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Gamespot Pokemon D/P/PL Tournament final battle

Today marks the end of the 1st DS board tournament and it was a total succes. There were a total of 28 participants and only 3 remained in the finals (including me). I took the liberty to record one of my battles. This one is against Soulreavercross in the finals (I failed miserably, lol).


Tournament results:

1st place: Soulreavercross

2nd place: Meiaman

3rd: Me

Hope to see more of these casual tournaments in the future. If you have any suggestions, feel free to PM any mod that lurks those boards and we'll see what we can make out of it.

On another note: Less than 2 weeks remaining until E3 :D!!

E3 / Gaming Endeavors / PS3

Sup everyone!

I've been doing some heavy gaming online and offline:

First up is Mario Kart Wii. This game is crazy, hella unbalanced (itemwise) but extremely fun. Bikes are a great addition to the game and there's a great improvement since Double Dash. I higly recommend it to old and new racers. I'm also looking for some friends to add to my list so we can race online. Mine is 1591-0743-9859. Let me know if you added me.

Next, is Pokemon Diamond. I started playing this game again since the release of Platinum and I'm looking for some worthy challengers. If you want to challenge me, shoot me a PM so we can arrange a time. Friendly warning: I'm good :P.

Also, I'm slowly working my way back into Final Fantasy until FF13 is released next year. I've rented FFX12: Revenant Wings for the DS and it's great so far. It makes great use of the stylus and it makes fighting a blast.

And lastly, I'm thinking about buying a PS3, simply because the 360 is unreliable and I could care less about their exclusives. This year's E3 might be the deciding factor (I want a FREAKING price drop!). Games I'm looking forward to are God of War III, Final Fantasy 13, Assassins Creed 2 and Gran Turismo 5. Games I'll buy are GTA4, COD:WAW and a few more. I'll back my choice in my next editorial:P.


Onlive. Sounds great, looks great. . .

.....but it will not be an instant success from the get-go.

First things first, it's an awesome idea. Being able to stream your gaming and controlling it in real-time without any hassle is mind-blowing. It might even become the next generation of gaming. No more physical media. No more PC upgrading. All technical stuff will be done by the company itself. Only thing you need is a minimum internet speed of 1.5 Mbps and, for a monthly fee, you will be able to play your games (supposedly) lag-less. But I have a few concerns about this new product.

Pricing. Until now, they didn't mention anything about the pricing schemes. But there is certainly a monthly fee involved for this service. I've never been a fan of paying for a service that you can only use while you're online. It's different for the 360 because it's not mandatory and you can still enjoy your gaming locally. So how will the pricing be in related to content? Is it like getting cable TV, with a base subscription fee and additional fees for the games? Things might get even more annoying when you're forced to pay the monthly fee to be able to access and play the games you "bought". They will have you by the *insert men's manhood here*.

Internet stability. What about people who have a limited amount of Gb they can download/upload per month? It's not the same everywhere, but some providers only let you download a limited amount of data per month (cold hard truth). What about all the routine service checks that they must perform in the future? Also, what about if you're playing a very important part of the game or fighting against a boss and your internet refreshes/reboots/disconnects. Yes, it happens. But, these minor hicccups will hinder your gaming experience a lot if it happens often. Internet stability is a must if you want to enjoy this product.

Still, it looks like a fine system. A brilliant idea. Great for business. Another great step for the gaming industry as a whole. This service is (supposedly) piracy proof. Being able to completely throw PC upgrading out the window for a modem and a controller and in turn get better visuals, is every gamers dream.

It's normal to be skeptical when a new product arrives. Remember when they announced the Nintendo Wii? Yes, I was thinking the same thing (more or less).

But don't worry peeps, I'm no fortune teller. I'm just another gamer trying to figure out the possible effects this product will have on gaming in general. I'm still not done analyzing all the factors, but this system does look promising. Like a fellow writer mentioned: This product will not be a success from the get-go. But beyond all my ranting, I'm still secretly (well, not so secretly anymore) excited about this new product and what it will have to offer. I mean, being able to click on (aka Buy/Rent) a game and start playing it in less than a minute is nothing to sneeze at. Let's hope for the best.

Anyone feel the same way? What's your take on this new product?

Oooohhh Shiny!

Sup everyone! Seems I got a shiny new GDC emblem (yay for me!).

