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Fable III Completed :)

I just recently completed the story for Fable III. I must say, it's not very good. I felt like I was going from point A to point B and basically just killing random enemies through the process. The story really didn't even follow anything. It seems like it was based on improve. Which was horrible. For example, my character just got done winning a war, then I find him going to a cave? Where did that come from? Then I became king? It was just completely random. I don't dislike this game, I enjoyed my experience to an extent. I would recommend that you rent this game, please do not purchase it. The story is only about 10 hours long. ( At least for me it was) It felt more like a rushed game. I would give it an overall...7/10 basically for its repetition.

Why 2011 is one of the biggest years in gaming history.

Well, here's the thing. A lot of games these days are getting pushed back to further release dates. When this really isn't a serious issue, it has put the gaming industry into a dilemma. There are just to many games coming out in the year of 2011. One of the first games to get pushed back to 2011 was Socom 4. Just recently announced, F.3.A.R. is getting pushed back as well. Where does this leave quarter 4 of 2010? It leaves it bare, with a smack in the face. Yea sure, there a couple of games coming out in Q4, but none of the "Big Ticket" games. This is why 2011 is going to be an insane, and quite frankly speaking, awesome year for gaming, and gamers. First up we have KillZone3. This game is coming off a big success in it's second game. There is no doubt it's going to be a fantastic game. The visuals are simply outstanding, the atmosphere is vast and almost feels like a dark movie. This series is shaping up to be one we will never forget.

Now onto the next game, Socom 4. We all loved the original socom on the PS2. Well this is certainly no exception. It's going back to it's roots, with a new campaign mode. Which is quite needed due to the fact that Socom Confrontation shed the campaign and ventured into "unknown waters" when allowing the game to be a online only title. Which not a lot of people complained, it surely was a let down. Socom 4 will pack a powerful punch and show it is the best third person shooter around. Next we have Gear of War 3, coming off a very successful game in number two, this one shapes up to be great. With the new addition of "Beast Mode" and four player co-op, fans of the series will be able to taste the same game, but with a new spice. The next game is Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Asylum was one of the best comic book based games ever created. With the engaging story, great voice acting, this surely sets high hopes on the sequel. There are just too many games to discuss at the moment. So I will stop, but mark my words, 2011 is going to be insane.

Not finishing games

We all have played a tough game, and given up on it right? I think I can speak for everyone when I say that. I am a prime example of such a thing. For example, if I start to see a diminish in a video game's story, I lost interest quickly. A lot of gamers enjoy being entertained throughout the story, or campaign. I for one, are one of those people. I don't see a pointin playing a game, when the story is boring, and the voice acting is horrible. Personally, I think Halo: 3, has one of the worst campaigns I have ever attempted. It's very boring. There isn't much going on in the game to keep dragging me in to see what happens next. Now, a more recent game I have completed is God of War 3. I think this game had a terrific story. It was a very good way to end the fantastic trilogy. My point is, this game kept drawing me in to see what would happen next. The main fact that the gore in this game was off the hook, I wanted to see what more I could do in this games. I was impressed withing the first half and hour of the game when I tore the guts out of a monster. Then to find out I would rip out a cyclopes eye with my own bare hand. This just made me want to play the game even more.

I better stop myself from babbling about God of War 3, and get to my point. A lot of gamers, need certain points in the game to capture their minds, and want them to play more and more. If your looking for one of those games, get God of War 3. I have abandoned tons of games in my past. Games like Fable 2, Killzone 2, and many others. I also have abandoned games that I shouldn't have. Like Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots. Those are games, I plan on completing very soon. I may even pick them up in a few hours. I am currently working on Batman Arkham Asylum. This game is currently my favorite Comic book based game ever created. Back to my point, a lot of gamers also now how to leg it out on games that start to diminish at certain points for no apparent reason at all. I have a lot of respect for these gamers. Most of which are Achievement and Trophy whores, which there is nothing wrong with that. I enjoy getting the achievements as well. I think that if more games, can grab the attention of gamers with more fluency, it will make gamers want to complete the games, rather than letting them diminish within time. Never being played again. Thanks for reading this article, and give me your thoughts on this topic.

My Impressions on the Xbox 360 E3 2010 Conference.

As we wrap up E3 2010, we must look back on Microsoft's impressive conference. Personally I think that Microsoft had the best showing. What really made my decision was seeing Metal Gear Rising. I think that Microsoft could be hinting that Kinect may be compatible with Metal Gear Rising. After seeing the sword motions, I concur that they may be leaning towards that way, or I can be completely wrong. Who knows. My mind was really boggled when I didn't see Milo, being one of the most popular games I was looking forward to seeing, it really disappointed me not seeing it. Although, the rest of the games they demoed on stage were terrific, I think that Milo need to be demonstrated, my only possible conclusion of this is that they are trying to pack a powerful punch but not knocking someone out. I also really enjoyed seeing Gears of War 3. Finally seeing 4-player co-op made be very satisfied, and hungry to see more. Also seeing a new Xbox 360 console really didn't suprise me at all. Seeing Halo: Reach's campaign shifted my thoughts on purchasing greatly. I didn't get a chance to play the beta. I heard many great things about it. I also heard bad things, but I shall not touch upon that at this moment. Overall I give Microsoft's Conference a A-

Guerrilla Games wants you to destroy Helghan all over again.

