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Finally getting back to normal...

I'm not sure if anyone actually reads this thing, but anyhow I thought I would post an update.

So, I am finally getting back to my old self. I spent the holidays "crashing" because I got off of all the medication I was taking last Weds the 22nd, which just happened to be my birthday lol.

My severe allergic reaction is now under control and I am healing, though I'm sure future doctor appointments will follow.

I finally got a hold of Fable: The Lost Chapters and Stubbs the Zombie. In fact they were gifts for my birthday awwwww.

My PM box is overflowing and I have messages from here and there asking if I am alive. Haha. Yes! I am alive, just haven't been able to get online much due to medication and such. Now I am getting back into the swing of things. YAY!

Happy Holidays! *HUGS*

I would love to check my PMs...

Just FYI. If you have sent me a PM within the last few days I have not read it. I can't get into my PM box as an error keeps popping up.

Also note that I am recovering from a severe allergic reaction and will not be online much over the next few days.

UPDATE: I spent a brief amount of time in the hospital and will be back in action on Monday. Just FYI. Oh and I did finally get a chance to check my PMs and sent a few today. Yay!

Weeee! Star Wars: Battlefront 2!

Well I am finally well after being sick all last week. I caught my first cold/flu of the season and luckily Star Wars: Battlefront 2 kept me company while I wasted away on the sofa.

I didn’t get online much since I couldn’t sit at my desk for more than a few moments; I really need to get a laptop…someday. My PM inbox is buzzing with new messages, my email inbox is overflowing, my Urban Dead characters all stayed put for more than a week and managed to stay alive, and thus I need to catch up this week. However, having a brand new game to waste my precious time with was pretty nice! :P

Amazingly this Battlefront sequel is not only an improvement from the original, which was severely lacking, but it is also quite good and makes me dance with Star Wars glee! Gamespot stamped it with a 8.1 and Gamespot’s Bob Colayco wrote up an excellent review that touches on the good and the bad, but in the end Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is a great game and should make many Star Wars fans happy. :D

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and spoooooky Halloween! I myself am going to spend the evening watching various horror films. :D

Tomorrow will be an exciting day as Star Wars: Battlefront 2 graces the gaming world. I can't wait to get my hands on it...muahahahahah. ;) I also am trying to track down Fable: The Lost Chapters, but for some odd reason most of the stores are not carrying it. How strange is that? Anyhow, Happy Halloween and schtuff!

The Sims 2 Gets Stamped "Fair"

My PC is a HP piece of crap. Well, that is a great way to start out my second entry don’t you think? ;)

Perhaps I should have started it with; when the Sims 2 graced the PC world, I was jealous. Yeah, that is better. :D *ahem* Anyways…I mean my PC can barely hold itself up. I bought it in a moment of desperation. See, I’m normally a Mac user and before I start hearing all that PC propaganda, I will say that I am one of those people who see a need for both. My aging G4 Mac is primarily my work computer. I’m comfortable with it and it works for me so I don’t need to hear, “why don’t you just buy a PC since they are yabba yabba, blah blah blah.”

I’m a freelance web and graphic designer. That isn’t my choice career mind you; I sort of fell into it. Well, rather I am falling back into it since I went through a hiatus of sorts, but that is another story for another incredibly boring blog entry. Anyhow, my field is accessible and web standards compliant design, thus I needed a computer that would let me test websites on various browsers. Now this was before services like Browser Cam existed, so a cheap, bottom of the line PC was my only option. Now this PC isn’t that bad. I mean it can play a few games, but nothing really substantial like the Sims 2.

Now, I’m a Sims fan and when I heard a sequel was in the works I was overjoyed, yet disappointed. I play the original Sims and all the expansion packs on my G4, but there was no way a game like that would run on either of my systems. I’m not at the point in my life where I can rush out and purchase a new computer. Hey, I wish I could and believe me if my budget allowed for such a purchase I would be at the Apple or Voodoo PC store so fast my head would spin and probably fall off. However, this wasn’t going to happen so storm clouds followed me as tortured myself with screenshots and gameplay movies. Yeah!

Right when I was about to murder my PC and plant a suicide note in order to throw off the investigation, I glanced over at my Xbox and saw my dust ridden copy of Sims: Bustin’ Out! Yes, the storm clouds parted as I realized that the Sims 2, with all its addictive quirks and crap, was going to grace the console world! Oh what a day! OH, WHAT A GLORIOUS GAME WORLD!

My excitement grew as I chatted with other people who were also waiting for a chance to finally play the Sims 2. Perhaps it was the fact that we were naïve or maybe it was that we had such high hopes. I mean we all were in the same boat really and we all wanted to get our hands on the game. Then the announcement came that everything that made the Sims 2 such an addictive success on the PC and Mac, would be erased in the console version. The ability to create a family, have children, and have that family grow and die forming a legacy would be gone. Come again?

Now, perhaps this was the fact that they couldn’t fit all the content into the game. Sure, I understand that, but you can’t take the essence out of something, repackage it, and try to sell it again. It is hard to get a game like the Sims 2 on the consoles; that transition doesn’t always want to work out. So, why even attempt it then? If you are loosing the entertainment value of the game, then why not wait until the Xbox 360 or better yet create a new Sims themed game like Urbz, but good! :P

So, today Gamespot’s Andrew Park published his review of the Sims 2 for the PS2 and Xbox. Not surprisingly it was stamped it with a fair, 6.5 ranking. The highlight of the review, that sums up the faults of this Sims 2 version, was,
“The Sims 2 featured a genetics system that let you create long family trees with aliens from outer space, many new objects to collect, expanded house- and lot-building options, more-focused "aspiration" gameplay, and most importantly, better-developed artificial intelligence, leading to even more of the series' well-known and surprising character behavior. The Sims 2 for consoles has only some of these features, and it attempts to swap in a marginally interesting new cooking recipe system in exchange for the fascinating, advanced AI of its PC cousin. What's left is a game that's long on collecting and unlocking objects and short on truly compelling gameplay.”Andrew

So, the disappointment is there, but also the understanding that Maxis will bounce back; they always do. I am hoping that the next-gen consoles will spark a bit of creativity and thus perhaps the true Sims 2 will finally make the transition well.

I can look on the bright side. The day will come when a brand new G5 will be taking up delicious space on my desk and before the PC fan boys feel the need to chime in, don’t; I’ve already explained my point of view. With a new G5 I will be able to do many a splendid thing, including playing a bit of Sims 2. Muahahahahaha.


Well, since this is the new Gamespot, I suppose I can try my hand at this blog thing for awhile. 8)

I do think the new design will rock once all the bugs are worked out, though I am just happy to have the forums back online and I am sure people feel the same. Well some people don't and if you look in the tech support forums you can see a lot of irate people venting their frustrations.

The only game I have been playing lately is Urban Dead ( and for those people are scratching their heads in wonderment, I think it is a worthy game to check out! First, it is can't beat that can you? Secondly, it is a zombies versus humans MMORPG and I know you can't beat that...:D

Okay, so it doesn't have fancy things like graphics, but it does have a city grid that is somewhat graphical. It is a big buch of fun and I love it so much I started a Urban Dead union, that also celebrates the horror genre. So, all you people who refuse to play a text-based free online game can still join up and chat about everything horror. ;)

On a side note my union is coming together rather slowly due to all the Gamespot errors and what not, but it is getting there.

Well, I think this is a good first post and I'm sure if people disagree they will spam my comments. *kisses*