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Everything has gone! :(

I have been away for a while, due to the fact I have had a lot of things happening in my life, losing my house, job and a lot of other things that suck :(

I came back to have a look and a check up of things on here and I have 23 of my editor status' removed or have been forced into retirement for them, a lot of shows which I got added to the database and spent a hell of a lot of time submitting too, shows like Madventures and Ginga Nagareboshi Gin which nobody is even editing anyway :( If anyone even reads this, is their anyway to get these shows back or am I stuck as being 'retired'?



Laptop fixed and now it's B-Day Party Time!!!

I am having a very good day today! I managed to fix my laptop and rid it off that god aweful Trojan which affected 165 key windows files! It got to the point where it changed the association of .exe files so nothing at all would even open, that's how bad it got! But with my geniusness I managed to get into command prompt even though it would not open as it is a exe but I managed to get into it a sly way and managed to fix and change back my exe associations so now everything is working fine, It would only open firefox and nothing else at one point! I have been stressing about it because it is my birthday on Monday and I am having a house party tonight and i REALLY needed my Laptop to put some music on, as what's a party without some good old rock and metal! The answer my friends is that it is not a party at all without rock and metal! :D So I am very happy I managed to fix it!

The party is to celebtrate my 26th Birthday! Damn I am getting old! but I still feel like I am a teen! Comic and action figure collecting and game playing will always be a part of my life no matter what age I am! :D

So I wish all of you a great weekend! :D

Computer technical problem! Anyone able to help?

My laptop somehow got a Trojan last night that is affecting the userinit.exe file, meaning my internet will now no longer work, and my laptop will not boot from CD for some reason so I cannot repair the file! Anyone got any ideas??

I have ran about 5 virus scans, finds 4 things, it fixes them but the problem still remains, Malware Bytes which usually helps a great deal comes up with nothing, and Trojan Remover tells me what I already know about the userinit.exe file, and says it can't fix the file and i need to do it manually, so I have even replaced the userinit.exe file with a working one from this laptop (My girlfriends) but the problem still remains! Grrrrrrr!!! :evil:

Help please anyone, I have fixed many a PC before from hardware to software, and even build them in my spare time as a hobby, so I know my way around the inside and out of a computer but this has stumped me, what's puzzling me is why i cannot boot from CD!

Any help would be great! Thanks

Nintendo E3 Conference! About time Wii got an RPG!

I just watched the E3 videos from the Nintendo conference and they have made me happy! The main 2 titles being:

  • Mario Galaxy 2
  • Monado: Beginning of the world

I loved the first Mario Galaxy, so I am very hyped about a sequel considering we usually only ever see 1 main mario title on each console, well datring back to the N64 anyways, being Mario 64 and on GC Mario Sunshine, so I can't wait for a new one, the new abilities and gameplay look awesome and introducing Yoshie :D with the success of Mario Galaxy and am pretty sure that the sequel will be equally as good or perhaps better!

And Monado looks very interesting and it is about time we had a good RPG released on the Wii, Twilight Princess aside there have been very little, although i usually place Zelda games as being more of a action/adventure title than RPG, but I am looking forward to this and the video looks awesome also,

Also will probably get Wii Fit Plus as we have the first one and my girlfriend also uses it so we will probably get the plus, Sin and Punishment 2 also looks quite interesting, will wait and find out more about that.

My only let down really from the Nintendo Wii releases was the news or lack of news about a new Zelda for Wii, its always the bloody DS that gets the Zelda releases! They know that most Wii fans will be dissapointed this year by the lack of Zelda news!

Terminator Salvation confusion! Help please!

I am am really looking forward to seeing Terminator Salvation, the trailers look awesome and i love the Terminator series, including Sarah Connor Chronicles, BUT, i am just wondering, do we ignore the entire Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines film and what happened on The Sarah Connor Chronicles, or will it all link together somehow? Just asking because a lot of fans thought T3 was so appalling that they do not include it as a movie in the series.


