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i took this from someone;s profile,

Basic Q&A

Favorite Show? Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Least Favorite Show? The Naked Brothers Band

Favorite Actress(es)? American Fererra, Sara Rameirz, Sandra Oh

Favorite Actor(s)? Patrick Dempsy

Least Favorite Actress/Actor? The sprouse twins, they are awful

Favorite Channel(s)? ABC

Other Channels You Like? Nick

Least Favorite Channel(s)? MTV

First friend on firefly

Best Friends on firefly and fireycloud

Any shows you like sometimes then other times you don't? spongebob

Favorite Reality Show(s)? none

Favorite Soap Opera(s)? none

Favorite Anime(s)? none

Favorite Drama(s)? grey;s anatomy, ugly betty

Favorite Cartoon(s)? avatar

Favortie Cancelled Show(s)? grounded for life

Do you watch MTV? no

What Shows?

Do Ya Watch Vh1? sometimes

Shows? best week ever


Disney or Nick? ncik

Vh1 or MTV? Vh1

NBC or CBS? neither

Comedies or Dramas? both

Anime or Cartoon? cartoon

Unfabulous or Zoey 101? Unfabulous

Drake and Josh or iCarly? drake and josh

Hannah Montana or The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? hannah montana

HSM1 or HSM2? high school musical 1

Random Stuff

Do you love sure

Do you write alot of reviews? no

Contribute? a little

How was the survey? ok

A kid in my school died this week.

His name was Chris Campbell, and he was trying to race the train. I heard he was drinking. He was 17 years old, and going to be a senior. I didn't know him very well, but he had dated one of my friends for a while, so we had hung out before. It seems like every year someone from our school dies. R.I.P Chris Campbell. :cry:

Tomarrow is opening night for my High School Musical

Tomarrow is opening night for our High School production Guys and Dolls. Im really excited, and nervous at the same time. The leads are really good (espically the girl playing Sarah Brown). I don't have a big role, im in the chorus (but I still had to try out for the part). If they record it, i'll put it on youtube so you guys can see some of the scenes. It plays tomarrow, friday and saturday. We have another 5 hour dress rehersal today, so im going to be busy the rest of the week. Wish me luck :]

Im going to tryout for my highschool musical tomarrow

Tomarrow is tryouts for my Highschool Muscial, Guys and Dolls. Im not going out for a lead role [we already know who is going to get them] , but I want to be in the chorus. I have to sing a song infront of other people, and im so nervous I could die. I hate singing infrot of other people. Im not a very good singer, but I love to sing. I do ok when I pratice by myself, or when im singing in choir [with the other people], but I can't sing by myself. But, im going to suck it up for a short time and do it :] 

So im going to see a musical today

In Cleveland with some choir people. Our teacher is taking us. Most of the people going look really mean and stuck up, and there all older than me. Only two other freshman are going, and I don't like either of them :]       Oh well, maybe the other;s will be nice. I don't remember what musical it is, it had a really long name. But im hoping it will be good.

We had finals today and yesterday, and got out of school at 10:45 both days because of them :]          I only had one final, and it was today. English. I think I did good on it :]

It's my birthday today

Yup. Im 15 :]

I was going to get the Wii for my birthday, but my mom couldn't get it, so im going to have to wait untill she can. But other than that, I got money :]

Choir concert, and I buried my cat

I had a choir concert. It was a really big one, because all the choirs in the school were doing it. Im in the concert choir, and we were by far the worst. The Soundsations [singing and dacing] were the best. There is this one girl, who is only an ok dancer, but has a great voice. I love hearing her sing. She has great talent. There were alot of other good soloist to.

We buried my cat, Baby Bop, before the concert. My mom showed her to me, and she looked like she was sleeping. She died with her eyes and mouth closed. At the vet, they curled her into a ball to make her look asleep. I petted her for a little before we put her into the ground. It hurt to put her into the ground like that, and say goodbye. But im glad she didn't have to suffer.

My cat died

She was hit by a car. Her name was Baby Bop. I got her when I was 3, and named her. She was about 12. We were about to eat dinner when my mom brought her in. She couldn't move, and her breathing was horrible. Her mouth was open, and her tounge was sticking out. She looked so bad. My parents took her to the vet, but she died on the way. Were going to bury her tomarrow. Im so upset. Im going to miss her so much :[

So the power went out today in school.

It went out at about 12:40. At the end of the day, im in a class in the middle of the school, so of course there is no windows. When the power went out, the room [of course] erupted into screams. After about 20min they got everyone to calm down. You werent allowed to go to the bathroom, so some kids just left to get in trouble. There was absoulty nothing to do, so we just got to sit there and talk. The couldn't get it fixed, so after over an hour, the released school early :]

But I had to walk home :[   The wind was so strong, people were getting blown right off there feet. It was hard getting home.

A girl in my grade in pregnant

Im a freshman, and shes only 14 years old. She;s 5 months pregnant, and it shows [I saw her today]. She;ll still be 14 when it;s born. She does drugs and drinks every weekend. This can't be good for her baby, it can cause it to be born premature or with mental or physical deformaties.

I really don;t like this girl at all, but I feel bad.

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