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Random Gaming Thoughts: 4 Jan 07

-- Way too much road on the island of Oahu. Took me forever to get to 99%, and that's where I'll stay until Oahu Raceway unlocks. Thankfully, there's a lot to do in the interim in TDU... -- St!ng really needs to make a game for a home console. That is, as long as the same slick production efforts seen in Riviera and Yggdra Union are feasible for their (?) budget on a more powerful platform. If that is possible, then they might just become the next Clover, possibly better. -- Speaking of Clover, play some Okami or Viewtiful Joe and pour out a little sake for our "redistributed" homies. -- For your Gaming dollar, ya just can't beat Sega Genesis Collection on the PSP. US$30 gets you a rather decent lesson on a primary combatant in the first mainstream console war, and the arsenal that made them a worthy adversary to Nintendo and why at the time Genesis did that Ninten-didn't. But since they're still making consoles, however, Nintendo is what Genes-isn't. Did I mention the three full RPGs they put in? -- Endless mode in Bejewled (XBLA) seems more like an endurance test in how long you can stand playing Bejeweled before you put down the controller and move on than a true test of gaming skill. I keep feeling asleep sometime around level 30-ish.... -- GamerScore at 8600 and rising...full report later on...