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Interactive cut scenes = The end of the world

Some years in to the future from now the first game featuring interactive cut scenes is released! Of course everyone is stunned, and the game is being praised by everyone, earning top scores every where. And from that point on all game NOT containing interactive cut scenes are totally ignored, unable to get more that a 4.0 game spot score... Just one week after THAT certain games release Duke Nukem Forever is finally released! But.. it doesn't have any interactive cut scenes.. So it's sawed in half, receives 2.0 game spot score and jokes about how working on something forever will only result in crap are around for years to come.. But! There are a hand full of Duke Nukem lovers who stand against the tides trying to prove to the world that it actually owns! But they fail miserably. Mourning their complete defeat they build a bunker somewhere in Nevada where they will all sit to the end of time speed running duke nukem 3D.. Moving along.. the release of THAT game made every form of non interactive story telling so lame that you couldn't even talk about it.. so the film and book industries made a desperate attempt at creating interactive books/films.. but failed miserably. And a year later only interactive entertainment exists in the world... But that is not the end! no no. People where starting to think about what "entertainment " actually is... and realised that it's a way to keep a normally boring and monotone life interesting. And no one really saw the reason to keep doing the boring part.. especially now that more or less every profession was able to be preformed by machines.. so EVERYone hooks up to this thing that now only is called entertainment... but they soon realise that it's a stupid name, so they rename it in to "life"... And so the entire world has become slaves to "LIFE"!... and of course the mastermind behind of all this is non other than zombie Hitler BUT!! You are forgetting about something! The duke nukem fans had for generations lived in their bunker somewhere in Nevada not being affected by the changes in the rest of the world... and so it happend one day that they ran out of jolt cola ( ;_; ) and had to go on a quest to resupply in some supermarket.. So together they emerge from the depths only to find a world of muted humans with chairs instead of legs, eyes the size of plates and 25 fingers on each hand.. But the duke nukem fans where brave and decided to save the world! BUT.. they failed miserably.. and with them man kinds last hope fell.. in other words.. it was the end of the world.... but fear not.. since anyone reading thing will be dead by then..

Be happy

The world is as it is. Not much to do about it.. is there.. But sulking in ones lack of power and insignificance in the world doesn't lead anywhere, nor does getting angry. Everything can be seen as a good thing as long as you want it to be a good thing. "It's not how you have it, it's how you take it".. But then one might ask... just how is this relevant to anything on GameSpot... Of course it's relevant! It applies to every thing from getting ganked 50 times in a row in wow to your car getting stolen. But don't misunderstand me, I'm not telling people to not ever be mad, (cause that would not be good), all I'm saying is, Be Happy. that was pointless... By the way, a shout out to the best anime character of all times!!! Suzumiya Haruhi Banzaaai!! And that did not belong here... But don't think about it to much. Just Be Happy ^^