contrary to the game's claims), and just an all around boring, crappy feeling to the game. Absolute trash at absolute best. The only good things I can say about this filth are that it has some pretty good looking prerendered scenery and some ok artistic detail in the cutscenes. =/

I got harassed on AIM by some moron... again.

Yes, it was one of my old haters (it was pretty obvious, since he called me "flopkins" on several occasions), and that also meant that he wasn't the brightest star in the sky. I didn't manage to save our little conversation, but here's the first time I got AIM-harassed:
Start of picklesncheez7 buffer: Mon Aug 22 15:50:26 2005
[15:47] picklesncheez7: yo flopkins whats crackin
[15:47] picklesncheez7: flopkins
[15:47] JimmyBlackwing: what?
[15:47] JimmyBlackwing: who is this?
[15:48] picklesncheez7: flopkins
[15:48] picklesncheez7: no hello?
[15:48] picklesncheez7: lol anime (note from me: he said this because I have an anime AIM icon)
[15:48] picklesncheez7: you flopped
[15:48] JimmyBlackwing: I'm guessing this is PS2_Casual?
[15:48] picklesncheez7: no
[15:48] picklesncheez7: *** (note from me: this was actually uncensored in my conversation with this loser, but I had to "*" it out for GS usage)
[15:48] JimmyBlackwing: Don't you have anything better to do with your time than annoy me?
[15:49] picklesncheez7: im actually eating right now
[15:49] picklesncheez7: nice recycled argument though
[15:49] picklesncheez7: you failed so hard
[15:49] picklesncheez7: FLOPKINS
[15:49] JimmyBlackwing: that's nice to know
[15:49] picklesncheez7: awesome response
[15:49] picklesncheez7: lata fool
End of picklesncheez7 buffer: Mon Aug 22 15:50:26 2005
Pathetic... and my latest assailent was similar to this. I lockz0rzed my profile to friends-only, so random nubs couldn't get ahold of my AIM name. I hope it helps, but I doubt it'll stop 'em in the long run.

Made these when I had nothing else to do

Don't click teh link unless you have played through FFVII!! Pretty meh, I know. I was bored at the time so I decided to make that and this pointless abomination. I realize that I should be ashamed of myself, so there's no need to tell me. :P

Second to last part of my entry...

I have noticed that suspended people can't post reviews or read the forums, the latter of which is kinda moronic since I was reading posts here all week by logging out of my account. :| I also think that losing your forums privileges and not being able to post reviews should be 2 separate things, since they aren't exactly connected in any way. I say they should make it so they could suspend you from being able to post reviews, but still allow you to post on the forum, or vice versa.

Final word

I actually typed all this out in WordPad before I was unsuspended, since I was teh boredzorzed (don't ask about the bizarre internet lingo I'm using, I just feel like it). I'm also still not going back to SW, in case any of you were wondering if (or when) I'd break my word. :D

My career ends here... (not account suicide)

Recently I've been getting a TON of moderations for my posts in SW, and these are with point losses. I'm sure if I keep posting there I'll get myself suspended or even banned, and I don't want that to happen. SW just isn't as user friendly as it was before, your posts get deleted and you lose points for minor offenses or for just having fun. SW has changed into something too strict for the likes of me, I have a very loud personality. On top of this I don't even like it there (if you are on my friends list, and you are reading this, you almost definitely go to SW and you own anyway... so don't take my hate of SW personally :wink: ), and I spend way too much of my time there.

As much as I like you guys I'm not posting in SW anymore, probably ever again. I'll still be around some of the other boards from time-to-time, I'll update my journal every once in awhile and post on a few UCBs, but my SW days are over.

Gamespot is really starting to bug me...

Ok, this has been bugging me for quite awhile now, and I finally decided to make a lengthy statement about it.

Gamespot is seriously dropping the ball with its "Greatest Games of All Time" list. I've been waiting and waiting (talking years here) for them to add a few very noticable omissions *cough*Torment/Half-Life*cough*, and it still hasn't happened. And now they have just added Final Fantasy II... FFII?! WTH!! FFII instead of Half-Life, Torment, and Final Fantasy VII/VIII?! :|

Bad, bad Gamespot. I've often wanted to make a thread in "Ask Gamespot" asking why in the world Torment hasn't been added (seeing as Gamespot's own Greg Kasavin used to have a Torment sig and now uses it for his Journal Header), but I'm a Gamespot Basic nub. =/

I do agree with quite a few of the games there (Fallout, Tetris, Thief: The Dark Project, StarCraft, etc.), but man this is bugging the crap out of me.


A question to all my friends...

Is there anyone among you who does not thoroughly despise the forumite "-0813-"? This guy's first account was named "crazimex" followed by some numbers. His original account was perma-banned for spamming some guy's UCB with offensive pics (I don't think it was porn, but I'm not sure). He started dodging his ban a lot but was eventually he got himself IP banned.

He recently returned through as "Crazy_Mexican," but was banned again for PMing some guy death threats and changing that guy's avatar (the guy was stealing his bandwidth) to Goatse. He then returned under the name "Apache_0813" and proceeded to get himself banned again. His next account was the one he is currently using.

I ask you all, do you like having this guy around? I'm currently on the brink of turning him in, but I won't do it if any among you actually like this guy. I'm sure you've seen his posts before, he's on almost every day.

A rather interesting turn of events...

Well, apparently one of my uncles found a SNES at a yard sale last year and gave it to his sons. My cousins (his sons, for the slow to catch on) just moved out of their apartment and somehow I have ended up with their SNES. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to keep it, as I am just borrowing it for the moment. But as I think many of you know, I have never owned a SNES, so this is rather exciting to me.

It came with several games, including (but not limited to): The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter II Turbo, and Super Mario World. I also heard that they had many, many more games for it. This just keeps getting better and better. :D Also, seeing as neither one of my cousins are really into gaming, I doubt they'll want it (or their games) back.

If they have a lot more games for it, and if I get lucky... I may end up with some classics I've always wanted to get my hands on. Just the thought of being able to play Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, and Super Metroid on their intended platform... wow.... :)

I'll keep my journal updated as the situation continues.

The importance of a story

Am I the only one who actually appreciates a good story in a game? Sometimes I can't help but think so. I have actually seen posts with people saying that games never have and never will have good plots, so developers shouldn't even bother with a plot and just focus solely on the gameplay... this sort of thinking seriously bugs me.

I mean, I know that most games don't have good plots, that's just obvious, but I have played games with seriously amazing plots. Plots good enough to make me think, to question myself, and so forth. Now, I know that gameplay is what make games "games," but I actually find a good story more interesting than good gameplay most of the time.

I need something that stirs my emotions, makes me wonder, and keeps me interested in manners outside of gameplay alone. I need something that makes me care more about the characters and what they are doing, than about how to kill the next boss.

I can't stand how few good storytellers there are in the gaming industry. How much ground is being left untapped in the realm of plots-in-games. How stories are far more often than not completely non-existent in most of the games I play.

Maybe after gaming has some more years under its belt people will start to except gaming as an art-form, comparable to music, movies, books, etc. And then maybe we'll start seeing some progress in the story department, because more and more writers will realize that gaming isn't just for the kiddies, and that there are many, many people who are old enough to understand and appreciate a mature, highly developed plot.

I am very much looking forward to the release of Indigo Prophecy, as it seems to have that which I so desperately seek. But whether or not it is as good as it looks and I end up buying it, I think I'm taking a break from buying games and focusing my money on another great love of mine; anime.

Thanks for reading this, to anyone who did. Feel free to comment.
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