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Happy New Year, Everyone!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope everyone had a

good new year. Well this is a time to look back on the

past year and strive to do better. So that's what's been

up with the Jazzy Gurl.

Homecoming Week!!!

I know homecoming was last week but I didn't have a chance to

write about all the festivities. I mean it was off the chain!!! The pep

rally was something extra crunk. 8th grade won every contest we

had for the middle school. I mean we won the Spirit Stick and

that's a tradition so we wasn't about to let some 6 or 7 grade get it.

I mean they had something planned for every day of Homecoming

Week. Then to top it all off we had a  football game Friday and we

actually won!!!!! But hey that's a tradition for us to win the

homecoming game. So that's what's been up with the Jazzy Gurl.

I'm An Editor!!!!!

 I've become an editor once again! This time I'm the editor of the

R&B singer Cassie. This is actually a good thing since she is a

rising star. There will be much news about her to come and that

will make all the more easier for me to submit info on her. I just

knew that I was submitting alot but I didn't know I was gonna

actaully beat anyone out for the position. This really worried me

because there was this other user who was literally gaining on me

on the points earned for Cassie. So that's what's been up with

the Jazzy Gurl.

10th Anniversary of Tupac's Death

As you all know we are celebrating the death of the greatest

rapper, Tupac Shakur. 10 years to this day, Tupac died in

the hospital of gunshot wounds. We are in mourning of the

greatest rapper to ever grace this earth. Just have a moment of

silence for him. He was a great rapper and will be missed by all.

I guess you can say he knew he was gonna die soon, because he

used to always make songs about him dying and etc. He knew it

and it was a shocker when he did. R.I.P Tupac Shakur!!!! *cry*

*cry* So that's what's been up with the Jazzy Gurl.

Current News on Steve Irwin's Death

Well folks last we heard Steve Irwin A.K.A Crocodile Hunter had

been killed. Well in current news, he had been videotaped

removing the barb from his chest before losing consciousness and

dying. Hundreds of fans placed flowers outside his Australia Zoo in

Queensland state and wrote messages on khaki shirts, part of his

trademark uniform. His body was flown home after Monday's freak

diving accident off Australia's northeast coast. He had an great

impact on the world and its residents. He will be missed by all!!!

So that's what's been up with Jazzy Gurl.

R.I.P Crocodile Hunter-Steve Irwin

Well folks it's true the beloved Crocodile Hunter, whom we all grew

to love is dead. He was killed Monday by a stingray. He was

shooting a segment for a series called "Ocean's Deadliest". He

went to close to one of the animals, which have a posionous barb

on the tail. He went on top of the stingray and its barb went up

into his chest and put a hole into his heart. He is survived by his

wife and two children Bindi Sue,8, and Bob, who will turn 3 in

December. We Will Miss You Crocodile Hunter!!!!! *cry* *cry*

So that's what's been up with the Jazzy Gurl. 

Labor Day Holiday

As you all know some of us have a

labor day holiday out for school. I

 don't plan on doing anything then. 

 But what do YOU guys have

 planned for the upcoming

 holiday??? So that's what's been

 up with the Jazzy Gurl.

It's My Birthday! ! ! !

 Well yesterday was REALLY my birthday. I'm sorry I haven't been

posting, it's just school REALLY occupies most of my time. But I

just turned 13. I'm a fresh, newly teen. I can't even start to believe

it. It just came sooooo quick!!!! But my birthday was a good one. I

didn't do anything special. But my parents and my brother are

gonna do something this weekend to celebrate my birthday. So

that's what's been up with the Jazzy Gurl.

Quizzes Already?!!!!

 Already we just had our full school week and quizzes are coming

up. Plus they loaded us up on homework. Homework back and

forth, teacher to teacher. What a day!!!  I'm exhausted from al the

working and going from class to class. They say they're just

preparing us for high school. I bet. So that's what's been up with

Jazzy Gurl.

First Day of School!!!

 Well I got through my first day of 8th grade okay. I didn't think I

was gonna make it through the day. But I made a few friends.

This year they seperated me and my other friends. So I had to

make some in my new class. But it is a little harder now though.

There's more work and more requirements, expectations and last

but last and not least rules. Of course the principal had to give this

loooong assembly. So that's what's been up with the Jazzy Gurl.