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JediMoogle Blog

The Moogle's Farewell

Well it's been fun. Four years I've been here, pretty much. That's a long time, more than most can say. I was going to let my time here just fade away quietly, but I suppose its for the best to make the official announcement. I'm leaving Gamespot. It's been a good run. I've had a lot of fun, made a lot of friends (and enemies, which are actually good to have). I've run several unions and helped propel some of them to their current prestigious status. I made a name for myself, which has kind of faded now (but whatever. Who needs popularity anyway?). Like I said, it's been a good run.

Still, a man only has so much time on his hands. I just don't have the time anymore. Yeah I still play games, but not to the degree I used to, no not even close. And rarely ever alone anymore. My social life has exploded, almost literally. I rarely find myself at home anymore, not to mention I'm apparently one of the best workers at my place of employment and thus I'm in some high demand there, taking more of my time. So when I'm not hanging with my friends, or enjoying the company of a girl (which is pretty fun, I have to say) I have little time for other stuff. I've even taken up new hobbies. A long time ago I had started learning to play guitar but never really got into it much. Now I've gone back to finish what I started. Gaming used to be my favorite activity, but now its definitely music. My collection of CDs has more than quadrupled in the past few months. And my basement no longer has a bunch of games lying all over. Instead there's speakers and an amp with my guitar lying in the corner.

Even my physical appearance has begun to change. I've let my hair grow longer, though not to the point where its actually "long", but enough that I can feel it on my forehead. And I find myself outside a lot more lately too, doing running or some other physical activity. I was already decently strong and athletic before (though admittedly I sucked at running) but I've noticed a definite increase of ability in those areas.

My personality seems to have taken a change as well. I've always considered myself to be a nice guy, honestly. But it seems my experiences with certain people have increased the level of kindness inside of me. I find myself choosing my words and actions more carefully lately, feeling concern about the feelings of others more than I have before. And I still think I'm too much of a jerk, despite what everyone tells me. I suppose that only shows how nice I really am.

In short, I've changed a lot. For the better, I think. For a while, life was nice but it did feel kind of empty for me. I had a lot, I realize. I had friends, a girlfriend, a family, a job, a car, etc. I was much more well off than most people, but it still felt like there was something missing. Now I don't feel like that anymore. Life is truly great for me now. I am very thankful for every day that I get to experience. Perhaps its all the changes that have happened to me that filled the void, I can't say for sure. Whatever it is, I'm glad its there.

Last year, 2007, was a hell of a year. I got a new job and a new car. That was nice. I lost my dad, which wasn't so nice. But I've gotten over that and in the end I take comfort in what happened. He wasn't having the best life, but now he's in a much better place and he's happy, which is good. My girlfriend and I broke up, and that really sucked. But we parted on good terms and we're actually still friends, which is great. And then I met someone new and wow, she's really something. I can't put my finger on it, but wow. I really feel lucky to be with her.

So that's it. I'll miss this place, I have to admit. But it's gotta happen eventually. I can't stay here forever. I'll remember it, thats for sure. Good times were had here. Farewell to you all, my friends. To those who I won't see again, best of luck to you in life. Enjoy it, I've found that it's quite possible to do. Perhaps we'll meet again someday. Until then, farewell!

The best part of Half-Life

After some thought, I realized what I love most about Half Life: how much the game absolutely hates you.

"We'll have you back in your lab coat in no time, Gordon" - Eli. Yeah I never even got to see my lab coat.

"You can't go down there, its poisonous!" - Vortigaunt (basically). Oh wait, SHE can't but GORDON sure can! Have at it! Jerks...

"That's probably not a problem. Probably" - The now-deceased scientist. Well that says it all. We're !#!@ed.

"Now about that beer I owe you" - Barney. Notice he doesn't mention there actually being a beer, he's just discussing it. Then the Combine convienently interrupt. I better get my beer by Episode 3 or so help me... oh and speaking of beer...

"I'll buy you a beer later" - Barney. Yeah, I'm totally not getting that beer am I?

"We don't to Ravenholm anymore..." - Alyx. God damnit, I guess "we" didn't include "me".

"Expect unforseen consequences" - GMan. Oh no. No. NOOOO. GAME OVER MAN

"Work for me or die" - GMan. I get the feeling that there's really gonna be no difference between the two choices...

"In seven hours, the Combine took over the earth" - Umm... Eli I think. What? Seven hours? Dude, in seven hours I conquered an alien invasion and defeated some of the best military forces in the world. Did I mention my lack of combat training and my weapon of choice, the crowbar? Yeah so these Combine... how's about you guys leave me alone for once?

Isn't it great? Its true, Valve hates the player. You don't get your beer. You just get a crowbar.

Feel free to mention your own "Valve hates the player" moments. I know I forgot some.

Going in Deep and Hard

So Call of Duty 4 is, how to say it... awesome. It's easily one of the best online multiplayer shooters I have ever played. Ever. Seriously. I stopped playing Halo 3 entirely for CoD4. I tried playing Halo 3 again. Played one match. Popped the disc out and went right back to CoD4. Its purely amazing.

So if you have a 360, get it. Play a few rounds with me. Gamertag's still TheFraggist.

About my inactivity..

Sorry I didn't say anything sooner but... well anyways..

A little more than a month ago, I was on vacation with my family in Minnesota. Well, the morning we were supposed to leave I went to wake up my dad and... well, he didn't wake up, to put it simply. After that, I couldn't find it in myself to come here, for some reason I really can't explain. I know it sounds like a pathetic excuse to just say "I didn't feel like posting" but its the truth.

At any rate, I'll try to be active now. I've been very busy lately, but I'm sure I can squeeze some time in here and there.

Bye! (well for a few days)

Heading up to Minnesota tomorrow for a few days, which means I won't be on the internets for a while. I'll be back on Monday but I most likely won't be back on the internets 'til Tuesday so, until then, good bye :P

Zelda: The Master Paintbrush #31 - NEW LOOK

I've made yet another change to the comic. From now on its only four panels. BUT, it looks way better. I've abandoned the cheesy Paint look and have instead chosen a more "advanced" look now. You'll notice a non-monotonous background now, for example.

Anyhoo, please leave comments for this. I know this strip isn't very funny (if at all). Right now, I'm more or less testing the waters, so to speak. Tell me what you think of how the comic looks.

Comic #31