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Metal Gear Solid for Playstation is freaking hard but I still love it

Okay, I got Metal Gear Sold: The essential collection, which includes MGSone, MGS2 subtancances, MGS3 substance but only CD 1 so If I want to see the Demo theature I calll my friend to lend me MGS3 substance CD2 and ill let him borrow MGS2 since thats my least favorite of the three and its not because of Raiden, its because it has the most confusing story out of the whole series and I only like the intro and thats about it but I can see that in Youtube, anytime I want.

Okay, lets talk about Metal Gear Solid since thats my favorite one out of the 3. I havent played this game for allmost 8 years. I feel very old now since I dont mind the crappy graphics from the original Playstation, in fact this game looks better then Final Fantasy 7. Thats right I said it because it looks less blockier if that even a word. I have to say that the controls are very hard to get use to, after playing long hours of MGS4 the controls for MGS feel old as my parents and trust me there old. I cant get use to using square to aim and to shoot. I want R1 to shoot and I cant get into first person view to shoot things down unless I use the Stinger or the Nikita and thats about it for my complaints with the controls oh and snake is bit stiff with his movements compare to the new version and that top down view, gets annoying at first but then I had to agian rely on that small rader of were my enemys are at which is a bit useless in some boss battles but the only thing that draws me in, is its story, which is best out of the 3 but part 4 is on top though.

On a 40 inch HDTV the widescreen parts of the scenes do look very small which also kinda annoys me but still this game has the best lighting Ive seen for a 1998 game. I might as well hook up my PS3 on my 22 inch monitor to play this game since it looks dark and a bit fuzzy at times on a bigger screen. I do love the music even though its only 3 songs in the whole game, there one of the best songs I can tolerate for an old game and its really epic of a theme song which is sad that its not in MGS4 which I would love to have that theme song in Old Snake's Ipod.

I allready beaten the game recently and it actually took me 10 hours to finish since I remember in the PC version, I used a trainer with infinite life but I said forget it. I had to beat this game normally and yes its freaking hard compare to the newest version or Im getting rusty with old games since the new ones are pampering me with easier ways to figure out stuff.

Im glad I got Metal Gear Solid: The essential Collection if not I would never get this masterpiece of a ****c game. I might replay it to get the stealth and the other ending, then I would play it one more time and give it a rest but at least I have this game in save points to important parts and boss fights so if I want to replay a part I can do so, like I did for MGS4 and its awesome I can make multiple PSone Memory cards in my PS3, which are dedicated to the original Legendary ****c Metal Gear Solid.

Back from the dead, and playing MGS4

I never knew this game would blow me away. I didnt like MGS3 and MGS2 story lines that are the most confusing storys out of the three games. I only liked MGS one which I had it for PC but I think I lend it to someone from school and he lost it but this was 8 years ago and I really doubt it I can get back. Anyways this game is awesome and I was really shock this game got a 10 from IGN and a 10 from Gamespot. I say it deserves a 9.5 because there are part that do drag a little but then it shifts gears back to Action which is crazy. I love it that this game I can choose between Stealth or Action and now since im older I have less patience so I can totally run gun in this game but I can also get unlockables if I play it through only Stealth and I can tell you the gameplay parts are a bit short in some areas but the cutscenes are so well done that I dont really want to skip it.

Raiden is so far the most Bad @$$ character in the whole game. I love it that they gave him a better role and theres some parts that are very dramatic which I dont want give any spoilers but I never hated him in MGS2, I was 17 back then and didnt really mind his corny whinny voice but man they made him so much better in this game. I really wish I can play as him in some parts of the game if that was the case then this game would get 10 from me. Oh well but at least all the characters from MGS1 and 2 return which such good roles. I forgot theres one person from MGS3 but no more spoilers if you havent played the game yet.