Prizes Galore!!! =)

Over the past few weeks it has been prize winning galore for me! and some awesome prizes they are aswell! All from the UK TV.Com weekly quiz! So far since the weekly quiz started up I have won:

  • The Happening DVD
  • Star Stories - Series 1 & 2 boxed set
  • Plus One - Series One
  • Signed 2009 Gemma Atkinson Calander
  • Trial and Retribution - The Fifth Collection (3 Disc)
  • Secret Diary of a Call Girl - Series 2
  • ITV's Demons - Series One

And today I came home from a crap shift at work to realise I had won:

Best prize ever! :D

Lady luck has definitely been on my side! Now if only I had the same luck when trying to find a new job!! :(

Why are the mods so slow??

Whats with the mods being so slow of late? I have had things in the submissions queue for 4 days now and still pending? there were 8 in total, 3 of them got accepted 3 days ago but still waiting on 5, even though i submitted them at the same time and for the same show? What's going on?? I have more stuff to contribute but I would like the ones in the queue to be done first as I don't like flooding the contributions queues in one go! :|

Anyone else finding them to be slow of late? Is there some sort of holiday in the US or something that I do not know about?

Being Human is all mine!!!

I just became the editor of the awesome show 'Being Human', for those in the UK who have not seen this show yet i advise you to watch it, it is funny, dark and has a great cast, one of the UK's best in recent years if you ask me! It will also be airing in the US later this year, unsure of the date yet though.

Other recent editorships gained are:

Another UK police crime drama set in London, starring the TV lead debut of the new Doctor Who Matt Smith

Traveller and adventurer Charley Boorman's newest outing, he travels from Ireland to Sydney using any form of travel he can come across, apart from commercial flights. Nice, interesting show, one of my favourite travelers, apart from Riku & Tuomas from 'Madventures', probably the best travel show ever, another show which i edit for! :D

Anyways...what do you guys think of my new profile banner?? Decided to make a new one as i was bored today, and i love the final piece, exactly what i wanted, i wanted a show i love aka Fringe and a comic book feel, so i think i hit the nail on the head there :D

The return of Rock The Blog! #5 - Amorphis

Well it has been a long time since my last Rock The Bloig, and people seemed to enjoy them, and enjoy listening to some music they may or may not of heard of, generally of the metal/rock variety and mainly Finnish, Swedish and rest of the world. For those new to my Rock The Blog, my previous ones were:

This time on Rock The Blog i bring you:


Amorphis are a 6 piece metal band that originated in Helskini, Finland in 1990, by Jan Rechberger, Tomi Koivusaari and Esa Holopainen, they like to use the Finnish folklore legends 'Kalevala' in their lyrics, which is one of the best selling books in Finland and is full of short stories, myths and legendary creatures, which started out as a book of poems and was later made into a story.

They have released 9 albums since their creation in 1990, their first being 'The Karelian Isthmus' in 1991. Their discography is as follows:

  • The Karelian Isthmus - 1991
  • Tales from the Thousand Lakes - 1994
  • Elegy - 1996
  • Tuonela - 1999
  • AM Universum - 2001
  • Far From The Sun - 2003
  • Eclipse - 2006
  • Silent Waters - 2007
  • Skyforger - 2009 (Released May 27th)

The current band member formation is as follows:

  • Tomi Joutsen – Vocals
  • Esa Holopainen – Guitar
  • Tomi Koivusaari – Guitar
  • Niclas Etelävuori – Bass
  • Santeri Kallio – Keyboards
  • Jan Rechberger – Drums

Today I will be listing 2 Amorphis songs for your ears and eyes (Both links also include the videos for your viewing pleasure!)! I could not decide between the 2, so why not just add both! =), (To listen and view the videos just click the song titles below in red), First up is:

Alone - From the 2001 album 'AM Universum'

And second up is:

House of Sleep - From the 2006 album 'Eclipse'

I hope you all enjoy the blog this week, i know it will probably not be to some of your tastes, but i think it is always good to listen to something new every now and again, some you may like, some you may not, but is that not how we give our opinions on things? :D

Thanks for reading, listning and watching, feel free to comment and let me know what you think of what i believe are a must for any metal/rock fan out there.