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Chapter 9:Counseling, Help, Coming to Terms

It is now 1992 and after counseling, coming to terms, and in the fact he could never change the past after the thrilling Super Bowl turned into a fight for life there. Nearly costing him and his colleagues and young friends lives.

Al hoped to, never, ever go through that again. The nightmares were slowly yet surely going away. He was back to his old wisecracking self

He felt driving to San Francisco over in their predicament would help him come to terms and find closure. But you could never do that as life is too short. He wished it never happened in the first place.

But then again he would not meet Jake and Mac. Both kids he felt like his own sons. He bids a tear and that he is waiting for another season of Frank and Dan.

There will be adventures but also it is about not doing it by yourself. Al had good people around him. Family and loved ones that cared for him. He shed a tear and drove the four hours back to LA his home. Knowing that he had to find closure.

Chapter 8:Worst Day Ever

That day after Super Bowl XXV was probably outside of Al's family and work even, was the worst day. He would not wish it on anybody else Hoping it never happens again

Years since he has in remembering how he and his friends nearly lost their lives. Just knowing they came very close and Chip's family nearly winning. But they did not. Brock was the real mastermind.

He does not want to even mention that horrible family's name ever. But at least he was spared a trial. Jake and Mac would have to relive that again.

Jake and Mac were more smarter than most young teens to be their ages. And had great futures ahead. But even they would miss being a child. Al deflect credit but everybody credits him for not giving up.

He not Frank and Dan would have to save everybody. Still he never at all wants them to live through that day. They would not admit it but it was their worst day ever for a lot of reasons. Of their own.

Chapter 7: Super Bowl No Longer Important

That day hours after a thrilling Super Bowl, turned into the longest day in Al, Frank, Dan, Jake, Mac, Lynn, and the Coach's lives. As that all of them felt it would be their very last day on earth

But thankfully it did not end up in their deaths. And that there was so much going on in the world. That they ended up in a grave, it would had made headlines.

It all rested on Al. And that he knew the only way to rescue himself was to rescue others. The game no longer was important. Their lives could had been lost.

Al knew if he did not stop Chip, Brock, Claudia, Adam, it would had ended in tragedy for him, his friends, colleagues, and their own families ruined.

He can only count his blessings and luck. That the reason he lived was due to them.

Chapter 6:January 28 1992

Two days after the SB XXVI in Minneapolis MN. Al was driving all around. In San Francisco as he used to live there over in his time as the play by play man for the Giants. But this time it felt like a whole new feeling. Over being kidnapped, tortured, forced to save his young friends and colleagues at ABC Sports

Al spent the day driving all around. To get closure. But how can you get it. Mac and Jake would not be turning 13 last year. Had they had their last day on earth during a thrilling Super Bowl.

How that he wished that if he could, he would allowed them to be in the booth in Tampa Florida with Frank and Dan. None of this would had happened. All of them would put Chip away for twenty years.

But now all of them will never get to look over their shoulder. Chip would die along with Jocelyn his lover and Nicky the father of twin boys. Due to his heartless father Brock's own hand and gun.

Al kind of wished that he was in the grave. As he in a sense felt responsible. But over time and again, everybody told him he saved them. But still did not feel like a hero.

It is a day that in his and others around him minds, it is a day that will live forever. Like it or not.

Then again he was a father figure to the boys. Like sons to them. Still the nightmares were decreasing as he went to get help. Despite his wife's urging, he reluctantly agreed. But glad he now did.

Chapter 5:Jake and Mac Talking with Wounded Play by Play Man

At the hospital, Jake was still very weak over nearly fatally being stabbed. He heard about the play by play man trying to grab his and his colleagues blazers and in the trying to save him as the boy lost a lot of blood. As Al soaked into holding Jake and did not want to let him go. But it took everybody to pry him away knowing it was life or death for Jake.

Mac wanted to go there but Lynn Swann had to hold him as it was a gruesome site. And people that were around gathered were firmly but politely told to leave by authorities. Jake knew that if he died, it would kill Al and that Al would not at all live with himself. It would haunt him for the rest of his life if Jake died.

As he was in a wheelchair and Jake was in bed while Mac visited with him, back on that awful week that was suppose to be Super exciting nearly turned deadly. Still dark as Al awoke from his induced coma as Jake did the same as his operation and needs more serious.

Mac feared he would lose his friend and a brother to him, Al felt he would lose someone who has become like a son to him. Both kids mature for their age. Al still felt the wounds all around. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally.

"I knew you thought I would die. But you made me live Al. And that your colleagues really helped with your blazers. Really my mom told me how guilt feeling you were and are. But please do not blame yourself."

Mac also added.."Yeah you and your colleagues saved us. And that we all could had been in a grave. But you had that will to live."

