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InsultToInjury_ Blog

Hi *waves*

Hi everyone, its been a while!

Just a little blog to say howdy and hope you are all well?

Heehaw happening with me, just plodding along and now I am loaded with the cold *sniff* so I plan on munching on many Halloween Haribo sweets as I play through Resident Evil Code Veronica HD - yes folks old skool Evil. Its sitting at 51% downloading, this may take some time...


L.A Noire etc

Good evening everyone!

How are we all?

This is just a little blog (seeing as I haven't posted one in a while) to tell you about L.A Noire. Now I got it day of release over a week ago now and it hasn't been out my xbox since. I have been following this game for a long time and finally its out and its awesome. It is that good. I am enjoying it. Very much so in fact, I am taking my time as I don't want to have it done and dusted any time soon. Has anyone got it? I know a few peoples on my friends list have been playing it and so far I know they are all enjoying it.

Strange thing is I have never been a fan of GTA or Red Dead. Not one for 'free roaming' in an non RPG sense of the phrase. But this... its set in the 1940's, has an amazing soundtrack (again from the era), look and feel of the game just appeals to me. I am a sucker for the 1940/50's era of fashion, music and everything. Hence my love for Bioshock and Fallout.

I am currently maybe half way through so I have plenty to do in the game so getting my pennies worth.

Views on L.A Noire so far?

Was out shopping at the weekend there with the boyfriend and picked two new games cheap:

Valkyria Chronicles 2 on PSP

Valkyrie Profile Covenant of the Plume on DS

I haven't played any of them yet but I have enjoyed Valkyrie Profile Lenneth on the PSP so hope the DS game is just as good. Not sure about Valkyria though never played the PS3 original.

Anyone played these and if so views please? :D

Dragon Age 2

Tonight after 40+ hours I have finished Dragon Age 2. What can I say about it, Origins is by far a better game dare I say it! Dont get me wrong I enjoyed it but I totally didn't see the end coming until well, the credits started to roll. Perhaps I wasn't paying attention. :lol: I will run through it again though as a total fresh start. I imported a DA Origins character which had a loud for some nice bits in DA2. I went a mage also and had Hawk running about like trailer hawk with his blood smear across his face and all. He is damn right awesome. I also, despite putting in my 40+ hours felt it was kind of short? Hmm, I don't know.

Anyone else finished or picked up the game? I know it hasn't went as well as the first game and I can kinda see why but again it is an awesome Bioware RPG but unlike were Mass Effect 2 which was by far a better game than the first one (my opinion) but DA2 didn't quite hit that mark and Origins has a better story line and general characters.

I think I may need to play through it again, fresh (no imported characters). Even though I did it in 40+ hours its taken me nearly a month to get it finished. It never really gripped me, unlike Origins I would play that game into the early hours. But there is many different options and routes I could go down so it is certainly worth another play through.

I shall give DA2 8/10 :)

Pokemon, Dragon Age 2 & 3DS

Hey, hows everyone?

Jeeze, March has been an expensive gaming month I tell yee.

First off was Pokemon - which I am 30 odd hours into and still haven't got my 7th badge. My team is pretty rubbish. I dont like the new gen pokemonz apart from Scraggy he is oh so cute. I am used to the sort of 3D look of it all and there are some amazing little bits but its still taking a while to get used too.

Dragon Age 2 - 25 hours in and I am only on year 2. :| I know I am doing all side quests but its taking a while to get er, exciting I guess. Very slow. I still don't know what the actual story is about. In orgins it was very clear what your main goal was and the build up to those events but in this. I have no idea. Looks good though but feels its more basic compared to the first. Still enjoying it though.

Last but by no means least I picked up my 3DS on Friday with two games; Pilot Wings Resort and Ridge Racer 3D. I am loving the 3DS as a console. It is extremely impressive. It does have some great features like the streetpass, mii maker and friend lists. Its more like a proper console I guess is the way to describe it with its online features. Money well spent (well I didnt pay the full price for it - had vouchers and trade ins etc). Dont think its quite worth £230 but certainly worth picking up at some point or at least trying it out.