But seriously. What does everyone think about the New OnLive console (or better yet, modem)?

I think the big 3 might have to take a close look at what these dudes are up to. This console basically streams games you buy/rent from them to your TV/PC/Mac. I'm still sceptical though. I heard Ryan mentioned that he experienced some minor delay when he was playing Mirrors Edge (Uh oh). And what if you're almost done with a stage and your internet resets?

You guys think it might actually revolutionize gaming? I think it's just .....'neat'.

New banner. Thoughts?

Sup everyone!

I think it was about (damn) time to sweeten up my profile with a new banner . It's from the upcoming game Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii. Like it? Hate it? Let me know:). Feedback appreciated.

In other news, I'm thinking about buying a 360 next to my Wii. Why? Street Fighter 4. I want this game sooo bad. But since things are extremely expensive on this tiny island, I'm probably going to the US to do some post-Christmas shopping:P. Or I'm just going to order online. In the mean time, I'm going to play it at my friends house when it comes out.

Later peeps!

Someone stole my blog!!

I swear! I couldn't post one since august last year!

Nah, J/k. Happy belated new year to everyone who I haven't messaged yet.

Life has been kinda busy so I didn't have the time to blog or to buy new games. However, I've been gaming alot on my current games like Metroid Prime 3, Mario Galaxy and some local Brawl tournaments. We're also planning on forming a group this summer and go to some tournaments in the US to see how we fair. Better watch out :P!

That's all for now.

What have you guys been up to?

Keep your customer satisfied

Honestly, this years Nintendo Conference was disappointing for me as a long time Nintendo fan, but in no way to the general public. The Big N gave us a thorough explanation why they focused on games like Wii Music an Wii sports resort and gadgets like wii-motion plus during the press event. Call it shovelware, call it crapware, call it Gamecube 2.0 games. It's these types of games that attract more and more people into playing games, hence one of the reasons current third party sales are on top. But sadly, none of these games got my slightest attention.

During the the last two years, Nintendo did release some great first party games, like Twilight Princess, Warioware, Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and a few other games. Also, they have some great upcoming games like Tales of Syphonia, Wario Land: Shake it, Sonic Unleashed (which will hopefully good this time). But looking at the rich library from the NES/SNES/N64/GC, there are still some impressive games that Nintendo can create sequels or remakes or entirely new games. Where are the games that we, core gamers, can enjoy? Where's Star fox? Where's Kid Icarus? Where's F-Zero? Bomberman? A Real Pokemon RPG (or at least Snap)? Golden Sun? Breath Of Fire? Earthbound? Riviera: The Promised Land? Pilot Wings? Skies of Arcadia? Is it really that hard to create another Donkey Kong Platformer? Maybe even a Luigi's mansion 2?

There's at least one game in the list I mentioned above that you are longing for, but they didn't give us anything.

Nintendo did reach their goal: Sell systems (as any big business would), check. Get non-gamers into gaming no matter what age, check. Create something new and innovative, check. They really worked hard on a machine that isn't too complicated and is accessible to everyone interested. I think they made that pretty clear during their last 2 conferences -_-.

Now, as a Nintendo Wii owner (not a mindless fanboy), are you currently satisfied? Me? Yes, I am. I'm having a lot of fun playing Brawl online and locally with some friends, so it's definitely getting some hours. But in order to keep the gamers attention to your console you must prove that you can still create quality, top of the chart, first party tittles. And honestly, I'm not seeing anything big at the moment.

But fear not. This year ain't over yet. Leipzig and Tokyo Game Show are just around the corner. Hopefully here, they will pay attention to the long time gamers. And if they don't show anything by then, then it's going to be a very though Christmas with tons of unsatisfied costumers.

Nintendo, here's a new goal for ya: "Keep your customers satisfied"

Well, the cat is out of the bag: It's Gamespot beta!

Don't' know what it is? It's Gamespot Beta! This is the beta version of the new design of the site and so far I'm loving it, especially the new look of the profiles. Also, don't forget to take the survey in the top right corner to let them know what you think. If you want to provide feedback, feel free to post them in this thread.

In other news, I've finally bought a Wii last month along with SSBBrawl and I'm loving it XD. I'm always open for any challenges so feel free to post your FC in this blog or tell your friends XD.
And yes, I can own.

Brawl FC: 2363-6970-5690

Later peeps!