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@sirapathetic01: Coming in really late to this discussion, but I recently received this game for a present and wanted to say that what you have said in your comment is 100% totally spot-on.

I was playing PaD on mobile as someone who was a total newbie to the franchise, but because I didn't roll a higher Tiered monster post-Tutorial, I got quickly stonewalled/paywalled in terms of progression and when I finally got fed up enough to search online for some advice, I found out about the Tier list and was basically told that it was incredible that I had even managed to get as far as I had gotten and that I really ought to consider re-rolling/restarting the game from scratch because otherwise, I just wouldn't be able to progress much further.

I didn't want to listen and so I tried to keep going, but like they said, I kept getting stonewalled and so finally, I quit the game because I didn't want to support a game that relied on a "first roll/first strong monster/starting character" clause as the arbitrary defining point that divided players into groups of "will have an easy time (and therefore won't need to pay much)", "will have a moderate time", and "will have a difficult time (and therefore will likely have to pay to keep going)" in progressing.

To successfully play a freemium game as a FREE-mium and not a "I might as well have just bought the game outright" game and keep up with the content like PaD requires knowledge on how to get started on the right foot in the first place and that very defining point - which players will share, but the game developers themselves will not - is the one thing that you DON'T have to worry about in the paid game.

Variety is great and all, but I would much rather have a playable game straight out of the box and not one that hinges on dumb chance... like... rolling yourself a decent Tiered monster (or not) right out of the tutorial which will then affect your gameplay for some time going forward.