Has anyone picked up any of these games / 3DS and if so what do you think?


Dragon Age 2 is out tomorrow!!!

I must split my time between Pokemon and this - I am not leaving the house for a month.



Evening all!

Hope your all well?

As many of you know I am slightly obsessed with Pokemon - finally the long year wait I got to pick up my copy of Pokemon Black. I went with Pokemon Black as I quite like the look of the white legendary and the boyfriend got Pokemon White.

So far about 6 hours in I picked Oshawott as my starter - so cute! But the starters are a bit :? in my opinion. Now I am only 6 hours in and i am off to get my new 3rd badge and I am unsure. What I mean is I'm not sure I like the look of it. I loved the cutesy basic look of the DS games - it looked nice. This game looks like there is to much going on and the Pokemon aren't great - is it wrong that I am missing bumping into a Bidoof every two mintues? That familiarity is gone but I do like the fact of the unknown and a brand new team. There are some nice little additions and the wifi is also good.

Anyone else pick up the new game?

Also last weekend and I got play a 3DS at the Nintendo events and i am extremely impressed! Its is awesome and I am so glad I pre ordered. I got a chance to play the pre installed games and check out the camera. I cant wait to get it :D

Purchases - kinda

Hi everyone!

Well I couldn't resist I went and well purchased a receipt to tell me I have a pre ordered a blue Nintendo 3DS - it will be mine on the 25th March. Yes folks, I will be forking out the 230 british pounds its gonna cost. Well when I say fork out what I really mean is I traded in my DSI XL and have points on my card to help towards it. I hummed and hawed over it but I thought hell i'd get one eventually. :|

While I was there I also pre ordered Pokemon Black and Dragon Age 2. All out in March I will be skint but with plenty to keep me amused while i sit in at the weekends due to lack of funds.

Anyone else thinking of purchasing the 3DS when it comes out?

Eventually - Happy New Year

Well Happy New Year to you all, 3 days late saying Happy New Year however better late then never. :) Hope you all had a nice time? I spent it at my boyfriends having a beverage and eating many pringles of the salt and vinegar variety. No chocolate though - sick of the site of the stuff and I have a whole tin of Roses left. Argh. I personally don't like New Year and don't go out so a quite one was nice.

Here's to 2011 and what it may bring for everyone. :)

Already have my usual New Years Resolution of finding a new job and losing a few pounds due to the large chocolate eating binge.

Gaming wise I am looking forward to Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Black / White and Dragon Age 2. Looking at it March is going to be an expensive month.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?

Over & Out.


Hi everyone, just a little blog from me. :)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas?

Mine was good apart from being so loaded with the cold since Friday. Got some lovely gifts no games though and its generally been a quite one.

I havent been on the xbox in days so much for my plans of doing Fallout New Vegas on hardcore mode while being off work. Spent my time eating Celebrations which I can't taste due to the cold and watching Big Bang Theory season 3. :lol: barrel'o laughs I tell you.

Anyway, if i'm not about just want to say I hope you all have a good New Year :)

Gaming Rut

Hi everyone!

I am stuck in a gaming rut right now, well not so much a rut more a slump. My game for the last part of the year was New Vegas which is now done - I have plenty to do in the way of side quests but I want to wait for the patch and the DLC in December. So now I don't know what to do - I am in the mood for a good survival horror but does that genre even exist any more? :|

As most know I favour the RPG and have many on each console I own more so on the DS and PSP but I finding it hard to get into anything just now. Problem is my gaming rut has happened at a time when i'm off work and have hee haw to do during the day.

So any recommendations? My favourite genres are RPG (western and Japanese) and horror be it survival or even FPS. I have way to many games to mention but my games list has all my up - to date purchases to my collection.

I do own all this gen consoles but favour the 360 and both handhelds over the Wii and PS3.

I am however possibly thinking of picking up a cheap PS2 to play games I never got a chance to but I am not sure if it is really worth the extra cash at this particular time of year.