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Gamestop Clerks

I buy alot of games. Used mostly, but if it's a game I really want that is for sure a hit I will enjoy 6 months from now for replay value I'll buy it new. In have two GAMESTOP's where the clerks always help me out and are really cool. If I get a used game and it's a garbage buy, I'll return it and either exchange for another title, or get a gift card to make a future purchase. No problem right? So I go to a GAMESTOP a little further away to see if they have something the other two stores don't have. I returned Unreal Tournament & Call of Duty 3. When I told the clerk I'll get an exchange for something else. He said I had to make up my mind on something I'll like because they won't accept another return and if that would be a problem. "YES, that is a problem" I was thrown in the redline. I have a stack of reciepts from every purchase I've made and I was going to get GRID. But when this idiot said I had to make a concrete descision. I said Just give me the money back, I did not want to give him the sale. This idiot really got me worked up, and I called him on the bluff. I said "Does it really matter what I choose, you're still making a sale, but since you're an idiot I'll go somewhere else. For every GAMESTOP that is helpful and fair, there's a GAMESTOP where some &*@!*% idiot MUtha%*#@! JER#OFF works and has no idea when a good customer makes a visit. Does anyone have the same experiance where they live?