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Iridescent406 Blog

Hi there!

How's everyone doin'?

I'm doing pretty fine myself, though I kinda wish I had an X-bawks 36O or something. I sold my PS3 a while ago, and I really regret that decision because I want to play Metro: Last Light when it comes out. Other than that, I've been pretty top. I'm almost done being a junior, and I have so much free time on my hands that I managed to finally get a job somewhere. Here's to hoping that I can help pay for some of my family's debts.

Hope you all have a nice day/night!

Read for Read?

Oh, hi there.

I realize I haven't posted jack in like 5 months, so I thought I would get more involved with you guys. I just finished writing a review for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and in short: it's ****ing awesome. Don't take my word for it though, read my past words!

Feel free to comment on the Google Doc itself, or in the comment box below; either way, I'd appreciate feedback.

And believe it or not, I'd love to read what you guys are saying. In the comments, post a link to your review of what your favorite game is (or favorite game that you've actually reviewed), and I'll happily read it and comment on it. You don't even have to read my review; just post your review, and I'll definitely read it. Have an awesome day everyone!

-Cal Burkhart

Today, I make fun of you.

Blops 2 just came out, and it's pretty apparent that people will try to hate everything about it (without playing it, of course). So, I thought I'd take the time and finally post a blog that's about a half a year late, and just make fun of the community on this website. Keep in mind that if I make fun of what you say, that doesn't automatically mean I hate you and everything you stand for. And if you happen to be tracking me and I find one of your silly little comments, and I offend you... Boo-hoo.

Let's begin:

"I miss the way I felt playing MW 1 and MW 2 that was like sex"

Lol. If at any point in your life you feel video games = sex, then you need to actually have sex before you say anything. Granted, this may as well be a 12 year old saying this with no perspective on the female anatomy, but I don't care; you shouldn't even be on the internet if you're that old.

"you get the feeling this game tryes way to hard....i mean its a deasent game, but damn i miss the O.G infinity ward..and the strikemissions is just straight upp horrible..sooooo glad i didnt buy this game :PPPPi no longer support this series... i find it insulting that they would rather have 1 game a year with weak developers... than a awsome game once every 2 years with the O.G developers... shame shame..."

Is it too much to ask for proper English? I feel as though a lot of people on the internet could benefit from a basic 1st grade literature class. Speaking of Literature classes, in the 3rd grade, I was taught that elaboration was key in trying to explain your point. Without it, you may as well be speaking total nonsense and have it equate to whatever you're trying to say. I could say that there is a major lack of elaboration in the first half of this comment, but I'd be lying if I said that the second part didn't elaborate. It's a shame that it's just another token "COD is old" comment, which might as well be a half baked statement by itself. So really, I give no credit to what this person is saying.

"Same $h!7 different game. 8.0 for GOTY?? Pulleeeez"

I hope this guy realizes that we can curse on this website now. Aside from that, why is he asking to pull at the end? Pull what? Do you mean the multitude of "e"'s that you placed in that word? I'd love to, but that was your job.

"and same no PS3review how much they payingyou"

Teh bias. I think the community is on to Gamespot's shennanigans... or maybe they recieved just a copy of the 360 version, much like pretty much every other professional reviewer (according to Metacritic, anyways). I don't know, this website seems kinda shaddy though...

"Mult eye player what a noob."


"some of you complain about this game but yet you still buy this"

Watch out guys, we have a wizard on the site that can predict stuff that probably won't even happen!

"another crappy call of noobies.well back to BF3"

What this comment essentially boils down to is: my dong is bigger than your dong. I'm really surprised that I haven't seen more of these on the video review.


Capslock = cruise control for authority. Typing in caps doesn't emulate loudness or confidence, it emulates a slow mind that just cannot handle what it's being told. Also, unnecessary swearing and barbarism FTW.

"8/10 wtf lol"

Oh, he mad.

