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Rank: Blaster Master
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Jam_FDUK's Emblems

  • Tagger Dabbler

    Tagger Dabbler Awarded to those who've messed around with the tagging system, enabling themselves and others to make it a little easier to find certain content.

  • Public Access

    Public Access For successfully posting a user video. You're on the air! Don't waste it!

  • As Seen on GameSpot

    As Seen on GameSpot For posting great user videos hand-picked for showcasing on GameSpot.

  • Foreign Dignitary

    Always Representing. This person works for a company in the game industry. For the hard-working developer, publisher, or content generator, keeping positive relations with external organizations is only part of the job. When laboring to promote the next big thing, this user devotes time to represent a separate entity in foreign territory. You don't need to call them "Your Eminence", just remember who they represent.

  • Virtually There: E3 2008 Nintendo Conference

    Virtually There: E3 2008 Nintendo Conference For tuning into GameSpot's live broadcast of the E3 2008 Nintendo press conference on Tuesday, July 15.

  • Robocorn

    Hey look, it's a totally original dude wearing armor. With a huge gun and a helmet (a visor?). And he's riding a unicorn. This user was granted this magical emblem for not having any of their user profile images hosted on untrusted websites during The Great Purge of March 2013.