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So a friend of mine told me I should blog more...xD.

I really want to, but I'm so lazy in the summer:P.

I do have some interesting updates as to what games I'm looking forward to for the next year and some other things.

First thing's first. After a lot of persuasion from my friends, I started watching anime again. They recommended Naruto and Bleach. The only animes that I remember watching when I was younger were Dragon Ball Z and Samurai X. But after 2 episodes, this anime got me hooked, seriously. I went through the first 140 episodes in like 2 week's time, no skipping :P.

It's been a very quiet half-year in terms of buying new games, but that's definitely going to change. I'm going to need one game: Gran Turismo 5. I haven't touched a GT game since GT2 but I do remember that it was one hell of a great game. Other games I'm looking forward to are Need for Speed: Shift and COD: Modern Warfare 2. Since all these games will be coming later this year, I'll probably get a PS3 around that time. Who knows? Maybe we'll get that price drop or a new bundle after all.