"COD BO II is epic fail. Halo 4 rules"

Stuff like this just bakes my cake. I don't understand why people compare games when they aren't even going to explain why they're comparing them. Hey guys, Pringles are better than Lays.

"a bad game like warfighter get a 6, un brillant like black ops 2 deserve at last 12.why so much hate? time to get a job at electronic farts or or gloubi soft tou guys.story is great, graphics ok, what else do you want when you buy a game? call me whatever you want, my pricinpal interrest in games is the story mode et i find this one incredible.frag you so called hard core pro gamers, or better get a wife, a job, and most of all, a life."

Firstly, your scoring scale is just beyond comprehension. You have a 12 out of 10? Whoa. Next, you tell us to get jobs at other companies, because some people hate Call of Duty... What are you possibly implying? Next, you list off your expectations for what you want in a game and just completely deny what other people might say, or what their standards might be. Close mindedness at it's finest. It's fine that you mostly care about the story, but I'm calling you a dummy for dismissing us and not even elaborating on why you like the story. And I don't even want to touch that last statement, seeing as how you said it only because you can't take other opinions.


I know, I'm an ass for making this. But something tells me a lot of you want to say the same thing :P but I won't say that like it's a definite fact, because it isn't. Hope all of you have a boopin' day, and remember to stay in school!

What I've been into lately...


I feel like I haven't given a legitimate blog in some time. My last one was rushed (I literally left within the minute of posting it so I could go to the airport), and that kind of put a hamper in my pamper, mainly because it was a topic that I was really getting into. So, I thought I'd just give a basic run-down of what I've been playing lately. Also as a side note: I sold the Xbox 360. I found out that it was much easier and funner to just operate one HD system on a TV, plus it cost more with Xbox Live, which was something that I didn't really use that much (thank you, PS3). Anyways, here's a few games that I've purchased and have been playing lately.

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Image

Resident Evil 5

To be honest, I'm starting not to like this game... Hah, JK. I've actually beaten this game 3 times now, beaten both of the DLC's and have put a bunch of time into Mercenaries. This game is just way too much fun for it's own good, and it doesn't help that I've had the chance to play the co-op with a bunch of different people. I'm not even close to being done with this game, and it just serves as a meaty reminder of why I'm looking forward to Resident Evil 6 so much.

Devil May Cry HD Collection Image

Devil May Cry: HD Collection

This is the very first time that I've actually gotten to play the first Devil May Cry games. After generally liking 4, I decided: "Hey, I like action games, and I like a lot of them, so this'd be perfect for me!". Well, I've only been disappointed once in this package. I really like the first game, I absolutely despise the second game, and while I only just started the third game, I'm thinking that it's going to be the best of the whole series. Overall, not a bad deal at 40 bucks. I'm definitely going to be investing a lot of time into this collection, with especial thanks to the New Game + feature that most of the games seem to have. Game developers take note: if you want me to REALLY love your game, just add a New Game + feature.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron Image

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

I've actually talked about this game a lot in my reviews, but have never had the full game in my collection. My immpressions of the demo really seemed to stick with me, and I decided to pick this game for 20 bucks. I haven't really played it that much, but two things have bogged my playing experience down a bit: the slow pacing, and the convolution. When seperate, I usually enjoy these two aspects. But when combined, like in this case, it just gives me an unwanted head-ache, as far as the story goes. Besides that, this is probably one of the most colorful games that I've ever played (although I could definitely point out a few rough edges), and has one of the most deceptive combat systems I've ever seen. I'll talk about it more when I'm done with it, but so far, I think I'll really dig this game, especially if it opens up more.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Image

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I am seriously regretting not picking this up over games like Skyrim. Seriously, this is probably one of the most brilliant games that I've ever played, and that's definitely saying a lot when going up against the likes of Portal 2 and Dragon Age: Origins. Everything about this game just feels absolutely appropriate. The setting is perfect, the characters are awesome, the customization is realized, the weapons are perfect, the gameplay is some of the most intuitive stuff that I've ever had the joy of playing... I could go on, but I think I'll save it for once I do a big ole' write up of it. This is looking to be the game that will get the GOTY 2011 from me. For real, this is some good ****.


