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Just a Gamer Promo

Yo guys.

Now I don't know if anyone has even viewed this page recently, but you may have noticed that I have done nothing in a long time. I just don't have time. Anyway, we have a quick promo for our new series that will be on youtube. Here is the link to the promo.

Please watch this video (caution: strong language...duh) and post a comment on youtube, not gamespot.

See you later.

Just a Gamer

It has been 2 months since I last posted and there are manyupdates that I need to inform you of. First is RAZIR. Yeah, I know that it didn't get the best response. This has led the guys here at Mangy Imp Productions to cancel RAZIR after only ONE EPISODE. Yay.

However, we will not stop making videos. We have already filmed some footage of our new show, "Just a Gamer". This is a live action series about three gamers (the same three guys from RAZIR) and their experiences playing games. There is no script and we only go by a basic plot outline. We hope that you will like this show and we have many ideas about where it could go.

Each episode of the show will be about a different game. For example: The first episode is about the Resident Evil series (number 4 in particular). Also each episode will have a brief opinion of ours of the game or game series that we dedicate the episode to. Don't worry most episodes we do will be about good games that have come out in the video game industry.

Also, the Knights of the Old Republic speed run will go up as soon as I get a break to edit it. All of us have also been playing Maple Story for a while (some more than others), so it might even be included in the show. Well loyal fans (ha), expect some cool s*** coming out soon.


Yes, I'm still here.

I would like to start off this blog by first saying that I am sorry that I have not been very active on Gamespot the past month. I just started school and it is just beating me up. I'm about to start my fifth week and I have already suffered through three projects, 2 essays, countless worksheets, and many more hours of homework. I don't have enough time to do what I want. I'm beginning to worry if I'll have enough time to beat Halo 3 the day it comes out.

Anyway, there is still one more part of the Dead Rising cutscene series that I need to edit and upload. The KOTOR Dark Side speed run is the next series of videos I will be uploading. I would also like to inform you guys that RAZIR Episode 2 is in progress and that it is planned to be only 15 minutes long. We realized that 36 minutes was way too much time. Also, the first season is planned to be around 6 or 7 episodes.

When I get enough time to edit my promised videos, I will upload them. See you guys later.

What I'm Up To Part 3

Here is the final part of my ramblings on my gaming life and it will touch upon a subject that has been mentioned many times, but has not been shown in its full glory. I am talking about RAZIR (Random Adventures Zoned In Romithia). I know that the videos that I uploaded were crappy and the part of the script isn't really interesting on paper, but the real show is much more entertaining (in my mind). What I ask of you guys is that when the episode is released (which will be this week by the way)is that you please watch it and send your feedback to the email address at the end of the show or the myspace page. If you think that it is a waste of 30 minutes, just consider that we spent a hundred times that putting the show together and making it as perfect as we can.

Now I'm not begging you to watch it, I'm just asking you. I'll be happy if it even gets 1000 views.

Well, that's all I have to say about what I'm up to, so I guess that I'll play some games now (Bioshock demo looks promising). I see you guys later and RAZIR Episode I will be out this week.

What I'm Up To Part 2

"The circle is now complete..." -Darth Vader

That is right, I have turned to the dark side. I have made the one purchase to rule them all. On Friday afternoon, at Best Buy, I bought a Playstation 3. I got component cables (not HDMI, my TV is not that great) along with Resistance: Fall of Man and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I also got the movie 300 on Blue-Ray. I also rebought Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II after my old copies mysteriously disappeared. I will go ahead and say that I enjoy the console and the games that I got, although Resistance isn't as good as I thought it would be. Ninja Gaiden will always be good and I'm on the 5th level. Just broke land of the dragons in KHII and Traverse Town in KH. I plan on buying Final Fantasy VII-XII or borrowing Roffe's copies (Muzul on Gamespot). The console is solid and I can't wait to play upcoming games like Lair and MGS4.

I am a huge fan of Pure Pwange, and the Season 1 DVD along with the soundtrack arrived and I'm enjoying them both. I just had to say that.

As I have already said, I'm playing my recently purchased games, but I'm also playing some of my old games. Guitar Hero II is as addicting as ever and I am trying as hard as I can to get five stars on every song on hard. I am a huge Harry Potter fan (and proud of it thank you very much), so I'm also playing the Order of the Phoenix game. It's okay, and it could be better, but I'll beat it 100% no matter how good or bad it is. I just beat Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic again (3rd time in about 20 hours) as a female on the dark side. I plan to create another female and play on the light side, but that's far in the future. When it's all over, I plan to play as a male and female on the light and dark side to get all of the available story options.

Well, that's the end of part 2. Part 3 will be about RAZIR and the upcoming release date. I'm going to go beat Jordan now.

What I'm up to Part 1

Well, I don't believe that I've done this before, so I'm going to try it out. First off, I'll just say thank you for watching my videos and commenting on them. It gives me something to do. But this blog isn't about videos, it's about games, specifically the games that I'm playing right now and the games I most look forward to.

I guess I'll start it off with my top ten upcoming games of 2007, here goes.

1. Halo 3 - Nuff said.

2. Assassin's Creed - This game looks great and I like the social stealth idea.

3. Rock Band - I'll play lead with Roffe on bass, Gut67 on the microphone, and AnoldLady on drums (pwned).

4. Guitar Hero III - Five words - Through the Fire and Flames

5. Super Smash Brothers Brawl - This game calls for a marathon with some friends.

6. The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass - I really want to see how the controls work out.

7. Mass Effect - I loved KOTOR, so I'm sure I'll love this game.

8. Bioshock - This game looks interesting and I want to see how it turns out.

9. Metroid Prime 3 - Although I haven't played the first two (I should), this one looks promising.

10. Super Mario Galaxy - The plumbers on the last of the list, but he's certainly not the worst.

So there you go, my top ten list. In part 2, I will be discussing my upcoming console purcase along with some of the games I have been playing over the past few months. See you guys later.

Dead Rising Cutscenes

Here are the first half of the cutscenes from Dead Rising. The second half will be uploaded soon along with Overtime mode and the psychopath's cutscenes. Enjoy.


Teh Future

Well, I guess it is time to update you guys on all of these projects I'm trying to do. First of all, I have been changing the spare room at my house into my own personal game room with my fancy new HDTV. By mid August, I will be turning to the dark side and buy a Playstation 3. E3 fuled this decision. Anyway, the Kingdom Hearts II speed run is still in progress and I'm past halfway done. The next series of videos will be a complete archive of Dead Rising cutscenes. I like the game and the horrer movie feel the cutscenes present. Next on the list will be a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic speed run to make up for the failed marathon. As for which side the speed run will be on (light or dark) is still up to me, but I'm leaning toward the dark side (being evil is so fun). I hope you guys like these upcoming videos and thanks for watching. I'm going to go and watch Pure Pwnage Episode 14.