Theres only 5 Acts which isnt that long and I finish the game in 17 hours including the Cutscenes and the codec parts since I just rushed a little to see what going to happen next. I was way to excited of whats going to happen next and theres only a few games that can do that to me when it comes to its story but man this game has an awesome story that you have to pay attention to it to really understand whats going on since it answers all the questions from the past games and whats wrong with snakes rapid aging. The story can make you laugh, cry and trust me, my little nieces watching me play are 16 years old was crying in some parts of the story which amazed me of how good of a story it is and they never seen a MGS game before but this one did touch there emotions because I did felt a bit sad in one scene then felt happy in another scene and I never was bored since they dont use the codec to just tell the story, they used full motion cutscenes which are very awesome to look at.

If you played all three MGS games this one would take you away with its a new way of representing an awesome story of legendary hero that was introduce way back then and how his story ends would blow your mind.

Trust me theres a lot of unlockables to replay it for the coming weeks or maybe months. They even have a website that soon you can download songs into Snakes Ipod which so far theres songs that you have to unlock also and there costumes a;so. This game made me stop play GTA4 but so far I go the two best games of this year. I'm getting Gears of War 2 later this year but man did MGS4 took me from surprise of how I can forget another great game I bought a month ago.

Bye Bye.....

Im going to the Midnight Launch for GTA4 tomorrow and I might not visit the web agian. I might buy the official Stragedy Guide for the cheats since I want to have fun in this game after I beat it and if I need to finish it 100% so after the story line ill use the guide but what ever Im going to play this game and hopefully I dont get muged, shot or stabed and someone Grand Theft my game for crack in the streets so later people. Im out... wish me luck

I got a PSP slim since my old PSP died

Since my old one broke from falling from a high place I got this one, also there isnt a game for me to buy this month and all im waiting for is GTA4 which is the end of the month so since my old PSP broke I just decided to buy the new slim PSP which wasnt a bad idea and its better then the fatter version which weighs like 2 pounds and this one weights like less then a pound.

well I am a bit tired so I aint going to say much about the PSP Slim. I can say that it feels way lighter then the original which is a plus since the old one can slip from my hands but this one they made the back part with the same shiny plastic that was in the front so when my hands get sweaty it would just slip out of my hands. Thats why I bought a leather case for it. Oh and this one cost me $169 with out the earphones and the TV cables which I had to buy that sepretely so I aint going to do a video review for this one so Im going to make it a Picture Slideshow review.

Shiny isnt it, you can see my lamp reflection clearly in the back of it but still its bad to hold it with sweaty or wet hands. It can slip off so I miss the old one that has back not shiny.

that is thin (sorry if this one came out blurry)

looks the same as the older one from the front but its so light I can hold it with ease.

with the HDTV connecters I can connect this one to my Sony HDTV which the menu looks very nice in full screen on my 46 inch TV but...

When I play my games on the big screen its looks very pixelated. Im also going to buy some UMD movies to test them out of how clear it looks since the games do look pretty ugly so far like a Playstation one game on my HDTV so I say play them on the original PSP screen and not the Big screen.

its leather coffin, I mean Case LOL. well it is hard cover so I hope this protects it.

its Bulky agian but at least its in a safer place in case it falls out of my hands or I pull a the power cord biaccident to fall to its doom. Thats what happen to the other one but ill treat this one with more care.

Oh one more thing putting games in this one, feels pretty cheap now, since it doesnt have an auto ejecter so poping open the back manually and sliding the games in feels kinda odd like if its not going to read it but it does and what happens if someone puts the disc upside down since its easier to put it in any way you want. This is the worst idea so far for the slim PSP. Everything else is okay and the lighter feel makes it better in my hands so thats the biggest plus.

Thats the end so goodnight IM OUT and also im very TIRED snce its 4am lol at least im off from work tomorrow

Can you see the diffrence?