So, as you can see, I have a good amount of stuff to keep myself busy with. I still really want to buy Dragon's Dogma and Armored Core V, but I'll have to wait a little bit for those. Anyways, what have you guys been playing?

-Cal Burkhart

Authenticity vs. Realism

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Image



Have you ever been swayed by the words of a game designer so much that you've actually considered buying their game? That's how I'm feeling right now about Warfighter: a game that is promising an authentic experience with the lives of our military in mind and respect towards said military. I had absolutely no interest in this game, but after hearing the interview between Tom McShea and Greg Goodrich, I'm actually convinced that this will be something that I'll like, mainly because Greg looks like a person who knows what he's talking about.

You've probably seen that interview between the two, and maybe you've also read that mediocre article that was presented by Tom in the first place. Tom's main complaint towards Warfighter was the grand marketing scheme that seems to be nothing but a lie in Tom's eyes. His complaint towards the marketing of Warfighter was that the game wasn't delivering a realistic experience, even though the game promised an "authentic military action game". There's been a huge debate over the two words that I just mentioned: Authentic, and realistic. Before I go any further, let me give you dictionary definitions of each word:

Au-then-tic -

  1. Of undisputed origin; genuine: "authentic 14th-century furniture".
  2. Made or done in the traditional or original way: "authentic Italian meals".

Real-is-tic -

  1. Having or showing a sensible and practical idea of what can be achieved or expected: "jobs are scarce, so you've got to be realistic".
  2. Representing familiar things in a way that is accurate or true to life: "a realistic human drama".

They sound pretty close, don't they? However, Tom seems to have abused the definition of both of these words. His defintion of "Realistic" is to make a carbon copy of what we consider the norm of real life. In his article, he was pinning Danger Close's (dev of Warfighter) marketing strategy against them, saying that it isn't authentic to have regenerating health or to have the game in similar light to such games like Call of Duty. He doesn't seem to realize that, even though the definitions I gave you are very similar, there is quite a difference between realism and authenticity.

Authenticity, for me, the developer, and just about everyone else who agrees with us, is to create a replicated experience of a certain event, like war. Warfighter has this, in the form of actual soldiers writing scenarios for this game, actual weapons, locations, you name it. Realism is taking authenticity and fleshing it out to the point where it isn't just a replica, but more like a copy of what it's trying to be. This is where Tom's complaints mostly arise from, the fact that authenticity is promised, yet regenerating health is still in the game.I don't think I need to tell you why Tom's reasoning is somewhat obtuse. Why would anyone buy into a game that's as punishing as what Tom wants it to be? That's called masochism; and I'm not just referring to the health system of this game, which the devs could do whatever they want with it (seeing as how they're the ones making the game, not Tom), but I'm also talking about Tom's vision of this game recreating the horror of modern day militarism. Tom even said in the interview that war isn't fun, therfore games based off the subject matter shouldn't be fun too. I live in a world where a game reviewer actually just said that videogames shouldn't be fun in certain aspects. Whether you're grinding, shooting, being scared, solving a puzzle, or crossing a bridge that consists of nothing but a naked woman, it's all with the intent of being entertaining; you know, being fun.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Image

Tom made a lot of points that could be easily refuted in his interview with Greg, yet he kept making them over and over again for the sake of making his idea of videogames not being fun the only true idea. What Greg said in his interview was something that really reached out to me. He was a designer that really knew what he was making: a video game made to both appease audiences, and to pay respect to those who fight in our military. People seem to think that it's disrespectful at this point to market the authenticity (which this game has) to something that has regenerating health, which is totally backwards in my opinion.

