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Naruto Fan video!!

This is my first video i ever uploaded so i bloged it so that  you guys could check it out!!! give me your opinion!:P


I have just Finish God of War!!

   YES!!!!, i have conquered the game God of War, i am just so exited this game was awsome i love it so much the intensity and the action plus the scenes showned on this game are just incredilbe!!! i am going to finish it again with much more harder modes like Spartan mode or God Mode i am playing the Normal so if you don't have this game its defenetly a must have in your collection!!;) here are some  pics for you guys, wish me luck on the next modes i know they aer going to be much more hard!!8)

Gamespics002.jpg  Gamespics001.jpg





Opinion about the GTA IV trailer!!

  I think that the Rockstar did a pretty smart thing and let the players know a little pic of what the game looks like and myabe a little of where exactly is going to take place!! i expext a lot from this games sense the last GTA games was realeased and now am looking forward for this game to add in my collection!!