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I've hit 50!

A couple of random things:

1. PS3 - It's been a month already since I got the Slim version and I've been putting some serious hours in it. I've finished the single campaign of GTA 4. Somehow, I made all the wrong choices in the game. (SPOILER: I left the traitor alive, went to deal with Dimitri and got my cousin killed -_-, I even killed Francis : END SPOILER). I've tried a bunch of demo's including the Uncharted 2 multiplayer Beta. The game should arrive some time next week and I'm very excited.

2. Anime - Last summer I started watching the Naruto anime. When I finally caught up with the Shipudden Series, I found out that there's also a manga that is actually way ahead in the storyline. I just couldn't contain my curioisty and spoiled my way through the story. Don't worry peeps, I won't spoil a thing (except for my new avatar, sue me). One thing's for sure, it will get very interesting.

3. Gamespot - I rarely blog about levels since they don't mean a thing to me, but today I hit level 50. Such a nice number :P. The next time I blog about levels might probably be the infamous lv 63.

That's all for now. If you want to add me on PSN, send me a request with your GS so I know who you are.