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Oh wow, Im huge

 So I got a PM the other day, which I only read now, telling me I was in the community spotlight. I want to thank  FernandoDANTE, as I had no idea. I guess this explains the mountain of people tracking me, which I was completely confused about. I was wondering why people cared.

This of course caused me to update my outdated "about me" and visit this abandoned blog.

Unfortunatly, I no longer plan on having a union for photography, as I'm no longer as active here at gamespot. Sorry about that.

I will however post one more picture, reflecting what Im doing now.... Boston

Charles river.

Should I move into a Union? (Plus Miami)

Sorry for the huge delay between pics, but I had a hectic week followed by extreme laziness thanks to the hectic week. :P

Anyway, Unions are now up at GS, and i thought this might be a good idea for a know, a place where I, and anyone else, could put pictures of home or places weve been.

Anybody think this is a good idea and would like to join up?

I believe I need 3 more members.

If not, Ill just continue it here in the journals...for real :P

And since the pics are still here:

Key Biscayne, florida. Near the end of the island is the state park....Our apartment borders it. Walk for a bit, and you get to this:

(Picture taken by my sister)

Argentina: Glaciar Perrito Moreno - Part 2

Thanks for stopping by Bob.

"Perrito Moreno? Maybe Jamesinclair can help me with my spanish, but doesn't that mean something like "dark-haired puppy?" Why is the glacier dark-haired little dog? Is there some kind of story behind it? "

I hadnt thought of it, but you're right. Translate it, and youre talking about a small brown dog. However, i believe the glacier is named after the guy who discovered it. Why his name is this, I dont know....

Its late, but tommorow Ill do some reaserch on the subject and include it with the next update.


(Excuse the dots, but for some reason, when i post, these spaces I leave arent recognised)

Anyway, Ive spent awhile trying to force MSn Groups to acept my pictures, naturally butchering them into small files. Oh well...

The first picture is of course, up close.

Its cropped to exclude my sister and I.

On the other side of the fence, youll find yourself in a freezing river.... This picture really illustrates how long the thing is.


So to get to the glacier, we had to walk around.

This is one of my favorite pictures...

Extremely green grass, then dirt, then ice....

Thats it for today then. Tommorow, Ill show one picture from on top of the glacier, and see if I have one of the city (El Calafate). If not, then Ill bring on the penguins from Ushuaia. Soon after, well move to less cold lands....

(It wasnt cold btw, March 7 is still technically Summer)

Patagonia - El Calafate - Glaciar Perrito Moreno

I planned to upload 3 pics today, but my friends at MSN Groups decided to not let me host with them anymore. Darn limits. Any suggestions?


I managed to get one up, but fist, some Geography


I thought this was a great map. At the bottom, you see Ushuaia, on the Tierra del Fuego Island. Find El Calafate: Thats the closest city to the glaciers, including the one below, which is on Lago Argentino. Near the top is Bariloche, Ill be showing that in the future. Mind you, this map isnt that accurate, but it gives a good idea.


So heres a picture I took of the biggest Glacier there, Perrito moreno. Again, I wanted to show more...but I need to find a new host, even after reducing these pics from 2MB to 300KB and then MSN groups making it even smaller...

Of course, I have pics from on top the glacier. :D


Beautiful place isnt it?


Tommorow, I expect to upload the two/3 other pictures from that area on one go. Then from there move up to Buenos Aires, and then leave Argentina for a bit.


hope you enjoy.

Bottoms up: Ushuaia, Argentina

Lets get the new format started with (explained in the entry below). I was going to begin yesterday, but I wasnt home.

Also, any suggestions for an alternate hosting site other then MSN groups?

And, as always, please feel free to leave a comment suggesting any change. Want more city, less countryside? Prefer pics from the Pantanal (western Brazil0 to the Patagonia (this pic)? Say so. Do you want me to go in order, or mix things around? Argentina, then my city, then uruguay, then a mall, then Argentina...?


This is one of my favorite pictures. Ushuaia is the southernmost civilian city in the world, and it lies in Tierra del Fuego, the island shared by Chile and Argentina. For this pic, we left the city, and took a boat south, past the most southern military city in the world (on Chile's side, which I believe is called Port Edward) towards the pinguins. On the left is Argentina, right is Chile. The lighthouse? I have no idea. I knew I had to capture a shot from the boat.

Interestingly, I saw an amazingly similar picture in the Miami Herald a few weeks back. I skimmed past it, thought "wait a sec" and went back to see it. Only difference? their pic was taken a bit further away.


Game related:

Yesterday, I played Katamari Damacy with my friends. Funny how a situation can go from "OMG thats so gay, i cant believe you payed for this" to "ok, let me try..."to "ahaha, Im the winner, this owns" in 5 minutes.

New Journal Format (for me anyway)

I like the Journal system, but get too lazy to actually come out and write anything. I like pictures though, so Im going to start a new style of Journal:

Jamesinclair's Gamespot Fotolog: Views from the World.

Although it wont really be game related, its better then nothing IMO.

Whats this about?

Every day (oh oh, I sense a lie) Ill be posting a "new" picture I've taken. I've traveled around South America, and I thought it would be cool to show what the different parts are like. Maybe Ill erase some stereotypes, and make you all stop wondering what the hell uruguay looks like.

I will add a caption below the picture, explaining what it is...and maybe adding SOMETHING videogame related.

Hopefully, youll enjoy.

BTW: The last entry had a picture from fresno california. While I, and others did not see the first two version of the pic...suddenly the thumbnail is appearing for me today. ANyone else see it?

Also, please comment if you stop by, even if its a "hi", so i know this isnt a huge waste of time. An actual comment would, of course, be better.

I'll spare you all pictures of myself, and starting tommorow, begin with the bottom of the world: Ushuaia, Argentina, then move into Buenos Aires, then Brasil.

