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More cuts, more games. What-ever next!!

So, Guitar hero is no more. In a move bought on by Activision, which sees the franchise being axed along with several other titles including True Crime - Hong Kong. Having only played Guitar Hero once or twice in the past, i for one don't really care about the franchise. I know many people do care and all that, but Guitar Hero for me isn't something i can play on a regular basis. I did read in a press-release about how many versions of Guitar Hero do you need?. Releasing one or two versions would have been great, with the updated play-lists being released as DLC, as many games in my opinion should do (i'm looking at you Fifa and all the other sporting titles).

But there is something i do care about, and that is the job losses in this axing. Hopefully many of these talented game programmers find work else-where within Activision/Blizzard or within a different company. And i hope none of them end up on the scrap-heap of unemployed persons.

But now, i look forwards and not backwards. With the ever-growing list of games i'm interested in well....... growing, i need a steady income to be able to purchase such titles, otherwise i think i'll be missing out on some classics. Elder Scrolls V, Arkam City, Gears 3, Skyward Sword and L.A Noire. Thats 5 titles there, equating to around £160 (more if there are Collectors Editions available for some of them (most likely with Gears atm).


I changed my Raptr account, so if there are any followers of Jimbobthon please could you now follow Jimez. As this is my new name, with new XBL account name as well.


New Year, new games

Well, it's 2011 now. Which means a whole new gaming year to look forward to. I for one am looking forward to the arrivals of Arkham City, Gears 3, Skyward Sword and Elder Scrolls V (if it comes this year).

But for now, i will be posting reviews of the games i purchased over the holiday period. Namely Undead Nightmare and Assassins Creed Brotherhood. Both of which are excellent, and i highly recommend purchasing both titles.

Until then, happy gaming from myself.

Albion, welcome back

Well, i've read some mixed opinions about Fable III. Including a surprising review from Gamespot, which surprised me. With a score they gave, i was expecting more faults. But the faults they had come up with don't exactly justify the score. I would have given it an 8 or 8.5 with the faults they had. But still, that is their opinion and they are entitled to it. And many other gamers have disagreed with their review score as well.

Another niggle i have is the gamers who say there isn't enough to do, who have beaten the game and said it is linear. Those who say everything only lasts around 10 hours then it is game over. Well, i am near-convinced that you have not explored all what Albion has to offer. Or have completed quests other than what the story says to do. Or have even broken free of the shackle. Because my friends, i am 8 hours + in the game, in Bowerstone Industrial and have only done 20 quests. From what i have read, there are over 80 quests all together to complete. Some are small, and some are large quests. Lionhead said that there are 25 hours of additional quests. And thats after the 15 hours of doing the main quests.

So thats 35 hours of gaming with quests not including the fetch missions. I fail to see how this is a small game.

So, my thoughts.

It is an excellent game, better than Fable II in many ways. But i am not too much of a fan of the new expressions. I did like the wheel and the choices that way. I am a fan of the new choices with each mini-quest. Not going to spoil them for you, but they do affect your world what-ever you pick.

The LE quest i recieved is decent, lasts about 30 minutes depending on where you go and what you do. Doesn't open right away, you have to unlock it. But i do love the "Road to Rule", not going to spoil it for you either. I'm not a fan of the way Lionhead made visits to this frequent, but it is a good way to get back there to get stuff. I'm taking my time and enjoying this game, as i waited a long time for it. Unlike others who rushed it, believe me they have.

Overall opinion........... A great improvement over II, and well worth the score i gave it.

Too many games, arghhh.

It's always the same, too many great games coming out and not enough money to get them all. I had pre-ordered Brotherhood at the same time as Fable III, and now it seems i can only afford one or the other. Fable III won the vote and i think i'll be asking for Brotherhood for Christmas. I asked for Creed II for Christmas last year as i opted for purchase of a different game instead.

Also coming out/already out which i am after include Force Unleashed II and Goldeneye. I'll most likely wait until then to get Brotherhood, as i'll have enough to get through by then. Namely Fable III, Smackdown vs RAW 11, NBA 2K11, Gears 2, Bioshock 1 + 2, Prince of Persia and Mario Galaxy II.

