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So Iron Galaxy asked for 20 dollars for the community pool. Nothing against that. But let's take a look at their NEW deal.

Shadow Jago is part of Season One, however he was exclusive to those with day one Gold cards but was pushed as a Jago clone with a separate skin at the time. He's been remade into a clone of the superboss AI Shadow Jago.. and now he's going to be not exclusive anymore and anyone can get their hands on him. See the deal here? They've nullified their own "exclusive" deal.

Let's take a look at some of their bundles.

Combo Breaker Season One: Includes ALL Season One fighters. Does it include Shadow Jago? Nope. Should it? Yep.

Season One Ultra Edition: Same as Combo Breaker but with the outfits. Still does not include Shadow Jago. Should include him.

Complete Edition: More than likely does include Shadow Jago according to their new deal, but before now it would not. It definitely should include him.

I have contacted Microsoft, even IG themselves. Microsoft hung up on me. IG won't respond back. They're covering up this loophole and avoiding it at all costs to push Shadow Jago out there for more money. I can understand wanting money from players, but let's think here.

Both Combo Breaker packs cost twenty apiece. The Ultra edition packs cost forty apiece. The Complete Edition costs a whopping sixty. That all comes to forty for the breakers, eighty for Ultra and sixty for the complete edition. Not to mention the extra twenty from the community thing. I'd say they're earning quite a bit from the fanbase. So why isn't Shadow Jago included in the bundles? Why is he going to be a standalone?

And to those that are going to claim he's just an extra fighter. If that is true, then why wouldn't he be in the Season One bundles? And why was he Season One's final boss? That's not extra fighter status to me.

Now problem is here... why would they ask us to donate $20 into their community pool and then ask us to BUY Shadow Jago in the first place right after? Wouldn't all the money generated be enough to make them realize that the players want him in the game and not as a standalone purchase?