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Liberty City, here I come!

:arrow:So GTA4, undoubtably the most anticipated game of 2008, releases tomorrow (29/04). I've preordered a copy just in case....I'm sure it's gonna sell like crazy.

Sales predictions of up to $400mil dwarf those of any other media entertainment, including the biggest releases from Hollywood. Yes, folks, GTA is gonna break records and I can't wait to start playing first thing after work tomorrow afternoon. It's already got a 10/10 rating on IGN (1st 100% rating from IGN in the last decade) and GameTrailers has given it 9.8. Definitely a contender for game of the year.

If I get excited enough, I may even go for the midnight launch tonight! :D

PS> DMC 4 Review coming soon. Completed the game some time ago.8)

The game I've been waiting for since 2006...

Finally I've got it. Devil May Cry 4 for the PS3. Lord knows how long I've pined for this release :o ...

I've purchased the Collector's Edition because, well, the metal case looked so awesome :D

So for I've installed it (yes, on the PS3 it has to install so as to minimise loading time) and have played it for around 10min just to get a feel for the game. Not playing as Dante feels somewhat strange at first but, soon, you become very familiar with Nero and his unique powers.

Anyway, I'm off to play more. This was really an awesome buy. Stay tuned for a review from me coming soon ;)

PS> The next game I really can't wait for is none other than GTA 4 - Releasing 29 April 2008

My transition to console gaming....


:arrow:I've been a PC aficianado since the age of 6 (1991)! I've been through all generations of gaming on PCs and have played everything memorable since the days of Pong to Duke Nukem 1 until F.E.A.R. So believe me when I say I'm quite an experienced gamer.

I've defended the PC as the best medium for gaming for all that time until the advent of 7th Gen....The PS3 (and PS2 to an extent) have totally changed my opinion regarding this matter.

I now see why console gaming is so appealing. Although, graphically, PC games have always come close to consoles (and in some cases even exceeded that of consoles with games like Crysis) gameplay on a console is far superior. The entire gaming experience with games made for console is on another level and it would be difficult for any PC to keep up.

Technically speaking a console, for the sole purpose of gaming, is a much wiser investment. No need to worry about having the right Gfx cards or enough work at full detail and maximum rate all the time on consoles. Also, the console exclusivity of revolutionary titles like Metal Gear Solid, Haze, Heavenly Sword etc. make the transition from PCs to consoles very easy ;)

And with HD gaming, Blu Ray functionality, Web Surfing capabilities and a variety of other multimedia features; consoles have made their mark as being not just gaming "toys" for kids. This is particularly true for the PS3.

Now I know what all you PC fans are gonna say...."What about FPS games?" I too thought that playing an FPS on a console would be an irritating experience at best. But to my amazement, I loved Resistance: FOM! In fact I think that was one the best FPS's I've played....and it was on a PS3 controller!? Had I lost my taste in gaming? Or was this the beginning of a new chapter in this gamers life :P.....Using two analogue sticks to move around and shoot is just as natural feeling as the conventional WSD+Mouse controls for the PC! Circle strafing just takes some practice but once you get it you're A for away! :D

Hence, I've become a gamer who's moved from predominantly PC games to those of my PS3. That being said, I'm still a fan of PC gaming and still drool when I see the latest releases from Nvidia and Alienware....for now though, my hands are firmly gripped onto my 6-axis controller. :)