2 weeks, and Albion will be mine

2 weeks time, and Fable III will reach the shops. Once more, i shall reach out into the world of Albion and see what secrets i shall uncover, what treasures lie in wait ready to be discovered. And at this moment in time, what type of leader i may become.

Only trouble is, everyone i speak to be it online, or offline doesn't seem interested. There doesn't seem to be an active Fable group here, and the only way i can speak about this game is on the offical Lionhead website, Twitter or on Facebook. No web forums seem to have active topics on this game, unlike they did with Fable II.

Perhaps Fable II dissapointed fans with the buggy gameplay, glitches galore and all that. To the point where no-one seems to care about the 3rd incarnation as much, if not at all really.

It dissapoints me really, but hey. I'm looking forward to the game and if i have to talk about it only on those 3 places then so be it really.

2 weeks, and i don't lose a beat!!

2 weeks of no Live, no Red Dead online and no Gears either. First time on Live yesterday, and i don't lose a beat. First time online and it feels like i havn't been away. Had the votes to kick, the abusive vocal comments and all. Even had the cheaters and all that once more.

Only this time, i was more prepared for it. This time, they left after consistant head-shots from myself.

Beat the "Vote to Kick" in RDR

I discovered this yesterday whilst playing online last night. It only works now if you have a "friend" in the same room as you, if not then it will not work.

Whilst in Blackwater, and attacking various people (mainly this "green" gang), i was being "Voted" out of the room slowly. By slowly, i mean it popped up now and then with xxx has 1 vote of 7, then to 2 of 7 and so on. I was being voted out by people who wern't in Blackwater, because i was shooting 1 of their posse. A bit of a cowards way really, they could have rode/teleported to Blackwater and helped him out. Anyway, once the voting got to 7 of 7 i was gone from the room with the usual "You've been voted out" message pop up.

Asked my mate to see if he could re-add me, but it didn't work so i ended up in a room with 2 others. So i looked at my friends list, found my mate and pressed the "Join Session" option, and i got back into the room i got voted out of. Boy, did i get them all shouting at me and accusing me of being a "cheat", hey the option is there to get back into the game all the time and no-one uses it.


First things first, it has been a busy July for myself. Just last week i took a trip to London (from where i live, it is roughly 2 hours on the train) to attend the N-Europe 2010 Meet, in Hyde Park over the weekend. It was darn excellent, and i bought back more friends and some awesome memories to South Wales.

Anyway, back to it

I was on Red Dead last night for a few hours, still is a great game. But this time, i came across not 1 but 4 cheaters. These gamers like to take it upon themselves to "hide" behind objects in a way that no matter what i do (be it throw dynamite, shoot them, chuck a fire-bottle or even fire a cannon towards them) they will not die. But, they seem to have more powerful weapons than i do, be able to throw knifes at 3x the speed they should be thrown and make the walls invisable so they can hide inside them making it impossible to kill them, but for them to kill us with ease.

By the time i killed 2 of them, these two left and left me negative feed-back, due to "unsportsman-like behaviour" and "abusive" language. I'm now being monitored by who-ever monitors the sessions, which to me is un-fair. I have a policy i follow.

"I leave you alone when i am online, but if you attack/kill me, i alwaysattack/kill back. Others don't like being "killed", so they leave and leave me negative feed-back. Hey, if you can't take the heat vacate the cooking area.

I can't stand cheaters, i play games fairly and if you cheat and can't play games fairly,i will target you along with a few mates. And i will send a complaint/issue to MS about you.

Experiment with Red Dead

Someone said i could empty the cache of my 360, which would allow me to re-expose the XP that was currently cut-back by Rockstar.

It is great being able to do this once more, but playing in a world all alone isn't much fun. You can't go online, which is the potential awesomeness of this game after single-player. Why play multi-player alone, it isn't good and you cannot get better (except with gang hideouts).

Recommend no-one do this, unless you are sad and have no friends and are too scared to play online against the world. I know this game has spawn-killers, i've experienced them myself. Best way around this is to form a posse, as members will come to your aid if you are in trouble.

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