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2016 Update!

Hey there! It's been quite a while since I've mingled with everyone online or in game. I was at Riot Games for a couple of years, which was an amazing adventure handling their online tournaments and colleague programs. I'm now getting back into the swing of things and would love to see how things are going with all of you, which platforms you're playing on, and what genres (and games) you're into. Possibly get back into game nights for old time's sake?

To catch you up on my end, I've created a monthly recap video series. January and February 2016 has been released and March through October is on the way. I'm also considering 2013 through 2015 recaps since I left GameSpot and another Q&A video like I did with my 5th anniversary at GameSpot, so definitely watch my Youtube channel for updates.

As for other changes in my life, I have a new sidekick. Rocket is named after my favorite weapon (projectile) in Quake. ;) She's also the same dog breed as Dogmeat from Fallout 3 and the dog in the Mad Max film.

Back to the game nights idea, which games and platform? To start, I was considering some older multiplayer games that we already have, maybe even playing some Burnout for old time's sake, remember that Billboard song I did from being so frustrated with the Xbox 360 billboard achievement?

Also, what times work best for everyone? And if you're not sure, we could play games based on previous GameSpot game nights for fun. hah.

Suggested game:


Days of the week that work best (Mon through Sunday):

Time and timezone:

Not sure? Play previous GameSpot game nights: (YES or NO)

I look forward to your updates and responses!