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Nvm, there was an update a couple of days ago, it doesn't crash anymore. (LOCK THIS THREAD! OVER AND OUT)
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OK, so I must be a Nintendo fan or something, but why is almost everyone selling their Wii's? It's almost pointless. YESS, I KNOW, Wii's graphics aren't that good, but hey, Nintendo started the motion control thing, and some of their games ARE pretty good. Next up, the Nintendo DS. OK, so DS is pretty much like a gameboy, only with a touch screen. Finally some portable system with BETTER graphics than just side-scrolling gameplay. Also, a system where you can interact with the game with a touch screen? Now THAT'S something pretty cool. Next year (2011) Nintendo is going to release a 3D (3D theater thing if you watched some movies like that) DS. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. Also with no glasses? AWWEEESSOOOMMMEE. Now Sony's Playstation Portable. I can tell the graphics are like the consoles, and PSP beats DS's graphics, but I haven't seen any games that are interesting to me. I also noticed that some buttons fall apart too easily. Still, great system. Now Microsoft's Xbox. OH GOD their games are FUN. First of all, HALO. Second, their controllers are simple to use. Third, Xbox LIVE. Last, the easy-to-guess PC. A lot of shooters and action-adventure games are on PC. Which do YOU perfer?
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OK, in Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures, sometimes when I enter my house, start to play Card Commander, minigames, or go through a door, the game will freeze and I have to close the game and restart it. Is this being fixed or what? I'm playing this on a Windows 7 laptop. My other computer plays it fine.