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New Year...New systems...New Games

I'm tired of missing out on both Platforms. So I got both, choosing which one to buy is the other kick to the tea bag. Sony is looking good, lots of titles out, and coming soon. But Lots of LAN rooms exist for X-box where I live overseas. Bottom line is What hot now for both Systems? Borderlands on PS3 kind of took me away from CODMW2, but are people playing on line for the X-box?

Any comments suggestions are welcome....


Gamestop Clerks

I buy alot of games. Used mostly, but if it's a game I really want that is for sure a hit I will enjoy 6 months from now for replay value I'll buy it new. In have two GAMESTOP's where the clerks always help me out and are really cool. If I get a used game and it's a garbage buy, I'll return it and either exchange for another title, or get a gift card to make a future purchase. No problem right? So I go to a GAMESTOP a little further away to see if they have something the other two stores don't have. I returned Unreal Tournament & Call of Duty 3. When I told the clerk I'll get an exchange for something else. He said I had to make up my mind on something I'll like because they won't accept another return and if that would be a problem. "YES, that is a problem" I was thrown in the redline. I have a stack of reciepts from every purchase I've made and I was going to get GRID. But when this idiot said I had to make a concrete descision. I said Just give me the money back, I did not want to give him the sale. This idiot really got me worked up, and I called him on the bluff. I said "Does it really matter what I choose, you're still making a sale, but since you're an idiot I'll go somewhere else. For every GAMESTOP that is helpful and fair, there's a GAMESTOP where some &*@!*% idiot MUtha%*#@! JER#OFF works and has no idea when a good customer makes a visit. Does anyone have the same experiance where they live?

Socom Confrontation

It's what i have been waiting for on the PS3. I hope it will be a step above what I want and hopefully the cheaters and glitchers will be banned for life.

Army of Two

I'm glad people are starting to agree that Army of Two is weak and had a slew of problems. Joe Dodson gave it a 6.5 which it deserves, but I wish this was posted before I paid $65 for the friggin' thing. I actually went back and traded it for Burnout Paradise. I guess it's time to wait for Socom: Confrontation, GTA 4, Battlefield: Bad Company, & Rainbow 6: Vegas 2. I could not believe that EA tried to get away with trying to push that garbage on all of us. What they should have done just like when they make their sports games by rounding up every professional in the field and guide them to make the product. Hire some real employees that are in the field of war, ex-Military contractors and have them give you the feedback. I know they had one guy but maybe they needed like 20 ex- Merc's who could guide you to make the best game ever made. Isn't that what they did with Madden? I hope they stick with Burnout & Madden and leave everything else to the pros. **** game. Period.