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My XBOX 360 experience, Can you believe it?

My cousin (13) has won a XBOX 360 in a Mc. Don@lds sweepstakes; Lucky:P!!!. And since SHE isn't (or can't) using it, I borowed it from her, just to try it out. I played some demo's like NFS Most Wanted and DOA4. They also let you download some arcade classics that you have to PPAY for the complete version. Can you believe it? Pay for Pacman!!Hmph..I'll play my DVD/ MP3's from my Pc/DVD player, thank you. And then I had to learn the hard way that some xbox games are NOT compatible with the 360:!:. I still don't get it when playing a game in HD or not, it's the same game to me. I won't lie, the graphics really ARE Next Gen and they got some good games coming up (Halo3), but that's about it. I'm really am looking forward for the online playing, but only one problem, I don't want to pay for online playing.
And after reading this do you still wanna buy a 360?
Or if you are planning on or already bought one, remember!!, this is my experience.


Does better graphics really make better games?

Currently, I own all three consoles, XBOX (gift), PS2 and GC. The only thing I figured out is that for the next gen consoles the XBOX 360 and the P$3: "Better graphics, and more expensive".
I won't lie, there are some good games on the PS2 but I also got those for my PC like GTA SAN Andreas. On the XBOX I haven't seen a single game other than HALO 1/2 that went into one of my favorites. And if you are looking for shooting games have you tried the PC????
On the other hand we have a company that stood high way before the other companies, Nintendo. They know what the gamer want. since 1985 and yes my first videogame I played is Mario Bros. for the NES. And now they are bringing the WII
So my question is simple: Do better graphics make the game?