It's a videogame first, and a tale second. People seem to be riding Tom's opinion that this game is disrespectful just because it has something they don't like: regenerating health. If anything, THEY'RE they ones who are being disrespectful for complaining about the lives that soldiers are giving Danger Close just because the game has a mechanic that they don't care for. I disagree with this article because I think Tom seems to be forgetting his place as a game reviewer, not a game designer. His definition of authenticity is ass-backwards, and all he really wants to do is nail a game developer for doing something that EVERYBODY else is doing, while the marketing team is just saying that authenticity is in the game. I'll refer you back to my idea of authenticity: "scenarios for this game, actual weapons, locations".

What do you guys think about these interviews and articles? I've personally put Warfighter on my agenda after seeing the interview.

-Cal Burkhart

What I honestly think about you...

@Minishdriveby- I honestly love seeing what you post, whether it's on your personal blog or if it's here on Gamespot (which has me confused as to why you've decided to post on a domain all your own). You seem like a guy who really knows what he likes, and you are, from what I've read, also a really smart person, which is a pretty awesome combo to have. Although I get the sense that you aren't much of a social person, but this mostly a hunch from how you describe a few things that you mention about your current life, but that's just a wild assumption. Keep being awesome :D

@Wolverine87aX- You are probably the happiest, most charismatic person I've ever seen, both off and on the internet. Very few people can make me smile just at the thought of reading what the person has to say, and you are one of those people. I live a pretty gloomy life, but I take a lot of comfort in knowing that people like you exist. Whether it's just a story you're telling, or if it's about your own personal life, I just can't help but feel happy. :D

@fablesway- You're definitely one of the more misleading people on this site. I didn't really think much of you until you started blogging. You just seem like a really optimistic person, kind of like Wolverine87aX. You're also one of the more interesting people that I've encountered on this site. I didn't think anybody on Earth would ever care about something like a Colleco Vision, yet I was proved wrong from a person that I never would've expected this from. Regardless of just throwing my expectations off of you being pretty much anybody else that I would justthink was nice, you go beyond that, and I think that you're an awesome person because you pop-out more than I'd expect :P

@berto64- You're one of the many people that I know about that I wish had a happier life. It feels like I always see you posting in a sad mood, and that bugs me because you really do seem like a generous person. I know that there probably isn't much that I could do to influence your life for the better (because, you know, I'm me :P), but what I'd want to see most on this site is to see you just being happy, because I could see you being an awesome happy person.

@Bamul- I'm still very much surprised that you're actually one year younger then I am. You're definitely the most mature, eccentric 15 year old that I've ever conversed with, and that is definitely not a bad thing, considering the number of fresh-men at my school who deserve to be decked in the face. You're really smart, and a generally nice person. I don't think I'd be able to find a fault with you, even if I tried. You're just an over-all great person, and I hope that you continue in the path that you're going right now, because it really suits you. Kudos for being a person that can always balance out the hatred that I give towards games with a positive light too, I wouldn't consider that a small feat. :P

@CamoBullo- I'm kind of ashamed that I haven't commented on your stuff as much as I could have. Internet wise, you're definitely the smartest person, that I know of anyways. I didn't really think that I'd meet someone from ranks of Reddit, 4 C han (This site got censored, can you believe it?) Funnyjunk, or... *sigh*, 9GAG, on this site at all, and you were the first person to prove me wrong. You seem like a relatively smart person too, so that gives me hope that there are some interwebies who aren't totally retarded that roam just about any site that they can. So keep being awesome, it suits you very well :D

@Venom_Raptor- To be honest, you're probably the person I disagree with most, review wise. I just can't seem to be positive about some games, yet I don't think you've legitimately hated any game that you've played. This definitely isn't a bad thing, especially since I do enjoy seeing what you write. I also love your taste in music and TV, which is something that I don't usually find myself saying, especially on the internet of all places. On top of being someon that I enjoy hearing from, you seem like a really nice person too :D So the only thing that I'm not really liking is the fact that I can't be as positive as you. I don't know whether that's good or bad, so I'll let you be the judge :P

