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2 more days and 2 more finals until a very long and in my opinion very deserved summer break

goodbye to indiana university for now 8)

LoZ:TP amazing.  Best game I have played in a looong time.  I've clocked well over 20 hours on this game alone since I got my wii on Sunday :o

A 300 dollar stroke of luck....

My little brother has a rather wealthy friend who happens to own an xbox 360.  And rather recently, said xbox 360 broke on him.  Apparently he had voided the warrantee in one way or another and being the rather well off boy he is, just bought himself another xbox 360.  My brother asked if he could borrow the broken one....and his friend obliged.  With a little help from my extremely handy father, we managed to fix the broken disc drive on the 360.  We informed the friend that we had fixed it and he merely told us that we could keep it!!!  ZOMG.  So basically, we got a core 360 for free......we just need a couple controllers, a harddrive, xbl account and some games and we're good to go!  Granted, it's technically my brother and it will stay at home with him but I can play the games he buys on occasion when I come home.  This is particularly funny because I acquired my PS2 in exactly the same fashion, just from one of my friends instead :lol:.

My thoughts on next gen...

After all this E3 craziness, it looks like I will be buying my first console at launch ever, the Wii. I've been wanting LoZ:TP for ages now and combined with the controller, Metroid Prime 3, and a low price tag, I can't possibly pass up this chance.

PS3: We all knew it would be expensive but 600 bucks? Jebus...Frankly I won't get one until it drops a lot in price, I can't afford to sit down and drop 600 bucks, if I get one at all. Also, looks like the 500 dollar version is obsolete because (read some article on IGN) it can't do the HDTV...something like that, but whatever. Not to mention, if I want pretty graphics, I've got my PC. In a couple years I can buy a new gpu for about 300 bucks that will be equivalent to the PS3, just not HD. To be honest, I don't really care about HDTV anyways.

360: Meh. I'll probably pick one up after a price drop or 2 or Halo 3. Gears of War and Oblivion look nice as well.
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