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JimmeyBurrows Blog

Sigs & Avatars

I have decided to create a Blog

this shall be used to display all the sigs and avatars I have and will create... maybe even for displaying some of my artwork from time to time...


A Sig for an old Union... the first one I joined... well got invited to, by our good friend Juro!

Another for the Tenshi Union, still not too great, but getting better I think...

Just before the Union shut down I creted this sig, thought it was pretty good... other people didn't think so as it got pushed down behind the great designs of ShadowXSora... but still I think I was getting better at this point.

Created for the only Union dedicated to the great Action Adventure/RPG... ALundra!!!

My Gaming Unison Union Avatar... I'm not much good with avatars

A sig for Juro's Union, created 100% by me from scratch, rather than the usual stealing of images from other places, a bit of a plain background, but it works pretty well...

A sig for the great Gaming Unison Union, of which I am a well respected Officer, been doing a lot of work there recently... I think this one shows off the Union for what it aims to be, ruler of all games, lol... well not quite but a place to discuss all games and developers, with a nice friendly attitude...

Another Sig for Juro's Angel Reborn Union, a bit like the last one, but with Wings!!!