@SoNin360- For better or worse, I'll remember you for being the guy with the most platinum trophies that I've ever seen in one place :P but that's really all I can say at this point. I wish I knew more about you, but I guess I just miss out on what makes you "you" on your blogs, because I always seem to miss the ones that actually have you talking about what's going on in your life. I consider myself at fault for not being able to read what more of you guys post, but sometimes I just don't get around to it, especially in your case. Don't let that be an indicator that I don't like you for some reason, I've seen your comments on my blogs, and you do seem like a pretty cool guy. I'll just be sure to pay more attention to the blogs :P

@xDanny123x- You're one of the few people that just has me enjoying what ever you write. I don't know what it is, I just like reading what you have to say in your posts, because you do seem like a pretty smart fellow (albeit, spunky :3). You're riding on the same lines as Wolverine and Fablesway, in that I just can't help but be happy whenever I see you post anything, whether it be a review, blog, or even a comment on my blog. That's all I really have to say as far as that goes, so consider yourself awesome by my standards :D

@almossbb- You're one of the very few people on my Gamespot friends list that I've actually played a video game with, which is kind of sad on my part :P Regardless of me being kind of a shut-in, I do like hearing what you have to say. And you also have this sort of optimistic approach with just about everything that you say, which is something that I'd really love to be able to do in the future. You're a pretty cool guy, one that I still need to play Resident Evil 5 with (I've beaten it twice already, where are you?) :P

@Dark-Messenger- I always think of you as the person who's always late. I say this because you usually end up being the last person to comment on my blogs, but you just barly got beat out on my last one by 2 people :P. I really love your taste in gaming, and you have this way of typing that just makes you seem like a cool person (the context of your writing also makes you seem cool too, but I digress :P) I have noticed that you are probably the most inactive user on this site too, which is kind of a bummer, because I like reading your stuff :D

@lightwarrior179- I imagine you as a person that would be at the top of all of his classes in college. You're definitely one of the smartest people that I've met on this site, and in a lot of ways you're actually an inspiration to me, especially in my reviews. You're one of the few people who kind of lifted me off the ground on this site, in a sense that nobody ever really commented on my blogs, but you did! :P You're one of the friendliest people on this site, at least to me anyways, and you're one smart guy, so that lands you pretty high on the list of people that I wouldn't mind meeting in real life on this site.

@-Saigo-- I recall that you're one of the first people on this site that actually acknowledged my blogs existance :P in a lot of ways, you're pretty much like lightwarrior179, but you go beyond just gaming to me. You've actually managed to inspire my school life a bit; I feel like a much more determined worker, mostly because of what you usually say on your blogs and comments. It's sort of an indirect motivation for my life, but it's still there none the less, and your optimism makes my life just seem a lot better than it probably should be. Thanks for being a sort of role model for me, it really does mean a lot to me.


I really do wish that a few more people commented on that last blog of mine, because I loved speaking my mind about you guys. I didn't realize that, until writing this, you guys have actually been a pretty big inspiration to me, whether we've talked or not. This site is going to hell, but you guys make it worth coming back to over and over again, so I thank all of you for being a big part of my internet life, it means a lot to me :D

-Cal Burkhart

Want to know what I think about you?

Comment below saying "Me", I'll be posting a blog saying what I honestly think of you in the following days :3 I won't promise that they will all be nice though, but I guess that's part of the fun :D

-Cal Burkhart

Is it wrong to like something that you know is bad?

Resident Evil 5 Image

That's exactly how I feel about a certain game from Capcom, one of my all time favorite game developers. It comes from a series that has been a huge part of gaming, and is considered to be the black sheep of that series. No, I'm not talking about Devil May Cry 2 (although I like that game too), I'm actually talking about Resident Evil 5: one of the prettiest, frustrating, fun, annoying, polished games that you can find on the market. I love this game, although it might take me a while to tell you why. It's an intense action game, with sluggish controls. It has a great co-operative mode, but it also detracts from the single player campaign. It looks fantastic, dark, and dramatic, but the story makes Metal Gear Solid look plausible. This game is so hard for me to describe, that I almost feel like I'll always be wrong if I talk about it. But, I will make an effort to tell you guys how I feel about this game.