Thats the Xbox 360 up here ^

Thats the PS3 version up there ^

see now Im going to return the Xbox 360 version and trust me I wont regret it since I been had the PS3 version for the longest and love it better, but still this month theres nothing coming out. I have to wait untill E3 to find out the big names in gaming coming out. I do want to get Prototype but I have no idea what day thats comming out. Well I have to start work tomorrow so catch you later guys. I guess I have to wait until November for Gears of War 2 to play more of my Xbox 360 or just play Gears since UT3 is having more game time and Im even going old school and playing UT (99) on my old PC

awww the good old days of gaming

I really regret of buying Fight Night for the Xbox 360 if I allready have it for

THe PS3. i shouldnt bought it today because so far the PS3 version looks 10x better with sharper textures then this one. I might as well return it back or just trade it in. I am upset about it because I thought it would look better on the Xbox 360 but nope it just the enviroments look better. The rumble feels very limited in this game, I really thought I would feel a diffrence but no I still would perfer to play it with my sixaxis with no rumble since you dont even feel it when you get hit on the xbox 360 version. I say this is dog poo. (sigh) Im just going to play UT3 since theres more content to get online and playing as the Locust with Action Cam on is curing my fix for Gears of War with faster gameplay that is allways fun.

I didnt bought a new game but I did found out something else about UT3

I can play as Master Chief now since this new patch came along

Hes on the PS3 now ha ha ha ha thanks for whoever created him

Even someone made spawn so now UT3 IS UNBEATABLE WITH SO MUCH USER CONTENT

Did I forgot to mention the LOCUST and the Berserker is created to play in UT3

Damn I love this game to death Im playing the Lego land online, Voice chat works and above all more User Content is on its way

THIS IS WHY THIS IS MY NUMBER 1 GAME FOR PS3 so far because of so much free User content thats million times better then Downloadable Content that would cost me an arm or a leg while this stuff thats user made is free.

I guess Im still stuck playing UT3 even as Marcus Fenix also

I preorderd GTA4 for PS3

from EBGAMES.COM and that all I can say since iM going to bed LOL

TRUST ME on tuesday ill do some video blogs im off tomorrow and tuesday

I just hope I can get GTA4 in about less then 4 days but I choose the 3-10 day shipping

so ill find out after 4/29/08 well later people im off to bed

I finally got my Dualshock 3

Im so happy it arrived yesterday afternoon it just sucked that I had to work that day but man playing DMC4 with rumble agian makes it feel comfortable to know that your hits feel more of an Impact. I also tried it with UT3 but it doesnt rumble when you shoot only when you get hit which kinda sucks but oh well maybe a patch would fix that but who knows. Im going to test it with other games so ill let you guys know maybe in a video blog later next week but as of now ill be busy playing DMC4 with RUMBLE.

heres another pic

Devil May Cry 4 Son of Sparda is crippling my hands

O MY GOD, of how I forgot how hard the Devil May Cry games gets since I havent played them for two years ago and now my fingers are sore since Im playing Son of Sparda (Hard Mode). I mean its not that hard but damn so many Enemys and the Ai on the lesser enemys do become a bit smarter or its just that playing all night is getting to me. I was only able to finish untill Mission 12 and I had to stop playing. My fingers feel so sore like if they been lifting weights all night lol. Man my fingers are crippled but now I remeber why I stop playing DMC when I get up to the difficulty Dante Must Die Mode (extremely Hard) because of this torture with my fingers and also getting those urges of not giving up. All I know is that I need 8 more missions to go but damn if I had this game for the 360 since my hands are bit smaller, I would of gave up since the PS3 controller did a number on my hands with all fast movement I had to be doing all night and then doing the 'Table Hopper" which is R1 + X all the time at Mission 10 while fighting Dante was insane. I like the challenge but damn my fingers are in such pain from playing DMC4 for 5 hours or I think more since I had to do the bloody Palace to get more orbs and more Souls a lot faster so I can I upgrade Nero Completely. What an Insane night and now I have to go to take the test for my sercuity licence which I feel so alert from playing DMC4 that ill pass out when I get home.. well i have to go its 8am and the class starts at 9am so later Im just hopeing my fingers can heal so I can go another ROUND today of DMC4 since im in the Middle of the game now. I can imagine how hard the final boss would be since Dante was the hardest boss in the game so far.

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