I assure you that all the pictures will be taken by me.

So bye bye "My Hole" and enter "Views from the world"


Can you see the picture?

I was thinking about starting a new Journal style, but need confirmation that:

a) can you see the picture
b) if not, what browser are you using?
c) is it of an appropriate size?
d) if not, whats the code to resize?


And heres the pic:

- Copy one

Copy two (thumbnail)

Copy three, MSN groups:

The picture was taken on the outskirts of Fresno, California.

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm a horrible, horrible liar

I am, I lie alot. Scroll down this'll note I promissed a series of November. I said theyd be up within 48 hours. Oops.

I do crap like this alot, Im so incredibly lazy.

Instead, what Ill do is forget that for now, and post other stuff, then go back to the anime thing. I have alot written up anyway....

Im writting a Journal entry!

Im writting part 2 of my little anime story, but got tired and will now take a break. Im 1,000 words in, which is longer then it should be. I should spend that word count elsewhere, like school essays.

I saved it in word and will finish, and publish in the next 14 hours, yay!

My (re)entry into Anime (Part 1)

I've never been a fan of revealing too much about myself. Offline, I rarely ever mention videogames (well, at least my knowledge of them), and any anime talk is limited to me and one other person.

Online, I obviously enjoy discussing games with other gamers, which is why Ive been here so long, but anime is mostly a newer thing for me, or at least a new public thing...

Lets start with my anime history:

As a kid, when i used to visit Mexico, I used to watch some anime shows on Canal 5. Ranma 1/2, Speedracer, DragonBall, a soccer anime.. they all used to pass at 7pm in this channel (non cable!) and so Id use to watch with my cousin. I couldnt say i was a fan of anime, mostly because I was 5 and didn't really spend time thinking about what made Ranma 1/2 different from the Flintstones or Ren and Stimpy.

Anyway, zoom forward a few years, and I never watched Anime in any real dose...for one, I stopped watching cartoon network and besides DragonBall, which i had watched years earlier, the channel didnt pass much anime anyway. The vacations i spent in the US are when i had most time for TV, and then here anime wasn't mainstream yet, and so there was even less of it then in Venezuela or Brasil.

So come last Summer (2003), i was in the US and began to watch Adult Swim.

Why? Mostly because I love sleeping late, and basically, there was nothing else to watch at this time. Except 1 hour cooking utencil specials.

So I watched because of Futurama and Family Guy, which I had enjoyed previously, and stayed for the rest. I became introduced to Lupin 3, which art style reminded me of the Speed Racer I used to watch so many years ago. Not the deepest show, but still fun. I also became aware of Cowboy bebop, whcih caught my eye immediatly because of the great art direction and incredible detail given to the animation. I stayed for the story, and was entertained. Drama, action, philosphy....basically, a great show, one id watch every night. A few vacations later, and Ive watched every episode (and I rented the movie, which i didnt like that much)

There were two more shows on....Inuyasha which didnt catch my eye (demons, magic attacks? I havent like Dragon Ball since Z started...) and Yu Yu Hakusho, which I did enjoy (and contineud to watch until that storyline turned more into hunting down evil demons.

Note: i have nothing against demons, I just didnt like that stoyline....

So my summer continued and Id watch every night, rekindking my enjoyment of anime, and doing my braincells a favor, since the only other TV show on at 2am would be MTVs undressed. And of course, the never ending super knife commercial everywhere else.

So break ended and I came back to Brasil. Because of school, my TV time was more limtied, and anyway, theres no Adult Swim on CN here. Even if there were, staying awake until 2am every schoolnight for a cartoon? Nope.

TV was kept very casual, with maybe a Raymond here, and a CSi.

Basically, I dropped most anime until Christmas 2003 (to January 2004), when i was off to the US again...

This time around, I knew what to expect from AS, and so watched a bit more. Shows had changed when I arrived, but if i remember correctly, it was Trigun, Inuyasha, Bebop and something else. Family Guy and Futurama remained, and I continued to watch both.

Hre I watched Bebop much more constantly, repeating some episodes from Summer and watching many i had missed, It wasnt in rotation the whole time I believe...However, now id stay up just for the episode, and lay some Advance Wars 2 as I waited for Trigun to end.

Trigun, I watched a couple of episodes and then ignored it. Same for Inuyasha, although I gave it more of a chance then the Summer. If I had nothing better to do, id watch, but it wasnt something I set my clocks to.


i had come in the middle of the story, with no idea why these characters were together, what had happened before, or basically anything. Worse of all? I didnt get why Saturdays episode went off on a tangent.

I did love the animation however. And the dubbing wasnt bad. Definitly more interest then 6 months before.

All this anime even led me out to buy Spirited Away on DVD just for the hell of it.

So in conclusion, i was back into anime. Hell, i even liked Hamtaro (well, the show is for kids, but the way the hamsters are drawn...!). Now, my mind was a bit better then 10 years before, and so the animation, story and character development of anime vs american cartoons was much more obvious.

American animators are way too lazy... Static backrounds vs lush worlds with individual blades of grass.

Sounds like Im comparing PacMan to BC here...

And obviously, the stories are much more mature (and not in the South Park way)

I still think Cosplay is scary though. And hentai is still wierd. As ChronoSquall14 put it....why are tentacles in my porn?

Thanks for reading, Soon:

Part 2: Summer 2004: My appreciation for Anime expands exponentially and I admit to loving - no, being adicted to -Inuyasha

Part 3: Audio tracks (dubbing): English vs Spanish vs Portuguese

Part 4: Die Cartoon network, die!

Part 5: Happy Easter! (fine, i promiss not to take THAt long)

(I havent written any of these, so I have no timeline for when theyll be up....thats hoping someone reads all this...)

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