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@LexLas: I did have a spurt there where I didn't have time to play games. But, I always go back because games aren't a hobby, they're a lifestyle whether I work in the games industry or not. ;) I think about the old GameSpot days for sure! The people, the games, and the good times with all of you. I was rather sad to see Unions retire and after checking the GameSpot user profiles this week, I noticed nobody that used to blog is doing so anymore. If anyone used to blog now has a Youtube account, posts video blogs, has an external blog, or livestreams these days, share a link to your creative stuff here or via PM!

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Thanks for your responses so far!

@TAMKFan crazy timing, for sure. :D

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@nintendoboy16:Thanks for the update. Do you have any Wii U games you recommend for a game night?

@megagene: Yes, she's super adorable and active, so she does get herself into mischief when I'm not looking. Yeah! That episode with lizard dude was crazy and a bit creepy. hah.

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I had the pleasure of trying one over a month ago and it's like nothing I imagined it to be.

Original assumptions before trying it was exactly what I'm reading in this topic. I thought it would be an eyesore; there is no need for it; and how annoying it would be for anyone around me knowing I was using it. What would be useful however is recording video and taking photos, making it to publish in a timely fashion.

I stumbled upon a guy at a publisher/developer event and asked him what he thought about it. I didn't recognize that it was Google Glass immediately. He actually told people he was checking his email for something we were discussing for me to realize he was wearing one. I thought I would notice it on anyone immediately but it could have been the lighting in the building. He handed the glasses over without a second thought and told me to try it.

The verbal commands were really easy and very responsive. Rubbing the frame to scroll through news, emails or contacts was kind of funny looking on other people. didn't feel awkward when I did the same. The glass appearance up in the corner was less of an eyesore for some reason. Granted, I didn't use it for hours on end; probably a good 8 minutes but I didn't have any problems seeing videos, images, and news. The glass was small enough for me to see but I could look stragith at everyone around me to continue talking to them. I'd say it has much more potential and if you find someone with Google Glass, see if you can test drive it. :)

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I agree it may be easy for some people because their real name is already known. Those who never share their real name on the internet will have a harder time,

psst, hey c_rake! :D

EDIT: Nice results so far HipHopBeats!

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Hey there. Hope you've been having a good E3 week. I ran into this article and figured I'd share it with you.

Dont hae time to read if you have already shared this in this forum, but I'll see if I can get time after E3 hype (some time next week).

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Thanks for everything Jody. You'll leave a huge hole :cry:blue_hazy_basic
Danny is sitting at my desk up until E3, so he's a good replacement!

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Aww! Thanks everyone.

I wanted to tell you all first but I was having problems restoring my password this morning.  I had to get a staff member from GameFAQs to hax0r my account to post the blog with the fancy tools admins have! Finally got my password restored so I apologize for not getting you all the news first.

I'm sure I could name every single one of you and your qualities that you offer not just as an online personality, but as a moderator. To avoid embarrassing you with sweet statements, know that I appreciate all of your help. Through the good times and the bad, without you this site really would be neglected. I hope you know that the GameSpot crew really do appreciate your help, and of course, I'll miss being able to mingle with you all as much as I used to.

I do think that because we interacted so much behind the scenes all of you probably know me more than the other members, especially since some of you know me in person! I hope you'll keep in touch on Twitter and Facebook, if I rarely have time to mingle on GameSpot with the new job before E3 (it's going to be a lot of stuff to do before the show, so much that I probably won't sleep much). 

The community I'll deal with attracts an older audience compared to GameSpot and I'll likely not deal with any abuse because there's a 3rd party service they use. I'm not quite sure how I feel about that just yet! 

Anyways, I hope you all do keep in touch. If you ever feel like you need me to recommend you for your awesome volunteer efforts here, I'm an email away -

Over and out! 

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We don't have to suspend if they're cooperating and interactive the forums (rather than just sharing a url and leaving the site). 

For this account, the person registered with the appropriate email so I'll grant her the game rep icon. 

Normally we just refer them to customer support to have a paper trail. 

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Thanks for letting me know. Here's the actual link to the commenting problems reporting thread.