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NXE Woooot!

Ah happy day! Since the birth of the Xbox 360 I've been waiting for the ability to install my games to the hard drive, and finally my dreams have been realised. Load times slashed, texture pop-in nearly wiped off the map, and a far more fluid experience. All of this awaits you if you choose to install your games on the new Experience OS.

Not having home internet, I've spent the last week searching for a way to update my system through another method, and finally the light shone on me in my search. On some half Korean half English site, I found my answer. I downloaded the patch in a directory folder, shoved it on a usb stick and popped it into my xbox, sure enough it asked for the install permission, and the fun began. My first goal upon completion was to finally try Last Remnant without the disk; Magic.

 I gave the game a generous review as it was when I had only played it off the disk, but the HDD playing solidified my review in concrete. The load times were killed and the battles seemed to run just fine after the initial chug. 

 Its taken nearly three years for this much needed update, but it was worth the wait. For those of you who are just as excited as me, itching to toss in Oblivion once more, or seeing Mass Effect the way God intended it, wait no further. Eat a nice steak, grab a bottle of good wine, and sit down in front of your shrine, and thank the gods of the Xbox universe that you can finally play the way you were meant to.


Cheers All, and Happy Gaming.

What a month!

Ah my friends what a month! This halloween we have seen the release of arguably the best games we've seen all year, and in a year that rivals some of the best years ever, thats quite a feat! My wallet feels rather light after having to purchase Fable 2, Fallout 3, Farcry 2, Deadspace, and even the new entry to the Guitar Hero franchise. Mark my words if developers keep producing such amazing fair, I'm going to have to start eating my games ^^


Good Day Fellow Gamers!

This is my first blog post on this website, even though I've been a member for a number of years. Lately I've come to notice the dramatic lack in quality of many of the user reviews for various games. When I read a review from an end user, I expect an unbiased opinion from a person not getting payed to review game after game in a genre. I want a fresh opinion that isn't tainted by desensitization, and I'd like to see the opinions of new gamers making their first foray into the wide world of gaming.

From this point on I am devoting myself to writing quality user reviews for those people who would like an honest opinion about the games they play, without the hastle of needless profanities, and strongly voiced opinions. Also I wont slander any other reviews, I just want to say my piece, and truly hope that some of you find it helpful.

Thank you ^^