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Best anime openings.

Hello my fellow TV fans. I't been some time since I last posted, I hope somebody missed me :P

Well I wasn't around because I became obsessed with World of Warcraft (and fev other things), but since I have a lot of free time now (and I can't sleep, it's 4am here :P ) it's time for my new blog :)

I saw many "my top fav..." lists but never posted mine, so I'll do it now. I chosed anime openings, because saw enought "top series/characters/movies/songs/..." lists. Besides I really like watching anime openings. Most of them are many times better and more artistic than openings of western TV series. Anyways here's my list along with YouTube links (order doesn't really matter):

- Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

- Gunslinger Girl

- Paranoia Agent

- Last Exile

- Texhnolyze

- Elfen Lied

- Witch Hunter Robin

- XXXHolic

- Hellsing

- Full Metal Alchemist 4th opening

- Rozen Maiden Traumend

- Full Metal Panic Fumoffu

- Sakura Wars TV

- RahXephon

- Naruto Shippuuden 1th opening

I originally wanted to make a top15 list, but ended with just 13 openings I could call my top favorites. Maybe others will come to my mind later.

Edit: Ok I added 2 more to complete the list.

What do you think about this list? And how would your favorite anime openings list look like?

Why women should rule the world.

This is a publication with the mentioned above title I found just recentely. I fully agree with 90% of what was written there and I encourage anyone who have even the slightest interest in gender issues to read it. It's over 100 pages long so it's a very long read, but it's worth it. It contains many non mainstreem facts and theories that are rarely published or debated.

And let me add it's not a mindless men bashing by some crazy feminist. In fact it was written by a man.

I thought of posting this after my little discussion about feminism with SsriTelQuessir in the previous blog post. This publication virtually writes down everything (and more) I was to lazy to write myself.

Enjoy the read :D

I'm back :D

Hello everyone :) After a long absence I finally decided to return to :D Yeah I know nobody really care :P

Well I don't know what else could I write, so I'll just post few things :P

Since my love for Rozen Maiden haven't weakened a bit here are two RM videos I really like:

First is great cosplay video

And second is an ubercute fanmade video

Enjoy :D

And look how great Kirakishou cosplay can be :)

More Rozen Maiden dolls.

I found more beautiful dolls of Rozen Maidens :) They look so incredible, I'd buy them right away if they weren't so expensive...

This Shinku doll cost around 600 $

This Suigintou doll cost over 1000 $

Why oh why do they have to cost so much :cry:

This Kirakishu doll don't look so expensive, but I can't find her anywhere :(

Sadness :( And something about myself.

I just learned a very sad thing :( But for anyone to understand I must first write something about myself. Along with my family I moved from a big city into a small village some time ago. My parents hated living in a big city so they builded a new home on the countryside (about 30km from the outskirts of the city I lived in before). Now I live in a home on our own (not really big) part of land and I have an endless forest 5 minutes walk from my home.

The thing is we have a pretty big pool of water made in a japanese-like style and we had many beautifull fishes in there. Koi carps, colourfull crucian carps, amurs and some other. We made this pool ourselves, decorated it and cared for it. Yesterday we removed most of the water from it to clean it up. I worked half of the day, hurted my hands and got myself covered in mud (and worse). But we did a good job and were very happy with it.

But in the night came the worst hailstorm I have seen in many years :( The level of water was still low and all the fishes died :cry: Every single one! I almost cried when I saw this. I even started to recognize individual fishes and considered giving them names, and now they are all dead... I just can't believe we had so much bad luck! If it came an hour or two later when more water flowned into the pool every fish would have survived...


Ok I'm really puzzled about's rating system. Do anybody here know how does this thing work? Because I just can't figure it out, sometimes I got like 50% one day by doing nothing and the other I got 4% while posting two new blog entries... Something is seriously wrong here :( So unless it's showing the status from a month ago or it's using some higher sense of logic it's broken... And it seems like I'll be an Evil Bert for a long time :(

I want them!!! Now!!!

Operation "Begone Evil Bert" continues as planned ^_^

I wanted to post another pointless blog entry today but I just found something that simply left me speachless :) Ultra beautiful dolls from Rozen Maiden, look for yourselves:

I was like "OMG so unbelievably beautiful" when I saw them! Especially the first one! It's out of this world! I sooooo want to have them...

Evil Bert...

I just became an Evil Bert :( I really don't like this rank so I need to make fev new blog posts to level up :P

Ok so what to write about... well I can't think of anything interesting right now so I'll just end it here :P

But since I don't want to make a post about nothing I'll at least show you all my fav music video from Battlestar Galactica:


"The science of gender and science"- an exceptionally good debate. This is a really great debate between two psychologists about the factors that may be relevant to gender disparities in the sciences including the studies of bias, discrimination and innate and acquired differences. It's very long and complex but I recommend reading it to anyone even slightly interested in the subject. Truly a worthy read :) And I'm very interested in who do you think won the debate :)

This is sick and terrible! Don't read if you aren't adult!

For some time I'm doing some research on feminism, gender equality and sex crimes for my studies and the facts and statistics I came across are just terryfying! I could write a many pages long essay on this subject but I just wanted to share some things here as they were a shock for me when I read them for the first time and I feel I should show them to peoples who, like me until just recentely, weren't aware of them.

There is a giant wave of crimes in Europe and Australia caused by muslim imigrants! Many specialists believe those aren't just normal crimes but a part of the Jyhad campain against the western world inspired by fundamentalist Islam leaders. The most terryfying is the sharply growing number of brutal gang rapes. Just look at those articles but be warned those are really sick things:

What is the worst EU leaders pretend nothing is happening and do nothing to stop this! The greatest danger coming from this is the growing hate against non-white immigrants.Some surveys show that even 75% or more europeans hate muslims and demand actions to be taken. And those people are sick of the lack of efforts on the government's side. This creates a great setting for extremists, demagogs and neo-nazis to gain support! The situation is very alike to Germany after the First World War when the hate against jews allowed Hitler to gain support and power, now the muslims may take the place of jews. If those pathetic politics that rule EU won't understand this Europe may once again be thrown into an age of hatred and conflicts! It won't happen soon but in 40-50 years anything is possible. Even today extremist political parties (sometimes open neo-nazi) have a big and growing support in some eurepean countries as they promise to end the "immigrant threat once and for all". Even in my country, where muslims are fev, those tendencies are present and growing!

Sad is also the fact that many muslims came to Europe seeking escape from fundamentalism and a better life free of medieval-like rules but they found nothing of such and in the next decades they may suffer just like jews did under Hitler's rule. All because european governments are too afraid to take serious actions. This again reminds me of the Second World War when european politics did all they could to Don't stop Hitler before it was to late...

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