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Just upgraded my system, finally.

So not too long ago, my old AMD motherboard crapped out on me. Started the computer up one day and it wouldn't get past the Windows logo; instead it came up with a split-second BSOD and restarted, resulting in it perpetually trying to boot up. Isolated the problem to most likely being my motherboard, and that was that, I was just going to have to replace it. To be honest, I've been wanting to upgrade my system for some time now, so this has been convenient cause to do so.

I've replaced my old AMD mobo with a new Intel DFI one and my 3200+ with an E8400. I would have kept my old 2GB of RAM if I could, but it's regular DDR, so obviously it's not compatible. I decided to just get 4GB of DDR2 since it's not that much more expensive than 2GB right now. Mushkin brand, 1.95V, 5-4-4-12 timings, with blue-chrome heat spreaders that match the blue, unoccupied second and fourth DIMMs beside them (so my memory lanes be all pimped out, coz :P).

My old power supply was a cheap 600W with low amps on the 12 volt rail and unstable voltages. So I've gotten a new PC Power and Cooling (THE top-quality brand for power supplies) 610W with 49 amps on the 12 volt. Finally, the case I had was something from a pre-built my dad bought for me years and years ago with terrible air flow. I got a new Raidmax Smilodon, which I know for a fact has good air flow because it's the same thing my dad has now, and it's just generally a very good case otherwise, as well.

Counting shipping and the rebate I got, I spent about $570 for it all. Not bad. Bought it all from Newegg, where else.

My old system was long overdue for an upgrade. I built it over three years ago, except with a 6800GT, an Audigy2 ZS, and 1GB of PC2100. Upgraded to 2GB of PC3200 several months later, and got the X-Fi for Christmas of '06. My dad upgraded to the 8800GTS 320MB a little over a year ago, and I convinced him to give me his 7900GT, sell my 6800GT instead, and I'd pay him the difference between what he got for the 6800 and what the 7900GT's were going for on eBay. Was a good deal, he profited what he would have anyway, I got a new video card. Still, my old processor made my system very mid-range, and some parts (case, power supply) were low quality, so it was time to upgrade.

I Haven't got the new PC up and running just yet. I'm going to have to take complicated steps with the help of my father to get the new system working without reformatting my hard drive. I don't want to upgrade my video card yet because (1) I didn't want to spend the money on one at the moment (though I could afford it), (2) the 7900GT will get me by just fine for now, and (3) I want to wait and see how nVidia's upcoming GTX200 series turns out, and how if at all it influences the prices of previous generation cards.

In any case, I look forward to seeing how my new processor holds up in Crysis. The 3200+ performed surprisingly well enough on mostly medium with a couple high settings at 1024x768, and never had problems with the physics usually, but when the calculations got really heavy (say, if I fired a bunch of missiles at shacks over and over in Sandbox, or if I spawned a bunch of twisters in), it just couldn't handle it and the framerate would always go down to anywhere from 14 to 5 FPS (depending on how much crap was hitting the fan). So I'm anticipating how much more punishment the E8400'll take. :D I suspect I'll be able to max out a few other games that I couldn't quite before, too (FEAR, maybe STALKER and Oblivion, others).

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that my memory sticks also came with a complimentary full copy of 3DMark Vantage. Cool.

Aaaaand, that's my first blog post. Probably not the most interesting topic for a lot of you, but it was on my mind and a convenient start for my blog.

God bless.