The story revolves around Chris Redfield, someone that you might know from past Resident Evil games. He's getting the main character role this time around, and is sent to Africa of all places to find something out for the BSAA. To be honest, I really haven't picked all that much up from this games story, and when I do pick something up, it's so ridiculous that I just drop it immediately. I'll definitely play through this game a few more times, if only to actually read most of the documents that were just laying around for me to actually get a grasp of the Resident Evil universe. To be honest, this is the first Resident Evil game that I've seen to the end. It's not that I hate the other games, I just haven't played them. I've played 0, 2, and this. Yep, no 4.

I think that since I've invested so little into the past games of this series, I was able to take Resident Evil 5 more on it's own terms then, say, what is considered to be one of the greatest games of all time. I felt no downgrade in anything, as there wasn't anything for me to criticise from past games because they simply aren't in my collection. But even if I did play the other games in this series, I don't think my opinion would change on this game. My favorite thing about this game is:

Resident Evil 5 Image


I'm one of those strange people that loves weight to their controls, as evidence of my preference for games like Killzone 2 and this. I love having this sort of restriction on me, because it does the wonderous thing of making scenarios more explosive and dynamic. This is an odd thing to like amongst normal people, because the norm is that smooth and fast are the generally more accepted gameplay style, with the likes of Call of Duty being popular because of this. I don't know, I just like moving slower I guess. I'm not to quick on the draw, so this is my way of being on top of a game without having to cheat :P

That's an exaggeration, I'm actually the best vidja gaymer in teh worldz. TELL ME I'M WRONG.


Anyways, aside from this game having the gameplay style that really seems to click with me (that's also in Shadows of the Damned, one of the many reasons I love that game too), this is also one of the prettiest games that I've ever seen. Even from a 2009 game, this is still one technically outstanding game, and is really underrated as such. It's frame-rate is smooth, the textures look nice, and even such things like shadows aren't hindered at all. This is just one astonishing game.

I might go further into detail in a week or two, and talk about some really annoying things about this game, but I really do like this game. It might be bad by some standards, but I still really enjoy it. Sorry I couldn't put more thought into this blog, I'm really tired right now :P

-Cal Burkhart


If you're one to usually remember most of the people that you converse with on this site, then you've probably noticed that I haven't made a blog for almost 1 month on this site. I've been reading a lot of your guy's stuff too, and sometimes I might even comment. I want to keep giving this site a chance, I really do. I like the community here (not entirely, but I like commenting on your blogs :P), and writing reviews gives me a certain sense of satisfaction to my writing need (although I haven't done anything since I've bought Dragon Age and Shadows of the Damned). But there have been so many things that have driven me from this site that I once knew very well. In fact, I could very well call this site garbage right now.

It pains me to say it, but this site is just straight garbage now. From the neutured comment system to the recent dumb-asses, this site is getting no where pretty fast. I've even seen a few other people leaving from this site due to how bad it is nowadays. The main reason I'm calling this site garbage right now is some of the people that I've seen commenting on articles. I thought there was some sort of age constraint for this site, but I guess not, seeing as how so many people act like 6 year-olds who don't think before they speak. Of course I don't mean everyone, I've met a lot of smart people on this site, and I've even learned from a few of you guys (I'd like to give a personal shout out to Bamul, Ovirew, and adam1808 in this regard). But I'm getting ahead of myself; what exactly sparked this fire known as conditional hate for a site that was just intended for people to talk about games?