Last year, gamers became very familiar with the hostile environments and inhabitants of the Helghan. Massive shootouts mixed with destructible environments created fantastic set piece moments and memorable battles in Guerrilla Games' second Killzone entry. While it was a solid FPS that served as visual evidence of the PS3's impressive hardware, the studio wants to push it to its absolute limits with Killzone 3. "The average footprint of a Killzone 3 level is about 10 times the size of your typical Killzone 2 level." says Hermen Hulst, managing director at Guerrilla Games. " We have more destructibility in the first three minutes than we had in an entire level of Killzone 2." As can be expected, gamers will be given a new arsenal to amplify the destruction. Those are some pretty intense statements from Hermen, we will see if it is true when Killzone 3 comes to the PS3 in the far future.

How Gearbox Software turned an unlikely robot into the face of a franchise.

We all know ClapTrap from the popular game Borderlands? Well there is a couple of things you should know about the little fella before he became what he is today. First off, Brian Martel, the creator of ClapTrap, claims he was supposed to be a trashcan. Very interesting, a trashcan. He said he had a personal need to draw the most generic robot he could think of. Thus ClapTrap came was born! He was a bit iffy to put ClapTrap into borderlands but he believed that he would make a nice addition to the game, for both technical and artistic reasons. He got his inspiration R2-D2, and WALL-E. He's basically just a mix of famous robots with a unique spin. ClapTrap was created as a form of tension relief and as a result took on many of the humanizing characteristics that the other characters were lacking...intentionally. So this is the background of ClapTrap, I hope you enjoyed this article!

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

This is a new installment of this great series, fans will be happy to know that although Kratos' vengeance is complete, his story is far from over. The developers, Ready at Dawn studios, developers of Chains of Olympus, is taking up the blades again and bringing Kratos back to the PSP, in an adventure ser between God of War 1 and 2. It's a good thing that the developer Ru Weerasuriya chose to make this game because he expressed that he wanted to move away from the PSP and go onto consoles. With Ghost of Sparta, Ready at Dawn studios knew they could improve that character Kratos. They already know the character, so who knows what we can expect from the character stand point. In the beginning of God of War 2, it seems to imply that little time passes between the first two games. If that's true, then how do you make a game out of such little time in between games when the game you are making is set in between the first two games? Well Ru has an answer for that, he said events have taken place to enrage Kratos to the point of taking on the Olympians, events you will be able to see and play in Ghost of Sparta. Ghost of Sparta is all about Kratos' character. Both, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta center around the man behind the god. Ru claims, there is a lot more to Kratos' past than we have seen thus far. Very interesting, so we could be seeing a some new God of War games? He is possibly hinting at that very thought. God of War: Ghost of Sparta is set to be released this Fall for the PSP.

EA's NBA Elite's New Approach.

NBA ELITE 11 is going to be a whole new game. EA is taking a new approach to this series. Since EA is in need of some serious help to keep this NBA franchise alive, they turned the reigns over to David Littman, producer of the successful NHL series for EA. When Littman expressed that he didn't know much about basketball, he does know good game play. When he started going over what was wrong with the past game NBA Live 10, he concluded that the gameplay has been stuck in a rut for decades. Which I agree with this, it's the same thing every year from EA. Too often player control is sacrificed for the sake of a pretty layup animation or a dice roll that determines whether a shot hits nothing but net or ricochets off the rim. Littman's solution to this problem is to ditch the authentic television broadcast, return to a north south camera perspective, and rebuild the game controls around the analog stick scheme that revitalized the NHL franchise. Who knows if it will pay off, but we do know it will be something new.

What I expect/want to see at E3 2010.

First off, I know for a fact that we will see Natal. Hopefully they give it a new name, because Natal just sound plain stupid. Next we will see Fable 3, Rock Band 3, Zelda Wii, Maybe Wii HD, 3DS, Halo reach, maybe resistance 3, And Little Big Planet 2. Perhaps even some Batman Arkham asylum 2 footage!

Lego Harry Potter Demo Impressions.

First off this game is pretty good, the graphics are nice. This really isn't your typical Lego game. In Lego Harry Potter, you go around with your wand casting spells on objects to get them to move. If you are in a situation, you always use your wand. In the demo you can play as a Harry, Ron, Hermonie. You can also play as a dog. This game is pretty good for the most part but I still believe that the Lego Star Wars series is much better.

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