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DS First impressions: TWEWY and Contra 4

In addition to all the games that I mentioned in my previous blog, I also got hold of LOZ: Phantom Hourglass, Children of Mana, Diddy Kong Racing DS and Dragon quest 4. Yup, no GTA: CW :P.

So the first game I popped in my DS was The World Ends With You and "awesome" doesn't even begin to describe this action-RPG. It was kinda confusing at first, story-wise, but as soon as you get some roaming freedom, the game is a breeze. Great story, design, presentation, easy to control and a kick-ass soundtrack. If you're still able to get this game, buy it.

Then I tried Contra 4...................I almost threw my DS on the ground. This is the only game(s) that really tests my patience. It doesn't get more hardcore than this. This game is hard (but great nonetheless). Shoot or die. Seriously:P.