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The official ~.:Countdown to Robbie_IV community spotlight:.~ blog post


Well if you haven't noticed GS has this little thing called the "Community spotlight" in which certain users from Gamespot are showcased for the entire GS forum userbase to praise or to scrutinize. And right here in this blog, I'll take your bets as to when he'll be on. <__<
Honestly I think this could end up like the whole "Friends list" badges but since Gamespot holds the keys to it all... we needn't worry.

So step right up.

J-Freak ~ 3 Days

New entry? From me? Pshaw!

Yeah, so guess what?

I think I might have won a 360 from Mountain Dew's contest!
I entered 4 caps a week ago and my city state came up on that 10 minute time slot!!1!11
I live in a small town too so that gives me greater odds.
One duder on another set of forums said that it took him 14 days to receive confirmation and I'm on working on my 7th day.
This would be awesome. ^___^ I had no idea how I was going to afford a 360 and this clears so many roadblocks. :D

Even more important stuff.


http://x2.putfile.com/8/23422040197.gif Halo 2 Ava 1
http://x2.putfile.com/8/23422050650.gif Halo 2 Ava 2

http://x7.putfile.com/8/24221502410.gif PoP 3 Ava 1
http://x7.putfile.com/8/24221512959.gif PoP 3 Ava 2