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Personally I believe it was the best Zelda game ever. This is rich coming from the kid who complained aout it when I first got it. I went to Game and there was riot police there breaking up a fight and so I went to HMV where i was seriously annoyed because I went there to browse through the wii games but TP was the last one left and it cost £40.00 and the queue was massive. And it started it off slow and i soon get fed up with the water temple when id spent 3 hours there and realised all i needed to do look up instead of trying to escape from this huge circle room. Now I realise it was a blessing! The game was so freakin awesome! I was so sad when it finished and reeaallyy annoyed when she broke the mirror of twilight *shocked face* ID SPENT SO LONG IN THAT STUPID SKY TEMPLE! but ahh well at least shes gone now :) I just want to say to the creators of TP, YOU ROCK!