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Fraggin Xbox

Well, my 360 broke, one red light, and I am currently waiting for my box to come in the mail. It would be my luck for it to break right around Christmas too... Lately, all I have been doing is watching montages on YouTube and just hanging around the house. Anyway, what has everyone been up to lately?

Peace out:)

Hows it going?

I haven't been really active on here besides just logging in or reading guides so I just wanted to ask everyone how they are doing and what you guys have been up too. Has your summer been good? Anything special planned? Let me know.

Peace :)

GTA: IV... Sweet...

Today, I got GTA 4, and it is soooo cool. The graphics are awesome, and the gameplay and missions are thrilling and exciting. I would recommend it to everyone to can play those type of games. It is probably one of the top ten games I've played... ever. Even if you can't get it, find someone who has it and play with them. It's a must-have.

Peace for now :)

Finally... 1,000 Gamerpoints... Go me...

Yep, I got 1k gamerpoints and I am proud... :P And I got Rock Band, which is the bomb!! I already beat it through medium on guitar in 2 days(thats good for me because I can play the guitar... period...) Singing is pretty cool but hard since I'm "tone-deaf." And drums are EXTREMELY hard for me because of the foot pedal and my TV is hanging on the wall and i can't see the drums :?


Peace for now :)

Ring King!

Yep, just got to level 14 (Ring King) today :) *one random person starts claping* Stop Fred... Gah

Peace for now :)


Well... Memphis lost... The NCAA Championship... to Kansas... I was so upset, I almost threw my TV out the window. Well after the game and a short of sleep :P I was still pretty mad and so are all (I repeat... ALL!) of the kids at my school. But I'm pretty much over it so... We'll get 'em next year. And In the event (which is verrry rare) If anyone of the Tiger players is reading this, I think you guys played a good game :)

Peace for now! :P

W00t! Go Memphis!!

The Memphis Tigers are going to the Final Two with the Kansas Jayhawks!!! I was freaking out during the game with UCLA Bruins.. It was close but we putted it off :) Who are you rooting for? Who did you want to win?

Peace for now!! :)

PS: Sorry I've been so active, been busy with school and X360 :P

New Game - Bully: Scholarship Edition

Yep, I got it and it's really fun. I I would recommend it 100% It's just like the first Bully except with more missions and people. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been playing my X360 :P

Peace for now! :)

Xbox LIVE Account! :)

I got a Xbox LIVE Acc like 30 minutes ago and I'm enjoying every minute of if :P My Gamertag is posted on my blog now so add me if you want :) Maybe we can play Halo 3 but I'm a noob so go easy :lol:

Peace for now :)

I'm Back

Yep, i'm back. Had fun camping, beat CoD4 like 3 times because my friend was trying to find all the intel :P I'm only on the last level of Ao2 because the missions are really long, barely beat Halo 3 because of CoD4 but it's been fun. And my mom said we might go to Florida this or next summer :)


Peace for now :)

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