The Infamous Commenting Change

Well, I've already mentioned that the comment system blows now, if only for one reason: you can't vote people down any more. I'm surprised more people haven't mentioned how stupid it is that they removed a feature that let us disagree with someone without having to comment back. Well, if that was what it was used for in the first place anyways. On this site, usually red thumbs indicates that you've made a dumb comment and you should feel bad. We've all been there before, whether it was rightful or just asanine on the down-thumbers part. Now that that's gone, I feel that my freedom on this site has been melded with the stupid peoples freedom, making something that I could make a metophor out of: putting liquid cherry-flavored medicine into your favorite juice. It's supposed to make me feel better, but it just makes me wish that I had an entirely different drink all together.

People's Need To Take There Comments And Make Them Dumber Then They Need To Be.

While I haven't really commented on this site that much (with those seldom occasions being me telling someone why I disagree with them, thank you new comment system), I have been reading a lot of what people have to say about certain things. I do like it when people take the time to think with their comments, but more times than that do I find that people simply don't like to think when they speak. Take the recent Starhawk review for example. JustPlainLucas (who still won't track me back >.>) summed up my thoughts on most of the people commenting on that page to a tee. Hell, I'm even going to put what he said in a lil ole' link: "Keep whining a ssholes!"

But to add on to a lot of what he said, elitists on this site are just horrendous. They simply lack the logic to realize that below a 9 out of 10, there lays other good scores that a game could get: an 8.5, an 8, a 7.5, a 7, hell you could even have a 6 and still have your game be enjoyed by someone (I'm one of those people who love the average games that other people don't). I get really frustrated at the peope who instantly pull the bias card when they aren't even going to explain why they think a review is wrong in certain areas. It's kind of sad that I don't even see that in user reviews anyways, which is just a way of making you actually seem credible. Having reasons and logic is one of the most important things that you can have in life, and yet I've barely come into contact with anybody on this site that uses those.

One thing that I find really funny about a lot of these comments without purpose is that they feel that their score that is only 0.5 higher than the reviewers is way more justified. I couldn't count on my fingers how many times some jerk-off actually said that Starhawk deserved an 8 or higher, like it was some sort of set in stone fact. With most of those comments, I saw smart people actually using Metacritic to their advantage in saying that the general consensus is what Gamespot score is (Starhawk currently stands at 77 on Metacritic). Unfortunately, some of these comments slipped through the cracks of Gelugon_Beats token "B*tch some more!" comments. And, thanks to this new comment system, I can't tell if people are actually buying into these comments or now.


In the last section I mentioned "elitists", which in typical gaming language can be translated out to "fanboys". I can't believe I live in the year 2012 where this problem has been getting consistantly worse. Right now, I'm 16 years of age, and I have a general grasp of what it means to be fair on sites like this. This leads me to believe that a lot of people on this site really need to wait about 5 years and just go to school before they start commenting on subjects. I used to have the mentality that everyones opinion on this site should be the same as mine. On my first account, I actually wrote my first review ever: Lost Planet 2. I don't think I've met a single one of you guys that like this game as much as I do, and it took me a while to realize that that's absolutely okay, as long as you have reasons to back up what you're saying.

As I've mentioned, people don't like having the convienience of logic on their site. I love logic, more than a lot of things in life, but it's become a lost art (logic is to us what Air Bending is to Avatar: The Last Airbender). Going back to the Starhawk review, you'll find very little in the ways of being subtle. They act like I did when I was 15 years old, trying to convince everyone that their opinion is 100% better than everyone elses. I like doing this as a joke with a few games, like Killzone 3 and Skyrim, where I try to make everyone hate those games as much as I do, but I don't honestly feel like I should force people to do something that involves entertainment. I want to live in a world where everybody got a long, and could accept that some people just think different.


And there you have my reasons for calling this site garbage. I want this to be a site that I can thoroughly enjoy. Hell, I want everybody to enjoy this site as much as I want to. But with the way things are, I don't think it can get any better. I might blog in the future like I used to, but for now, I think I'll just back to ground-zero with gaming: just playing games, and enjoying myself.

-Cal Burkhart