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The way the cookie crumbles

Firstly, happy birthday to me. I'm now 19 years young, a little older, a little wiser...

So, on my birthday, not only am I not in possession of the AWOL Raw Danger, but this past week any hopes of playing Manhunt 2 within the next 3 months have been raped. Luckily the week holds some joys. I'm listening out for a delivery truck that's bringing to me my 32" HDTV! I've also discovered the joys of my Wii again with Warioware Smooth Moves.

Thats two for two, I guess.

Come hell or high water...

Finally, Raw Danger is about to hit the UK! This probably means little to most people, although those with enough class to play SOS: The Final Escape AKA Disaster Report will know it more affectionately as Zettaizetsumei Toshi 2: Itetsuita Kiokutachi - the game that was almost never translated. Heck, I've got a japanese import knocking around somewhere, but I've never found the motivation to buy the means of playing it on my devastatingly PAL machine. Sure it's a budget title, but so what?

With that over and done with, I've gotten into the online side of the 360 lately. I've been playing GeOW and downloaded the Blacksite: Area 51 demo which is pretty good. Still a little too much original Area 51 in there though...

On the PS2 I've just started Final Fantasy 12 and it is as good as it's made out to be for now (when everything is easy and simple.)

28 Weeks Later tonight. Which is nice.


I put this blog post under the category of 'people' because it's mainly about Ian and how much I've rocked his face off by beating the crap out of his challenge. I won't gloat for now.

 In other n00s, I went to the cinema three times yesterday to see 'The lives of others', 'Straightheads' and 'Shooter'. Two of them were good. Then I tried to con the cinema out of their massive Sunshine mural/cardboard poster thingy.

In two days I'll be home. That's about it.

"Not your God...Mine!"

Well last night we went to see Curse Of The Golden Flower. It was a good film, didn't have any daft walking on air or any of that stuff that's often attributed to chinese films. It was a bit depressing, more so than most films in fact. Worth a look though.

 Then, of course, today I went to see Sunshine for the third time. I thought I should take the chance while the film is still in a decent sized screen with nice bass and sound. It's a shame, I'll never see the film in such a good environment again.  

 Tonight is my videogame society, too. I'm hoping everyone's too busy doing coursework so I can just sit there and take advantage of the hefty broadband and clog my 360 hard drive with stuff I don't need. Pokemon has arrived already, too!

I submit...

So finally, I've got off my ass and decided to 'blog', albeit infrequently. I have a motive though. A friend lent me THP8 after we had an argument about his taste in games. He likes his DDR, his time crisis, all these peripheral or arcade games. I can understand that, I'm down with that. But I made the mistake of telling him that the games he plays aren't 'serious' games. So began the argument - what makes a serious game? Is it a game with cutscenes? It it this, is it that...

He lent me THP8, telling me that if I could get a sick score on the classic mission 'property values', then he'd admit that his beloved THP8 wasn't a serious game - essentially destroying any credibility he has for life.

So, as of yesterday I'm off. I still havn't fully grasped the physics of nail-the-trick and my stats are nothing to write home about, but I'm pushing about #160 in the ranks after about two hours (which I think is good.) I've unlocked property values as well so, here comes the crunch.

 In other news I ordered an import of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl for me and my cousin to play, and thats about it.