With tears watered up and emotions...Al was speechless. As he grabbed both of the boys and hugged them.

"You both needed to live more than I did. You both are young. With great futures ahead. You both really really make me live."

"Guess you are right Al! Just wished none of us had to live this bad day!" Mac can only mourn but Al told him everybody feels that way

Chapter 4:For the Soul

While recovering, Linda his beloved wife and best friend, urged her husband to get help. Seek counseling. As he was reluctant at first. But then realizing she was right, he did

While he was in counseling after his sister nearly became a victim of a serial killer rapist. Al also drove places a year after nearly being killed by Chip and his family. Bringing him closure for his soul and mind.

He did not have to visit those places. But felt he needed to come to terms with them all. It would bring back memories. But that it would do him good.

Knowing that he had to find closure and peace. Justice was easier said than done. He and the two kids were looking forward to testifying against their "family".

But Brock the ringleader pleaded guilty to avoid the gas chamber, sentenced to three life terms without parole and the others plea deal from three years to twenty years in prison for all involved.

They would never bother them again. But still Al wanted the death penalty to make sure Brock never at all did what he did and ruined lives. Paying over for keeping them in prison and feeding them still did not at all was fair. Justice is not fair at all.

But the US has the best no matter what.

Chapter 3:Finding Redemption

Redemption and Coming to Terms not as easy as it can. Al still could remember it like it was yesterday. Fighting for his, four other lives.

Two kids that could had never seen 13 now they are grown with their own families and own careers and education.

Frank and Dan kid their "little buddy" of a play by play man. He chuckles but back then it was anything but funny.

The play by play man still knew it all could had been wrong. But still glad that he had an angel in former football player Harry Carson. Know that what Chip and his family of thugs would be bringing. Not like Al or his buddies.

Felt it was an "easy" rescue. Thought it would be just Chip. But his whole family sniding at him saying they would not miss it for the world.

Al visited Nicky's grave a few times. Since the one year anniversary of that day. It could had been overlooked but the media caught wind of it. That is something nobody wanted. But to go from a Super Bowl thriller to nearly getting blown to bits and pieces. It will never be lost in the hearts and minds of those

Actually it was seven lives. Had not Lynn nor the coach risking their own lives. Knowing something was a bit off.

Chapter 2:Telling His Wife, Finding Closure

When he told his wife a year after what happened. He knew that she would either get mad, upset, or that wish he could had taken her. But she also understood for him to find closure.

And visiting Nick's grave and how a young kid with two twins out of wedlock himself, in the end redeemed himself. Al had to find closure. He had to close up his wounds. He tried not to show it.

But that he felt that he had really one tough year. Coming off an exciting game, only to face his own personal battles.

By driving by the prison where Brock, Claudia, Adam are in jail. Also the hospital he and Jake went to. Jake fighting for his life.

Al knew that Frank and Dan would have to be the one rescued. And Lynn and the Coach nearly losing their lives.

Al tried to be quiet. But Frank and Dan knowing the phone call as he dropped his coffee to the ground worried him. Knowing he could not do it alone. They thought it would be an easy rescue. Boy were they wrong.

Chapter 1:Three Years Ago and Later

This takes place in 1994, three years after the "Day of Reckoning" and both Jake and Mac would be in college. Decided to change plans a bit over the Make a Wish thing. But here it Goes!

As Al was driving and that the football season was over. And that he would be sharing with NBC over with that of the baseball package or M.L.B. Network with his good friend, Bob Costas.

Little did he know it was the very last time he would do ever baseball. A man known for baseball would transfer over to football in later years.

As he was going to be getting a gift for both Jake and Mac. Despite both of them being nearly 16 years old. And it was the New Year. They got to skip a few grades. And they would be graduating as valedictorians together. Jake is in the ROTC and would make the Army a career and later on wanted to go into business. While Mac would want to be a therapist to young people.

Jake would be in the US Military Academy at West Point. He would have to go East for that. NY that is where Al was born in Brooklyn. Mac would be going to stay in the West and go to Arizona State at Al's suggestion, his own Alma Matter.

It was really really growing on Al that they were growing up. They were sixteen years old nearly. Just blew his mind. But it has been three years later, that Monday Night Football would be going in it's 25th year. As well as ninth year for him. Frank would be going into his 24th year, been there for every year except the first and Dan would go into his eighth year.

All three announcers who had differences but they made it work in and outside the booth. But they did not know, three years ago, they nearly lost their lives. The day after the thrilling Tampa Super Bowl in XXV on January 27th 1991,

Al could hear it all over again. And in the knowing all of those that were with him would not be there as they had one thing in common. They all wanted to live no matter what! He was going to back up both young men as he did not want to call them boys as a sign of respect.